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One kiss lips

  • One kiss - Christina Milian
    "Oohh oohh yeahOohh yeah yeahIt's not like you know meIf feels like you've known me forever I can't deny (can't deny)That you've got to hold up and i can't control of how no matter how hard I try. You threw"
  • One kiss - Bryan Ferry
    "Now is the moment Here is the place And soons the time to go Seeings believin Or so he thought once Now hes not so sure One kiss - one for the road - what is more? One kiss - roughly expressing all that"
  • New Lips - Roy Drusky
    "These are new lips they're not your lips but they kiss me the way yours used to do They're not your arms they're just two arms and they'll hold me until I'm over you Makes no difference who I find to"
  • Skinny Lips - The Wallflowers
    "Well there goes Sally, my old lady She gone crazy drawing lines on her face And you know I got a feeling that Sally been a'stealing 'Cause I was hip to this, that you don't trust Skinny Lips Sally's got"
  • Kiss - Amila Zazu
    "I hear your voice around I kiss you in my mind cause kissing you is all I think about I need no talks no words just kisses on my mouth only kissing makes my feelings grow read my lips and then quickly"
  • Kiss Ya Lips (No I.D.) - Ian Brown
    "I aint no number I don't need no ID round my neck So Mr Politician I got born and named like blood runs red Cause I I aint no number Don't require no ID round my neck So Mr number maker ID cards"
  • One Fatal Kiss - Thunder
    "Leaden sky just like a mirror Reflecting the mood I'm in Raining hard like it ain't gonna stop Making tiny rivers on my skin Doesn't seem like so long ago Everything I did was right You moved the goalposts"
  • One Last Kiss - Madina Lake
    "She looked at me, her eyes were watering That's when I knew that this was about to end Frozen in that moment, time was standing still And I could feel my heart sinking from you Goodbye, she said I went"
  • Lips Of Wine - Andy Williams
    "I tasted your sweet lips, thrilled to my fingertips Lips of wine, warm with fire, you are my one desire Lips of wine, and they are mine "
  • Lick My Lips - Katharine McPhee
    "Your love don't need to shoot a cool aid You make me rush, get me up all night And when I taste it I won't hold not just a little bit You feel me up baby it's alright Gorgeous Baby come on into my open"
  • Read My Lips - Ellen Foley
    "Chorus: Read my lips Do you get the message in my kiss Close your eyes And read my lips Come a little closer just like this Baby baby Gettin' harder through the night Tossing and a turnin' Been dreaming"
  • Read My Lips - Blue System
    "Dirty talk - a dirty street Another night - it's bitter sweet I just wanna make good love to you I build a home for you and me Baby, oh a mystery - can't you see babe what a love can do ? I wanna kiss"
  • Kissing Your Lips - Quietdrive
    "a little piece in my life is all i need to get me by but of course one or two more things would make me satisfied but right about now i'm sitting down with a girl who thinks she's found something more i"
  • Kiss on the lips - Joan Jett
    "Feel connected Close my eyes Wanna touch Wanna take some time to realize All you really wanna know All you really need to say All you really gotta do Give a little more than a kiss on the lips Yeah Feel"
  • I Kiss Your Lips - Tokyo Ghetto Pussy
    "I kiss your lips and close my eyes take you away to paradise Make everybody see that I love you and you love me (x2) common y'all I kiss your lips and close my eyes take you away to paradise Make everybody"
  • Split Lip - Marc Almond
    "OW! Split lip It seems you need another Split lip Shut you mouth Your noisy mouth Before I put a fist in it Face hit Split lip You talk and talk and talk But its all mouth And no hands at all Just jealousy"
  • One Kiss At The Time - Prince
    "Come here, baby Come and get your come on Oh, I see this is what u wanted One kiss at a time (I got 2 be) I got 2 be up on it If I want 2 make u mine This is something every girl should know Every part"
  • Lips Of A Bottle - Blaine Larsen
    "(feat. Gretchen Wilson) I'm all right now, I've got a new place to live A one room apartment out on West 35th No, I don't miss her and I've finally moved on And I've found a companion that won't do me"
  • These Are The Lips - Shaggy
    "(feat. Ricardo "Rik Roc" Ducent) Know what's good for your mistress is also good for your wife She might just go elsewhere if she's been deprived You dig that? I know it's something that she wants to"
  • I Love My Lips - VeggieTales
    "I Love My Lips Narrator: And now its time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song. One day while talking with Dr. Archibald Larry confronts one"

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