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One Direction - Change My Mind -

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One Direction - Change My Mind -

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One Direction - Change My Mind -
  • One Direction Change my mind
    "Louis: The end of the night We should say goodbye But we carry on While everyone's gone Zayn: Never felt like this before-ore Are we friends or are we more? As I'm walking towards the door I'm not sure Liam: But"
  • The Toasters Direction
    "Too mnay people tell me What to do and how to be I got 97 channels but there's nothing on TV Information superhighway Modem is on full May as well hotwire a socket Right into my skull Direction! Direction!"
  • The Starting Line Direction
    "Awwww, Break down! I was breaking sweats in the night-time I was growing my hair And I could not care What they think Cause my eyes were turned up Like you tore open the ceiling I've been singing songs"
  • Sofa Surfers One Direction
    "I don't want the dream no more I just want what's at the other side Of the door Tomorrow is a way through today Through the creaking And the weighing down on my head-fettered brain As I fly apart Going"
  • Puddle Of Mudd Change My Mind
    "How could I believe anything you've ever said? I'm on the bottom of your shoes A little piece, a piece of shit I never wanna hear you sing You sound just like a little kid You're like a journey through"
  • Justincase Change My Mind
    "hear me girl, i'll be on my way hear my tears, cuz i think i cried your name ohh, i trusted but you just left me shattered but i still want you to know i worked so hard, to rebuild these broken walls but"
  • Boyce Avenue Change your mind
    "There you are with your perfect way You’ve got that little shine in your eyes To hear one word would make my day But there’s no room for me in your life Oh you’ve got me down on my knees Oh and in my"
  • Nonpoint Change Your Mind
    "I'm a pitbull backed in the corner again beaten to the ground and left for dead fighting his way to the top again money i got i bought and spent the friends i had they came and went one day you just might"
  • Tori Kelly Change Your Mind
    "he came to me like a song like one I knew all along and daddy, he got a hold on me I know you tink that it’s wrong but he grew up on me like a rose the sweetest I;ve ever known I swear tat he got a hold"
  • Joey Lawrence Never Gonna Change My Mind
    " Come on... ooh... ooh... ooh... Ooh, ooh, ooh... oh yeah... I know you're thinking That our love's too good to be true, baby I know it's crazy But the truth is I'm stuck on you, darling Now"
  • Stealers Wheel Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind
    "(Egan) It's a dead-end job and the money is low, And the time goes by so slow. If I stay too long it could bring me down, So I might as well take another look around. You say it's a fool that keeps moving"
  • Simply Red No Direction
    "Singing hymns on roads and pavements Hungry jims, no-one saves them Walkin' north, talkin' south With firm intention And I don't know what I'm talking about It's firm intention In this dreary life,"
  • Matthew Clarck & Sabina Jeszka Same Direction
    "Whole night try to be myself But something was missing Missing Whole night try to do the best I can But something was missing Than you came And showed me how to live And which way I have to go have to"
  • Bad Religion No Direction
    "A sullen figure walks along a dusty road His life was holy and he couldn't bear the Load He left his people and simple life behind He raised his torso and he looked into the sky Shouting his questions,"
  • En Vogue Right Direction
    "Standing on this dusty road Listening to my radio If you could see me, I'd know you swear I'm a thousand miles from anywhere Well it may seem stong insane to you, baby But I guess it's just what I gotta"
  • Mandy Moore New Direction
    "it seems to me, i cannot breathe when youre around you leave me there, in the cold of lost and found Ive been lookin for a new direction Ive been looking for a new connection need someone whos gonna make"
  • Hailee Steinfeld Wrong Direction
    "I don't hate you No, I couldn't if I wanted to I just hate all the hurt that you put me through And that I blame myself for letting you Did you know I already knew? Couldn't even see you through the"
  • Hoobastank Same Direction
    "Whenever i step outside, somebody claims to see the light It seems to me that all of us have lost our patience. 'cause everyone thinks they're right, And nobody thinks that there just might Be more than"
  • Raised Fist New Direction
    "What do you mean it's time. Time for me to grow up ? I don't want any part. It's right to follow my heart. The new kds ran. Ran out the back door fast and the bands that came before they had their noses"
  • Gorilla Biscuits New Direction
    "What do you mean it's time, time for me to grow up? I don't want any part. It's right to follow my heart. The new kids ran, ran out the back door fast, and the bands that came before they had their noses"

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