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On day arahs

  • Groundhog's Day - Drag-On
    "Everyday is the same day Its Groundhog day, its Groundhog day Wake up in the morning wipe the cold from my eyes Put my dick in, grab the ashtray and take a tote from the lye Hear the folks outside,"
  • Groundhog Day - Drag On
    "Everyday is the same day Its Groundhog day, its Groundhog day Verse 1: Wake up in the morning wipe the cold from my eyes Put my dick in, grab the ashtray and take a tote from the lye Hear the folks outside,"
  • Day - Moist
    "On the saddest day On the saddest day On the saddest day Envy rides her bitter bullet down Glad to see your bloods gone dry Sip the luxury keep the offering Only wanted to hide Chorus: On the saddest"
  • Any day - Day 26
    "And it's a cold, cold night.Rain is falling.It's been that way quite a few days now.Fresh off the road.And I'm feeling this might be the day.Man, who knows?I might finally see your face baby, yeah.Pre-Chorus:And"
  • Day - Kari Bremnes
    "Day is the veil that you can't pull aside like a curtain Sewn from a black cloth - a cloth that no-one can see. No-one can take it away and you know this for certain. No-one can help you, you might as"
  • DAY - Ifi Ude
    "In your life time you had never stand against it but, but, but, now Sometimes you’ve got all those moments when you fade away but simply say: I’m gonna be fine I don’t wanna lie, I can sleep all day But"
  • Green Day - Green Day
    "A small cloud has fallen The white mist hits the ground My lungs comfort me with joy Vegging on one detail The rest just crowds around My eyes itch of burning red Picture sounds Of moving insects so surreal Lay"
  • Day Day - DC Talk
    ""I live a simple life, I take a day at a time I spend my mornings with God before I hit the grind The subtleties of darkness never cease to amaze As a physical world creates a spiritual haze Blinded"
  • On That Day - CeCe Winans
    "The world is movin' much too fast Mother's have kids, they outlast Young men think it's hard to pass this way Everybody's tryin' hard To find a world in a life that's flawed When each one should be thanking"
  • On This Day - Reba McEntire
    "(Michael P. Heeney/David Scarlett) The kids were up before dawn this morning Right to the Christmas tree they ran Called up the stairs for us to hurry Wait for this day for about as long as they could"
  • On Christmas Day - Magnum
    "Not a tree on the skyline Nor a bird in the wing Whispers frozen for all time No man's land will be king Left deserted a cold smile From the way they've been served Virgin mother and her child Turn their"
  • On Judgement Day - The Beautiful Girls
    "Truth come, gonna set my soul at ease. Yes on one fine day when this world is behind me. See judgement day, gonna set this world on fire. Pile the wretched men on the burning funeral pyre. So when"
  • On Christmas Day - Dido
    "A young gentleman came riding past On a snow blue winter's day He asked to drink, by our fire, And I was pleased to let him stay He drank there quietly for a while, Then he turned and said to me Your eyes"
  • On The Day - Jackson Browne
    "You really need someone on your side But you run away and hide Whenever somebody's going to get through You've got this wall in front of you You put your arm around me and smile But you're thinking all"
  • On That Day - Leonard Cohen
    "(Leonard Cohen and Anjani Thomas) Some people say It's what we deserve For sins against g-d For crimes in the world I wouldn't know I'm just holding the fort Since that day They wounded New York Some"
  • On This Day - David Pomeranz
    "Here we stand today Like we always dreamed Starting out our live together Night is in your eyes Love is in our hearts I can't believe you really mine forever (Bridge) I feel rehearse in for this moment"
  • On The Day - Walkabouts
    "behind the bric and brac there will be no lookin' back and between hell and hello there will be no lettin' go no there won't and you can't be serious no you can't you won't really do him in well you"
  • On That Day - Acroma
    "On that day I finally saw it through wide open eyes And on that day another autumn day I saw the lies And I said stop, cause I can't breathe Let me take away the blinding light And I said stop, I can't"
  • On Christmas Day - Spiers And Boden
    "On Christmas Day it happened so, Down in the meadows forth to plough. As we were a ploughing on so fast, Up comes sweet Jesus, himself at last. "Oh man, oh man, what makes you plough So hard upon the"
  • On Independence Day - Anti-Flag
    "I saw right through your eyes. I saw right through your guise. Every word that left you lips was just a covert disguise to hide your absent mind. You live and breathe. Sleep and drink. Beg and plead."

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