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One night stars

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One night stars

  • The night stars here - Stars
    "The night starts here The night starts here Forget your name Forget your fear The night starts here The night starts here Forget your name Forget your fear The pleasure car The afterthought The missing"
  • Stars - Alejandro Fuentes
    "One stolen look cross the room an illusive smile, but soon baby soon. One minute for every hour but time hasn't been on our side on our side. Still holding on been waiting so long for that indelible time. When"
  • Stars - t.A.T.u.
    "How did we ever go this far? You touch my hand and start the car And for the first time in my life I'm crying Are we in space? do we belong? Someplace where no one calls it wrong And like the stars we"
  • Stars - Tatu
    "How did we ever go this far? You touch my hand and start the car And for the first time in my life I'm crying. Are we in space? Do we belong Someplace where no one calls it wrong And like the stars"
  • Stars - Patrick Wolf
    "I saw I saw the stars tonightMama, I saw the stars tonightMama I saw the stars tonightOrion, the plow, the burning brightCannot recall where I droveAn empty lane, the lonely road home.I saw, I saw my star"
  • Stare - Groundswell
    "The lights are bright, They make me sweat They make me swim this Night I won't forget Then people scream, What do they mean And I think they like us, Yes that's what it seems Facing the open door, What"
  • One More Night - Stars
    "Try as he might he's unable to speak He grabs her by the hair, he strokes her on the cheek The bed is unmade like everything is Dark little heaven at the top of the stairs Take me like that, ruin it all Then"
  • One thousand sparkling stars - Mortiis
    "I saw the constellation of the spider...One thousand sparkling stars.I felt the darkness sink upon me, into me...As a cloud of everlasting sleep.And I know that nothing last forever,and that death soon"
  • The Stars - Patrick Wolf
    "I saw I saw the stars tonight Mama, I saw the stars tonight Mama I saw the stars tonight Orion, the plow, the burning bright Cannot recall where I drove An empty lane, the lonely road home. I saw, I"
  • Westend Stars - Vice Squad
    "Save all your money for a rainy night Saturday night swindle, that's alright Can't stand the stay at home solitude The bright lights call saying "we want you" Out on the town with the westend stars Out"
  • Stars Align - R3HAB & Jolin Tsai
    "Can i go back to the days that i had you Back to one more night like we’re used to I miss every minute we’ve been through From the hardest part to the bast you Make the stars align Words cannot describe Don’t"
  • Stars & Satellites - Minnie Driver
    "You court the darkness like she's your lover A girl you nailed one time And can't get over Feverish and sleepless at night It's only because you cannot Tear your eyes away from her If love is the answer"
  • Nineteen Stars - Meg & Dia
    "Don't tell me you're done for I don't need to hear you're done for You can tell me what you are running from I need you more than you need you I can see you're really really running May I ask you where"
  • Summer Stars - Graham Colton Band
    "Lights turnin' green as we drive around Try to make a scene but keep the radio down Five phones ringin' Lookin' for somethin' to do... Your best friend says you're at the Palisades Lights are turnin' red,"
  • Seeing Stars - Gin Blossoms
    "(Robin Wilson) Spit it out, the sad truth One of many secrets we acquired in youth My dirty clothes Lately I keep 'em in the luggage that you to gave me With a little luck, one night We'll drink together"
  • Shooting Stars - Kelis
    "It's a full moon (look in the sky) Bright as can be (this is one of those nights) Enough for the whole world to see (I feel amazing) And the wind's (I feel it) danced with clouds And the stars shining"
  • Stars - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals and Brian Whitcomb, 1980) From the album THE LONGEST ROAD (1980). People get a little to loose. They forget, they abuse. Well, people get a little too tight, and it ain't"
  • Stars - Cheryl Cole
    "We can all be stars... Open your eyes, set your mind safe flight See your dreams come to life Open your mind, let your heart ignite And believe it's your time See your light through the dawn Picture you"
  • Stars - Switchfoot
    "Maybe I've been the problem, Maybe I'm the one to blame, But even when I turn it off and blame myself The outcome feels the same. I've been thinking Maybe I've been partly cloudy, Maybe I'm the chance"
  • Stars - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
    "I lit a fire with the love you left behind, And it burned wild and crept up the mountainside. I followed your ashes into outer space I can't look out the window, I can't look at this place, I can't look"

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