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On Our Way Home


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On Our Way Home

  • Our Way Home - Conditions
    "So open your eyes Don't let this feeling inside Question everything you are, everything you are Breathe in deep, don't let the water fill your lungs Awake but motionless is such an ever-calming ground Again,again,"
  • Find Our Way Home - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "He believed in the things That he always thought he knew And had done all the things That he always wanted to do Collecting Each thing reflecting his worth But now he pondered How he had wandered this"
  • Our Second Home - A Life Once Lost
    "He knew that she would leave the light on for him Suppose that it was possible that she forgot this night Only the crescent moon dragged its way across the dirt path he walked on And as he closed his eyes,"
  • Our Own Way - Hot Water Music
    "we've seen some real hard times and i hope the hardest are behind but there will be times when it will seem like we are caught someplace in between the ocean and the storm without a shore we'll find"
  • On The Way Home - Count The Stars
    "On the way home, someones got to give in, it's so useless, to drag it out this long, take your position baby, the opposition of me, because there's no way I will change on the way home, my good intentions"
  • On My Way Home - Dri
    "I was getting out, without a doubt This was my last patrol, wished I could shout But then the reds were there We were taking our share Fifteen to thirty, but fair is fair I was fighting wild, shooting"
  • On The Way Home - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "When the dream came I held my breath with my eyes closed I went insane, Like a smoke ring day When the wind blows Now I won't be back till later on If I do come back at all But you know me, and I miss"
  • On The Way Home - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    "Neil Young When the dream came I held my breath with my eyes closed I went insane, like a smoke ring day When the wind blows Now I won't be back till later on If I do come back at all But"
  • On The Way Home - Neil Young
    "When the dream cameI held my breath with my eyes closedI went insane,Like a smoke ring dayWhen the wind blowsNow I won't be back till later onIf I do come back at allBut you know me, and I miss you now.In"
  • On Our Way - Imani Coppola
    "On Our Way Is it over now? If it's safe to come out From behind these walls we've built With bitter words and silence We'll be on our way I will break mine down and I'll climb over yours We'll embrace"
  • On Our Way - Christina Aguilera
    "Me and you, we're different Don't always see eye to eye You go left, and I go right And sometimes when we even fight That don't mean that I won't need a friend, oh You and me, we're in this 'til the end,"
  • On Our Way - Baumer
    "What's with the lonely it's out of place you know I am here beside you. I'll try my best. I've tested the waters and they are deep enough for two. Closer now, closer to my heart, I'll pull up until I slip"
  • On Our Way - Halo Friendlies
    "If it's fate then too late and whatcha gonna do anyway? If it's too soon for doom I think we're on our way Fill this future with all this ammunition and we're looking for a reason We'll never find a season"
  • Home - Our Lady Peace
    "Unreleased rarity played on Naveed Tour Way back, and if you find out again I'll never leave you home If I could well I'd be there breathing in What you need is home Noooo! I meant when it counted all"
  • Our way - Qb's Finest
    "I Want Niggas to Bang Out to This Shit Niggas Drive Drunk to This Shit Drive Drunk to This (14x) Drive Drunk Drive Drunk (1x) We Doing This Our Way (Yeah Motherfucker We Doing It Our Way Now) I Think"
  • Our Way - Germs
    "Clara would be proud to know us We've taken it to the end Where the gray turns to black And where the white just begins- we live every day on the water The night just kills the pain From the suffering"
  • Long Way Home - Tom Waits
    "(Tom Waits/ Kathleen Brennan) Well I stumbled in the darkness I'm lost and alone Though I said I'd go before us And show the way back home There a light up ahead I can't hold on very long Forgive me pretty"
  • Long Way Home - Bebo Norman
    "It's a long way home, when the fists have flown In the silence, there's nowhere left to run It's the battle of our pending love In the shadow is another smoking gun When we dreamed this dream for"
  • Way Back Home - My Surface
    "When the heat is fading And the light grow dim In a Cars' impatient row Most tunes'll be soon forgotten, but some may swing on their way back home The last waves of sounds Have run out the shore And silence"
  • Way Back Home - Rod Stewart
    "I was just a little boy Without a care I remember looking up And seeing you there I’ve never wandered to far For your side Coz all the love I’ve needed was there In your eyes We grow up in a war on city In"

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