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On your side

  • On Your Side - Magnet
    "(Lyrical "Hums") For all that you breathe in and all that you breathe out, You just can't breathe any life into something that's expired. Now every tear you've cried will seem so uninspired. It don't"
  • On Your Side - The Veronicas
    "If we knew then what we do now We'd hold our hands and take a bow Together we would stand our ground and fight I remember the night we got drunk I got sick on the subway With your hands on my face It"
  • On Your Side - Neverstore
    "I would give it all away I burned my house down just to say That I would give it all away For only one more day with you Don't you know I'm lost without you How could I Be without you Nothing can come"
  • On your side - Pete Yorn
    "Im outside your house2 am its darkSo many mistakesCome back home from barsI am on your sideI just want to tell you offSo many liesAre taking holdIts not your faultTheres many scarsI am on your sideIts"
  • On Your Side - Kalwi & Remi
    "I’ve found you I saw your smile So bright The world was there The world was you I want to tell you more I got your eye in your … You was the sign for Me and you We’ve found the same we knew Now you’re"
  • On Your Side - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "I'm on a mission baby I'm not hearing what you're saying Stop preaching at me now I'm not a revelation Superstar or new sensation I'm just hiding away my frowns We don't see eye to eye I'm on your side With"
  • On your side - Goo Goo Dolls
    "I'm on a mission baby I'm not hearing what you're saying Stop preaching at me now I'm not a revelation Superstar or new sensation I'm just hiding away my frowns We don't see eye to eye I'm on your side"
  • On Your Side - Luna Halo
    "I'm praying for the end of day And at your window I will wait To watch you sleeping through the night the night And if I held you would you break Am I the victim of my ways But I can't run away this time So"
  • On Your Side - Graham Colton
    "I'm not asking for forever and I don't need much of your time I know we can't be together but you should know I'm on your side It's where I'll always be It's alright for you to be scared I'll drive all"
  • On your side - Iris DeMent
    "I'm on a mission babyI'm not hearing what you're sayingStop preaching at me nowI'm not a revelationSuperstar or new sensationI'm just hiding away my frownsWe don't see eye to eyeI'm on your sideWith a"
  • On Your Side - Madrugada
    "I'm really on your side Although you may not ever believe that it's so I've been taken to looking back Across it all, it was never that bad Oh you know For the minute a pretty face In the mirror,"
  • Your Side - KAT-TUN
    "It's a little funny story sou mou modorenai Iie wo dete I miss your heart Kimi no tame sagashiteta Present Nakusanu you ni mune ni shimau Oh nono... Kuchibiru karamete ita ase iki zukai Ikisou de You kiss"
  • Your side - In fiction
    "I'm on your side Always see through your eyes But if i leave tonite I'll leave here in two minds Well the lights out I'm so awake and somehow I cant convince myself, just stop and walk out So So i I've"
  • Back On Your Side - Chris Isaak
    "You can talk about true love, say we're through. And I do my best pretending I, don't love you. But when they put you down, they're always surprised, cause' then I'm. Back on your side, back on your side,"
  • I'm on your side - Maria Mena
    "Each confession I make Translates to you as an insult We must rid ourselves of this habit I once heard you say you'll never love anyone more Then why am I still fighting you? And it's never felt like this"
  • I'm on your side - Kathy Mattea
    "People tell you what I need Is a lesson in defeat Got you bothered, got you down Not so sure you want me 'round Baby, I'm on your side You don't even have to read my mind I'm on your side We'll talk about"
  • Love On Your Side - Thompson Twins
    "I hear you laughing in some other room And it makes me feel locked out You say my passion often stifles you And you need to move about But I was taught that boys need girls and girls need boys You say"
  • I'm On Your Side - Patty Loveless
    "(Hinson/Tribble) Latley things haven't been goin' our way And this road seems to get steeper every day You crawl inside yourself When I pull you out we fight Seems like you've forgotten I'm on your side Do"
  • Still On Your Side - BBMak
    "I'm still on your side You found a place where you belong New friends that can do no wrong That's what you believe But who is going to be there when you fall To build up when you're feeling small Give"
  • Shadows On Your Side - Duran Duran
    "Shackled and raised for a shining crowd They want you to speak but the music is louder than All of their roar with the heat of the planet's core-but The shadows are on your side As soon as the lights"

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