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Omg come with me let me show what a see

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Omg come with me let me show what a see

  • Come See Me - 112
    "(feat. Mr. Cheeks) Baby you can come see me, Cuz I need you here with me, And I'll show you what love is made of... Later on if you are free, Baby you can come see me, And I'll show you what love is"
  • OMG! - Blessed By A Broken Heart
    "Honestly, what sense does it make to defame a thing you won't acknowledge When all is good and well, you'll shower yourself with pride When all is good and well, you'll still deny him When tragedy strikes you're"
  • Let Me Show Em - Clayborne Family
    "(Intro: Marc Live) Yeah... OH!, let's go... L.A. (Crensh!) New York, Chicago (Chorus) Yo let me show 'em What we got, when we come, yo it's serious It's crazy, bananas, it's delirious Don't come at us,"
  • Let Me See - C-Murder
    "(*gun shots & ambulance*) Let me see what you working with, working with Let me see what you twerking with, that's my girl I don't wanna see your eyes, I just wanna see your ass And I wanna see you"
  • Come With Me - Amerie
    "Look, you don't have to take this You can come with me So hard to believe she left you alone all alone I know babe you can come with me though So hard to be strong cause she left you alone all alone I"
  • Let Me See It - UGK
    "(Pimp C) Let me see it, hold up...hol' up Let me see it, uh...hol' up...let me see it Let me see it...(repeat) Bend over lemme see it Let me see it...(repeat) Bend over lemme see it.. (Bun B) Now, from"
  • Come with me - Jay Sean
    "When I wake up in the morning I seeEverybody's looking at meWhispering and talking, pointin fingers at meWhat is it that they want me to beCan't keep up this fight no moreWon't keep up this fight no moreSo"
  • Show me what ya got - Chamillionaire
    "(feat. Famous) Ch-ch-cheah, your tuned into your boy the ChamillionatorCause I stay killin 'emKnow what I'm talkin 'bout?Mixtape Messiah Part 2Lets go"Hey" - This is why I'm hot little mama (woo)This"
  • Show Me - John Legend
    "I realized as I lay down to sleep We haven't spoke in weeks So many things that I'd like to know Come have a talk with me I need a sign, something I can see Why all the mystery? I try not to fall for make"
  • Show Me - Seal
    "Different kinds of people Different kinds of life We go walking towards the future With different size strides Show me the way to solve your sorrows And I'll do what I can 'Cause we have the experience If"
  • Show Me - Yolanda Adams
    "There is a place in me That no one but You can see And in that place I'm really insecure I've been hurt before by that But I'm really sure You understand Every tear I've cried I bet You've cried a million"
  • OMG What's Happening - Ava Max
    "OMG What's Happening though i was fine i told you i don't need your love 3, 4 thousand times But that’s a lie No i can’t look you in the eye Oh I Oh I So i did everything To push you all away And finally"
  • OMG (ft. Quavo) - Camila Cabello
    "baby, what’cha say? I ain’t here to I ain;t here to conversate baby, I don’t play from Miami, causin trouble in l.A. Rowdy Tennessee If I ask them for you best not come for me Jordan, 23 Guarantee you’re"
  • Show - Method Man
    ""Wanna see the world, ain't scared to do it Even if, your shocked by it Me and you, lost when you do it By myself, better off bein' you" Smoke cess nigga, smokin' that A.K Norther lights, yeah.. stick"
  • Let it show - K-Maro
    "Now if you wanna go I'll take you with me hey We'll kick around the globe if you roll with me hey Girl I want you to know you're the one for me hey And I will not let it go until you're with me hey So"
  • Come See Me - TQ
    "(Chorus) Yall come see me cause I really wanna hit tonight Call up your job and tell them youll be sick tonight And if ya girlfriends wanna do some shit tonight Then go get them and yall come see me Cause"
  • Come See Me - Disturbing Tha Peace
    "(feat. Stat Quo) I'm the cookie monster, from Seasame Street with big Yellow birds for sale you need chicks I keep bricks I'm the boss, They workin' I sit back and make calls Movin' keys I never seen"
  • Come With Me - Alexkid
    "Maybe I've been too lonely for too long Careful, I have been craving someone like you Someone just like you You give me such a rush Just keep dancing with me the way you do You'll drive me insane You're"
  • Come with Me - Xandria
    "I belong to a world of twilight and regret Sing my songs to the ones who never hear it The spell is cast, time is frozen for eternity I know it lasts only till the sun is rising Sinful is my heart, my"
  • Come With Me - Triumvirat
    "Oh it hurts When your lover goes another way I gave it up Couldn't stand it for another day I don't know what love is all about I'm so confused It's gonna take a little time To get out of this state of"

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