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One thing i can say girl love you all the time

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One thing i can say girl love you all the time

  • Don't Say One Thing One Day, - Everything But The Girl
    "Don't say one thing one day, then something else the next day. I'm trying to keep up with you - it's hard enough when you speak clearly, but when you're confused, it's like a goods train running through"
  • Lady I Love You All The Time (1978) - Real Thing
    "Everywhere I go, your smiling face keeps haunting me Lady don't you know there is no face I'd rather see, smiling at me And as my love grows stronger girl I need you more and more I guess at last I've"
  • I Can Love You Like That - All-4-One
    "They read you Cinderella You hoped it would come true And one day a Prince Charming Would come rescue you You like romantic movies And you never will forget The way it felt When Romeo kissed Juliette And"
  • I can love you like that - All 4 One
    "They read you Cinderella you hoped it would come true that one day your prince charming would come rescue you you like romantic movies and you never will forget the way it felt when Romeo kissed Juliette"
  • One Time Thing - The Airborne Toxic Event
    "When I woke up today I got your message on my phone You said: "I had fun?" Did you ever make it home? I tried to read between the lines I’m doing fine Feels like my head is made of moonshine And cheap-ass"
  • One Thing I Need - Aaron Carter
    "Awww Yeah Ohhh Ohhhhh Baby since I saw you last Good fortune's finally come my way The lean days are a thing of the past But it hasn't changed the way I feel I can't imagine life without you I want"
  • The One Thing - Paul Colman
    "Here I am In a river of questions Can I pour my heart out to a listening ear? I see this life Its valleys and mountains And I think of all the roads that brought me here Ive questioned my reasons The life"
  • The One Thing - Alphaville
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) With all the grace that you possess You're telling me your lies A kiss, a touch, a gentle stroke, a look into my eyes Your promises and fairytales have all turned into dust Your"
  • Say Hey (I Love You) - Michael Franti And Spearhead
    "(This one goes out to you and yours, worldwide) '''Chorus:''' I say hey, I'll be gone today But I'll be back all around the way It seems like everywhere I go The more I see, the less I know But I know"
  • What can I say - Maite Kelly
    "Oh I'm waiting, yes I'm waiting for you Some think I'm crazy to love you like I do But I just let them talk their ways Well what can I say, I love you in ways That are better left unsaid What can I do,"
  • All I Can Say - Chasen
    "If it's all about me I don't want to be here And if it seems to be Lord make it pure Cause we're in this together The time is now or never Oh, we've got to say We've got to say I don't want to do anything But"
  • One Thing - Finger Eleven
    "Restless tonight Cause I wasted the light Between both these times I drew a really thin line It's nothing I planned And not that I can But you should be mine Across that line If I traded it all If I"
  • One Thing - China Drum
    "China Drum Miscellaneous One Thing Aagh no, what do you think I'll do now? In front of me, right in my face You just tore it up and threw it out I know, that you wasted time on me I wasn't blessed with"
  • What More Can I Say? - Carl Wilson
    "You put me out of your life with nowhere to go And you left me without love and nothin' to show Of the love that you told me had died Did you think I had another Did I ever blow my cover Now you want me"
  • Girl - The Time
    "Girl, I called you up to say, that I'm havin' trouble sleepin' ever since you went away. Girl, I know you need a little time, to get your head together. But baby, I can't stop cryin'. (chorus) Girl, why'd"
  • All That I Can Say - Mary J. Blige
    "Loving you is wonderful Something like a miracle Rest assured I feel the same way you do Needing you it isn't hard With you I can let down my guard Stay secure that's all I'm asking of you I wish I had"
  • Say say - Twista
    "(feat. Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha & Big Zak) Woo!Ladies And Gentlemen You Are Now Tuning In To The Very Best. (Ladies And Gentlemen Gentlemen Gentlemen) One Of The Most Delightful Of All Time (Sho'nuff) Jazzy"
  • All That I Can Say - Mary J. Blige
    "Hmmm Loving you is wonderful Something like a miracle Rest assured I feel the same way you do Meeting you isn't hard With you I can't let down my guard Stay secure that's all I'm asking from you (Stay"
  • All i can say is - Tom Jones
    "There was time when your hand reached for mine And a moment apart would mean breaking your heart Now you're out of my arms And we're strangers again Is it this easy then, for a real love to end Oh, please...turn"
  • Every Thing You Say - Rasmus
    "Tired of being seen as a bird in a cage Tired of being heard all he did last week Obviously you want to beat me cause everytime when I fall you're the first to reveal me Live for yourself instead Do"

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