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One Winner - M

  • The Winner - Natalie Cole
    "Written by c. jackson, m. yancy and g. barge In this world of make believe I must confess To be number one you've got to do it better And if you strive to be happy you'll find success Perspectively"
  • Winner - Karina
    "I guess the stars were alined when we met up. Cause baby I, i see the stars in your eyes anytime we touch . sometimes i just wanna go run away and hide. But everytime I do you always find a way to come"
  • Winner - Karina Pasian
    "I guess the stars were aligned when we met up, Cause Baby I, I see the Fires in your eyes anytime we touch. Sometimes I just wanna go run away and hide, But everytime I do, You always find a way to come"
  • Winner - Bobby Bare
    "The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand he looked like a drunk old fool And I knew if I hit him right why I could knock him off of that stool But everybody they said watch out hey that's the Tiger Man"
  • Winner - Chris Brown
    "Yo It is an honor to introduce The future of R&B His name, is Chris Brown And uh, you know what this is, (yeah) Another Beat trax Joint Round one I hear the ding, I walk up in shake your hand Girl I gotta"
  • Only One Winner - Nazz
    "There is only one winner There is only one prize Whoever gets your heart is the winner There is only one winner I'm at war with a man that I still haven't seen It's a fight for life, if I lose you I'll"
  • The winner - Nat King Cole
    "In this world of make believe I must confess To be number one you got to do it better And if you strive to be happy youll find success Perspectively you got to put it together Nothing good will come to"
  • The Winner - Magellan
    "Welcome these players to your stage Progressive, we cleverly syncopate These rhythms, in a key, in an overture Directing our experience into yours. Waiting here for a visionary Imagine living the new"
  • The Winner - Cliff Richard
    "If I listen to you then I'm a winner, If I take you at your word every day. There's nothing that can harm me I'm a winner all the way, If I take notice of what the words tell me, It's not too long"
  • The Winner - Coolio
    "Verse One: It's time to take you to its full potential Peep this and drop some game on the instrumental and it's a symptom that you listen close and better tell your folks let the locest loc first things"
  • Everyone's A Winner - Hot Chocolate
    "Never could believe the things you do to me, Never could believe the way you are. Every day I bless the day that you got through to me, 'Cause baby, I believe that you're a star. Everyone's a winner,"
  • Always the winner - Amy Grant
    "Always the Winner, Baby.You're Always the Center, Baby.But Don't You Ever Get Lonely At NightWhen the Clouds Have Gone Away?It's Always,You're Showing Her the Lady,Always the Lady.You're Full OfYourself,"
  • Winner Takes All - At Cliffs End
    "Hey stop and listen Cause this time I finally got it right I have always tried to make things work So this time lets get down on it.. Was it ever a mistake? Or was this just a chance to remake fate??"
  • Winner - Pet Shop Boys
    "This is the moment, we’ll remember Every day for the rest of out lives Time may rush us, hurt or love us but on this day we have arrived It’s been a long time coming We’ve been in the running for so long But"
  • Winner - Noisettes
    "The eagle has landed The butterfly is out of her cocoon It ain’t like I planned it But lately I’m shining like the moon I tell you something about turning doors Too many questions will kill the surprise After"
  • Winner Of The Game - David Guetta
    "No matter what people say I'm gonna do it my way I'm strong enough and alive I know that I can survive Won't take advise that you give I've got my own life to live I'll make it right to the raid And be"
  • Winner - Kanno Yukari
    "donna koto mo yareba dekiru tte mono ja nai dakedo MURI wo shichaou jibun wo koetai kara kanarazu tsukamaeru saikou no shiawase mae ni susumenai yo kono mama no kibun ja kinou no kuyashisa ga tachidomaraseru"
  • M - Doniu & Liber
    "Mam, mam najlepszy wóz najszybszy w mieście Za-zawsze chciałem, chcia-chciałem mieć taką bestię Teraz się toczę powoli to-to-to-toczę się A one gonią, go gonią, a one gonią mnie Mam najlepszy wóz Biegi,"
  • M - Robert Gawli
    "Nie wiesz ile szczęścia masz nie dotykasz tylu spraw mówię ci... w moich włosach brudny świat zaplótł się w życiowy bat uwierz miTo ja płaczę i uśmiecham się to ja ciężkie skronie upić chcę to ja klaszczę"
  • M - Kowal
    "Nikt tak naprawdę mnie tu nie zna Ona była tego pewna Że zna mnie już na wylot One się wszystkie mylą Niejedna osoba chciała poznać mnie od środka Raz to Kasia, Basia dwa, to znów jakaś Dorotka Samotna"

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