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One Republic Prodigal

  • Prodigal - Casting Crowns
    "Living on my own, thinking for myselfCastles in the sand, temporary wealthWalls are falling down, storms are closing inTears have filled my eyes, here I am againAnd Ive held out as long as I canNow Im"
  • Prodigal - The Echoing Green
    "Love is a foreign word to you It's something you used to know Now you're wondering what to do As the walls come crashing down I know someone who wants to rescue you And I know someone who wants to"
  • Prodigal Son - Steel Pulse
    "Woy! Desperation has return Sodom and Gomorrah no deh yah so! Woy desperation has return over yonder Sodom and Gomorrah no deh yah so! Wild one, you are like the Prodigal Son yeah And if you're the Prodigal"
  • Prodigal Son - Bad Religion
    "Oh, can't you feel the nostalgia I wonder about your Modernistocrat Horatio Alger Clever never hesitating in the baiting Ever waiting for the canticle of manacles abating Did you ever forget You had a"
  • Prodigal Blues - Billy Idol
    "Riding my life Like a run-a-way train Moving from One track to that Howling, crying, Screaming at the moon Only my voice came back Only the echo came back When I was a boy Daddy told me Grow tall Yes"
  • Prodigal Funk - Keziah Jones
    "Ooowee, who to believe? Father's turned into a child Oh Lord have mercy on me Oh please look through my eyes Look through my eyes, it's no surprise Oh why do they treat you badly? When you sleep slaves"
  • Prodigal Son - Fred Hammond
    "The loneliest place in the world is without You Too many of my days Lord, I've tried to spend there Searching for what I know was only found in You I strayed so far away, I wasn't sure You were still there But"
  • Prodigal Me - Shane Barnard
    "what have i done to get me here? unraveled and undone, i need my father what have i done? i've followed my feet to nowhere now i'm here! as i ran, i can run no more prodigal me the mountains to the west,"
  • Prodigal Son - Heather Dale
    "Did you think that you were better, somehow better than me? You come here with your arms thrown wide like that means anything to me You think 'cause you're a big man now you can take what isn't yours You"
  • Prodigal Son - Kid Rock
    "'cause growin up I was never The logical one packed my shit and left home Like the prodigal son With a bottle of jack And my shotgun strapped I went looking for fame And yo I've never been back Filled"
  • The Prodigal Son - Two Gallants
    "Well, I've been a disclaimer for twenty-four years Poor mother drowned in a pillow of tears Im well known in story, famous in song The black sheep, the blemish, the one who went wrong The black sheep,"
  • Republic - Rx Bandits
    "You can never be what never was And to get by you know you must become a part in a machine When minds outgrow a stationary scene They get discarded with the others never meant to be With the worst yet"
  • Republic - RxBandits
    "You can never be what never was And to get by you Know you must become a part in a machine When minds outgrow a stationary scene They get discarded With the others never meant to be With the worst yet"
  • Republic - London After Midnight
    "You're being used. You're being lied, to in a desert without water. You are desperate to believe, you're like a lamb led to the slaughter. Self deceive you won't believe, you're like a child seeking mother. You"
  • Prodigal - OneRepublic
    "We say good-bye, I turn my back Run away, run away So predictable Not far from here, you see me crack Like a bone, like a bone I'm so breakable And I take everything from you But you'll take anything"
  • Prodigal - SONICFLOOd
    "Lord you see into my heart There is no place I can hide When I feel I've been apart From You, from You Broken I bow at your feet Surrendering all that I am Lord I know that I am complete In You,"
  • Prodigal - Porcupine Tree
    "I don't know whose side I'm on I don't think that I belong round here If I left the stage would that be wrong ? I tried to find myself a better way I got religion but I went astray They took my money"
  • Prodigal - Face To Face
    "he's never going back refuses to be left behind he doesn't understand how they so easily made up their minds you had it in your hands so how is it so hard to find? you still don't understand the reason"
  • :Prodigal - The Michael Gungor Band
    "Words and music by Michael Gungor and Michael Rossback I've tasted Your glory and I left it there. You poured out Your Spirit and I didn't care. Still you loved me I've lived for myself with nobody to"
  • Prodigal - Burns Out Bright
    "flashing lights in my eyes. reds and blues. set the mood. as i rise you just lie. snow turns to red. you just lie. i smell blood. you just lie. my friend. goodbye. and i try to look away. felt wrong not"

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