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Once in your

  • Once - Caleb Kane
    "You change in front of me Your eyes get darker every day It happens quietly Your focus slowly burns away And if you let me hear The things you seem to wanna say Though I am late I will wait to go Until"
  • Once - Harry Connick Jr.
    "Once Is all I'll need to show you Love making is an art But once-made love Won't be nearly enough Once I win your heart Once Upon a timeless romance Love often was denied But a thousand knights Couldn't"
  • Once - Sophie Zelmani
    "Hey you can I breathe if my chest is covered Hey you is my face making sense Eyes can't be still in a moment so tense Here babe are the notes you must play This babe, is the procedure Here babe not in"
  • Once In Your Life - Sam Brown
    "Night falls rain pours just like my tears I feel so alone though you're still here How long can I live on in your world of dreams My love is so strong I feel in my bones This was meant to be Easy make"
  • Once In Your Life - John Miles
    "Maybe I'm wrong, living high and chancing, I feel an ice cold look in your eye cut me down with glances. We both said "No", but we can't let go, and I'm feeling like we tried to hide. I know I've wasted"
  • Once in your life - Idlewild
    "To come apart in mountain topsis to come apart in rainEvery note creates a picture ofa road worn over againYou speak only in memoriesbut what memories dictateis if you don't know what you wantthen what"
  • For Once In Your Life - Jealous Sound
    "The decks just build and break Everybody takes Here I stand waiting to be moved Just a problem solved Slowly it dissovles The crowd that I'm passing through It feels so good to feel There's nothing here"
  • For once in your life - Courtney Love
    "You just dont love me And I just dont care Oh I never said I would play fair Something so perfect Something so rare There is no cure Theres not a prayer, a prayer So what can I do I am the only perfect"
  • For Once In Your Life - Lucy Kaplansky
    "Remember when they took him in the middle of the night And nobody told you where he'd gone Death in with morning light and touched your father's hand In a hospital uptown, where your mother sat alone For"
  • For Once In Your Life - Pretty Maids
    "Hanging by the phone waiting impatiently I'm in a minor key but still there's no reply Sitting counting days going through endless nights But baby still the light of your star fills my sky Here we are"
  • Angel (Once In Your Lifetime) - Belinda
    "Aqu estoy T tambin Aunque sea en la imaginación, babe Esta vez Quiero ser La luna llena que te espera Y te ilumina Como amiga te he sido fiel Ahora te llevo en la piel Se que no va a suceder Pero lo puedo"
  • Once In Love - Dan Fogelberg
    "Once in love you'll always be a lover Once is all it takes You will give your heart up to another Even if it breaks You can say this fever's sure to leave you It's bound to fade with time And you can lie But"
  • Once Again - Frankie Jordan
    "I welcome you inside my life For what you do Oh you make me happy So very happy Once again Here I stand So inspired To take your hand And never take for granted What I was granted Once again Chorus: I"
  • Once Pure - Against Me!
    "I opened my eyes to find my world enslaved, my brothers and sisters rendered mindless, with no desire to free themselves of their own chains. A potentially beautiful existence had been rendered meaningless."
  • Listen Once - Freya
    "Listen Once You're so full of yourself there isn't any room for me And it's so hard to fit in a place where there's no space free And you're trying so hard to impress And you're dazzled by your own"
  • Once Again - Charley Pride
    "The telephone rings and I tremble knowing what it means if I talk to you Your sweet lips still whisper darling I love you and need you And once again I'll do the things I shouldn't do And once again I'll"
  • Once Again - Worshipmusic
    "ONCE AGAIN Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice You became nothing, poured out to death Many times, I've wondered at your gift of life I'm in that place once again I'm in that place once again CHORUS- And"
  • Once More - Wedding Present
    "A gang of thieves, somebody leaves I swear I heard laughter An empty gloom and some forbidden room And a window to shatter And does your heart begin to fail When the moment gets closer? You always turn"
  • Once Again - Face Tomorrow
    "Say you're sorry if you really mean it. Take as much time as you need for it. Learn the essence of a good relation. Share just what you think of it now. Once again you fear reaching out to me. So it's"
  • Once Again - Jon McLaughlin
    "I hear the words coming out your mouth As we talk about it once again I cant believe all the words you said Turned into regret once again So dont tell me what went wrong To make it feel so wrong once"

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