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One more tommorow electric light orchestra

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One more tommorow electric light orchestra

  • Secret Messages - Electric Light Orchestra - Electric Light Orchestra
    "A moving stream of information That is floating on the wind The secrets never end And now they call They sing, they play, they dance for you From out of the blue What can you do? The secret messages are"
  • No tommorow - Orson
    "Let's go to a rave And behave like we're tripping Simply 'cause we're so in love. Funny hats, shiny pants All we need for some romance Go get dolled-up and I'll pick you up. There's no line for you and"
  • Tommorow - Lillix
    "1. Tomorrow's just another day Another way To spend my day All by myself Starin at the tv screen Flipping through my magazine Everything is unclear I need you hear do ref. And i wake up Put on my make-up Pick"
  • Here Is The News (Electric Light Orchestra Cover) - Pain
    "Here is the news Coming to you every hour on the hour, (Here is the news) The weather's fine, but there may be a meteor shower. Here is the news, A cure's been found for good old rocket lag, (Here is"
  • A better tommorow - Kreator
    "One by one we take control New consciousness, one heart, one soul Oppression ends, the time has come So don't look back, it can be done Something is still missing Something keeps 'em blind Like a"
  • Electric Electric - Primus
    "Part I - Blinded by the Sun Bring me back again, I'd really rather not be out here on my own. Someone reel me in, I'm drifting ever farther from my home. I remember when I was a baby gazing in amazement"
  • One More Light - Linkin Park
    "Should’ve stayed were there signs I ignored can I help you not to hurt anymore we saw brilliance when the world was asleep there are things that we can have but can’t keep if they say who cares if"
  • No tommorow - Sentenced
    "Eyes without light can see so clear what those with sight are blind to... The final fight is getting near And they were right, we will lose... Come this far no turning back A kiss before it all turns black My"
  • City of Electric Light - Chad VanGaalen
    "And I thought you were the moon in the sky But it turned out you were just a street light You were burning like a hole in the night You were burning like a city of electric light (4x) And I thought you"
  • Fluorescent (The Total Orchestra) - Solefald
    "("Flourescent" half) (Gaia sips the drink of artificial red carefully served by a flourescent sky She swallows the light only to throw up shadows minutes later on a broken public toilet Inside her the"
  • We are electric - Mark'Oh
    "Feel the heat It's burning the air and smelling so sweet Dark is light We're breaking the day and we are taming the night Did we meet Or shouldn't we dare or shouldn't we ceat wrong or right Oh nothing"
  • Electric Light - PJ Harvey
    "The beauty of her, under electric light The beauty of her, under electric light Tears my heart out every time Dawn There waiting, right outside Dawn There waiting, right outside She tears my heart out"
  • Electric Light - American Music Club
    "American Music Club Engine Electric Light You got me good, you did the right thing And nothing matters everything's understood You did the right thing Are you gonna be my judge and jury at night 'cause"
  • Electric Light - Drugstore
    "Do you ever wake up Without a reason? Do you ever wish your life Kind of had a different start? Oh how I wish I could see your mind Wish I could get inside The electric light And as the hours, go by We're"
  • Something Electric - All Together Separate
    "Millions wander around this place Bewildered wonder on their face Something electric Jagged rocks that reach and pry Water falls through shattered sky Something electric Silent impact As the fountain meets"
  • She's Electric - Oasis
    "She's electric She's in a family full of eccentrics She done things I never expected And I need more time She's got a sister And god only knows how I've missed her On the palm of her hand is a blister And"
  • Something Electric - All Together Seperate
    "All Together Seperate All Together Seperate Something Electric Millions wander around this place Bewildered wonder on their face There's something electric Jagged rocks that reach and pry Water falls through"
  • Video - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Video, eo, eo, eo, eo, eo, eoThe satellites that search the night they twinkle like a starThey send their love from up above down to my VTRThe world is at my fingers under controlAhhhumm, video, eo, eo,"
  • Electric Lash - The Church
    "The electric lash of trees in the studio Fills my head with light Only the voice of the girl on the radio Falling from a height I turn to leave as if in a cameo It doesn't feel quite right Only one thing"
  • Heaven Only Knows - Electric Light Orchestra
    "(Heaven only knows...) Oh, I know it's strange But I think that it's about to change So I'll take the chance To get back into the straight again CHORUS: Heaven only knows (I'm really on the level) Heaven"

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