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Omnia feat tilde

    "człowieku nieważne jest to czy pisze w autobusie w apartamencie czy w wynajmowanym pokoju rap to dla mnie więcej niż gatunek muzyczny dla mnie to poezja uliczna poezja chociaż mam uliczny zapierd* jak"
  • Omnia Sol Temperat - In Extremo
    "Omnia sol temperat Purus et subtilis Novo mundo reserat Faciem Aprilis Ad amorem properat Animus herilis Et iocundis imperat Deus puerilis Ama me fideliter Fidem meam nota De corde totaliter Et Ex mente"
  • Omnia Sol Temperat - Helium Vola
    "Omnia sol temperat purus et subtilis, novo mundo reserat facies Aprilis, ad amorem properat animus herilis et iocundis imperat deus puerilis. Rerum tanta novitas in solemni vere et veris auctoritas jubet"
  • Tempus Vincit Omnia - Hopes Die Last
    "I'm trying to say to you how you will rise Like a child freezed in space and time You'll find the way to nowhere I'm here, but don't mind Do what you like I don't want to see no damn brakes Not this time Clearer Nine"
  • Tibi - Omnia Quae Sum - Destiny
    "Seized by your smile with your voice as beautiful. When you call my name I watch myself dying. So kill me. The beautiful tatste of death lingers upon your lips. I hear you name every single day. Your face"
  • Kom Tilda - Laleh
    "kom vi flyttar tilda, kom vi flyttar bort vi behver inte vara hr mera kom vi flyttar tilda, vad ska vi gr hr? festa , shoppa, supa konsumera? NEj, kom vi flyttar tilda flyttar hrifrn till en plats dr snt"
  • Labor - Aesop Rock
    "Aesop Rock Miscellaneous Labor "This is labor" {*echoes*} {*sample cut and scratched*} Who put the monkey wrench in well oiled prefectionist emblem Just to watch these moniters spit"
  • Alive! (2007) - Omnia
    "{{Album |star=Green |Artist = Omnia |Album = Alive! |fLetter = A |Released = 2007 |Genre = |Length = |Cover = }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"
  • Labor Day - Dead Milkmen
    "On my TV screen Every Labor Day F**kin' Jerry Lewis Make him go away Make him go away Make him go away He's f**ked up my labor day Make him go away One, two, three, four! Jerry Lewis I'm comin' to get"
  • Slave Labor - Fear Factory
    "Machines are paper thin, and they're welded with ink Sealed inside a legal trap, so tight with a leak A contract with the devil for a life of distain Seeping in the limelight at attention, slave! I blame"
  • Labor day - Black Eyed Peas
    "When i stepped in the room i bring the heat like the month of june crank the volume make the bass go boom wile out like we some wild baboons (oOo oOo) we go bananas to the toon i wanna throw bows gimme"
  • Forced Labor - Circle Jerks
    "in a political state carries no weight no consideration your future's at stake yanked out of school for a factory before you can read once the world's shoven down your throat you'll find that it's hard"
  • Labor Of Love - Radney Foster
    "Radney Foster vocals/acoustic guitar Kim Richey harmony Steve Fishell steel guitar Bill Hullett guitar Mike McAdam guitar Pete Wasner piano Dan Dugmore acoustic guitar Michael Joyce"
  • Labor Of Love - Bon Jovi
    "Smoke stack blowing, there's a fire in the sky Fahrenheit rising up, higher than high Pressure's building up, sparks are gonna fly I know where this is going when I look into your eyes I know where this"
  • Farmer-Labor Train - Woody Guthrie
    "From the high Canadian Rockies to the land of Mexico, City and the country, wherever you may go, Through the wild and windy weather, the sun and sleet and rain, Comes a-whistlin' through the country this"
  • All The Labor - Gourds
    "All the labor landed in the sod Where the digger cried it's my calling, sir And it is no mistake that I put you in the ground so well And if they pay me well thats great It's just gravy I'd do it anyway All"
  • Labor Of Love - Sammy Kershaw
    "(Billy Lawson/Larry Boone) Well I got a cousin that's twice removed Had a crush on a girl back in school She didn't know it he didn't let it show Now she's married to a banker in El Paso You gotta swing"
  • Labor Of Love - Jill Philips
    "It was not a silent night There was blood on the ground You could hear a woman cry In the alleyways that night On the streets of David's town And the stable was not clean And the cobblestones were cold And"
  • Labor Saving Device - Finechina
    "Ive got no time for your lies, you stupid old man, Ive got no time, and I dont really know. Ive got no time for your lies, you stupid old man, Ive got no time, and I dont really care. When youve got"
  • Labor Of Love - Robert Cray
    "I'm spending too much time with her problems, Worrying about what she might think. Her hold on my heart, you know it drives me crazy, And buddy, I'm on the brink. Thought I'd worked my way through all"

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