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One last breath

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One last breath

  • One Last Breath - Creed
    "Please come now I think I'm falling I'm holding on to all I think is safe It seems I found the road to nowhere And I'm trying to escape I yelled back when I heard thunder But I'm down to one last breath And"
  • Last Breath - Norther
    "Again he sees the end it's light that blinds his eyes Creatures of the night are calling him to darkness To die for the glory and to be brave silent tears slowly running down The darkness is here it has"
  • Last Breath - Don't Look Down
    "I find it hard to be the one you only come to when your down I'm broken by the days I'm empty and cold now I'm still waiting, for you to watch me fall I'm lost and longing, you always haunt me Cause"
  • Breath - Dudley Saunders
    "oh I'm a-feared for my life I'm afraid it's gonna murder me and you'll leave me behind boy you've guessed it about right I've been digging your grave for the best part of last night and now I see you"
  • Breath - Sweatshop Union
    "(feat. Creative Minds) did you want the house, the dog, the white picket fence the wife with three kids that helped your life make sense the friends, petty trends, the mercedes benz keep the picture on"
  • Last Breath - Absurd
    "Frher Morgen grt uns am Schlachtenfeld. Die Schwerter gezogen, der Mut ist gesthlt. Ein letzter Trunk Met, die Pferde stehn bereit. Wir harren grimm der Feinde, zu kmpfen ist es Zeit. Uns fremd ist Furcht."
  • One last breath (deutsche) - Creed
    "Bitte komm jetzt, ich denke ich falle Ich halte mich an allem fest, von dem ich denke, dass es sicher ist Es scheint, als ob ich eine Strae nach nirgendwo gefunden htte Und ich versuche zu entfliehen Ich"
  • Every Last Breath - Architects
    "After all is said and done I'm left with reflections of your eyes haunting my mind So dead inside, what good came out of this? I was the one that tore you down I'm down yet oh so guilty Every last breath"
  • The Last Breath - Poison
    "There's a rose on the bed A letter that I wrote what you mean to me Words I wished I'd said, Were still in my head, now I pray you'd see I don't know how to tell you that I miss you, baby I struggle with"
  • Your Last Breath - MortiFication
    "VERSE ONE Drowned in the water of the spirit Till it follows from our gasp Engulfed, it takes our breath Till every word flows with life CHORUS Liquid assets Liquid assets Liquid assets Vital fluids VERSE"
  • Take One Breath - Sonata Arctica
    "New human has seen the dawn of day, Overcame the limitations Of evolution by learning to apply S-C-I in fi, you cry silence! Science is blasphemy! My brainchild, intermingle, Come foretoken of trans-human Already"
  • One Final Breath - Presence
    "Verse 1 (rap) I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me the things I couldn't have learned without you and I know that you're watching over me so tell me did I turn out to be everything that you hoped"
  • One Breath - Plus One
    "life is hard, but it's been a little harder than usual lately I wish I new why I am struggling through this what makes it harder is the lack of understanding on my part could I have changed this, why am"
  • Last Breath (P.Lindroos) - Norther
    "Again he sees the end it's light that blinds his eyes Creatures of the night are calling him to darkness To die for the glory and to be brave silent tears slowly running down The darkness is here it"
  • Cadence Of Her Last Breath - Nightwish
    "Running for her life The dark rain from her eyes still falls Breathtaking butterfly Chose a dark day to live Save one breath for me A Loner longing for The cadence of her last breath Why do I miss someone I"
  • Wasted Breath - Tonya Mitchell
    "I don't wanna hear your stories I don't wanna hear your lies Don't wanna hear those made up alibis You told me that you lived for me You sounded so sincere But now the pictures suddenly so clear After"
  • Breath Control - Recoil
    "So lets be done with this. You said I want you, I dont want another, I want a girl who knows how to suffer. Chalk down my hands, I need to work the bars dry. So now youre in the middle of someone terrible"
  • Last Breath - Body Count
    "Oooooohhh am I dreamin' ? Oooooohhh am I dreamin' ? Am I alone ? Oooooohhh am I dreamin' ? Am I alone ? Yeah I like to wait 'til late nite, 'til you Muthafuckas sleep I crawl in through your window and"
  • Last Breath - Hatebreed
    "All the prayers in the world can't bring you back. It's your last breath, this is our last breath. Taken from this earth without warning. Victim of the ultimate injustice. Nothing will ever make sense"
  • Last Breath - Helmet
    "You're so worked up this torture Is paying off Who's keeping score now? You let me know before How far can you get? I don't know I could only guess You'd never notice when Everything started vanishing Your"

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