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One way one love one crew

  • Mad Crew - KRS-One
    "Intro: BooBooBooBooBooyakaShot Of course, all the hardcore heads, this one goes out to You. Crank up the volume one time. Peace to all the real DJs out there, cause I don't send my music to no garbage"
  • One Chance - One Chance
    "(Pre-Verse:) I can't understand what I'm going through It's like every morning when I wake up I think of you I got you on my mind all the time You're a dime And I got to have you right by my side so Listen"
  • One Love - Nas
    "Whattup kid? I know shit is rough doing your bid When the cops came you shoulda slid to my crib Fuck it black, no time for looking back it's done Plus congratulations you know you got a son I heard he"
  • One Way System - One Way System
    "we ain't going nowhere we're not going far still got to walk 'cos we're not the stars passing on, taking life in our stride same thing everywhere at least we tried pushed to the edge by an unknown strength an"
  • One - Tyrese
    "The One Tyrese Let me start by sayin' that you're the one 'Cause this is the first time I felt like this plain as day (ohh) You're the only number that I dial (from other chicks) You're the only sex"
  • One - Busta Rhymes
    "(feat. Erykah Badu) hat I'm gonna do with Erykah Badu I'm gonna have some fun What do you consider fun? Fun, natural fun I said what I'm gonna do with my man Buster Rhymes I'm gonna have some fun What"
  • One - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill) Every litle whisper every little sound Brings me comfort whenever you're around A heart full of wonder and sweet reverie Gives me a reason a reason to believe Forever's just begun We'll"
  • One - Paul Brandt
    "Don't expect me to just stand back And let this one go by This kind of love comes along one forever at a time Girl, I'd be crazy not to try I've got one chance to make you mine CHORUS: Two hearts, two"
  • One - Erykah Badu
    "Buzilla baby Catch a four leaf clover Maybe we'll get over Try and love might come your way Here I am, on a cloud If you want me take the chance try love out loud As I drift through the sky Shooting"
  • One - Stephen Simmonds
    "1st verse In light of all the evil things, I'm done I believe there is only one who can embrace my soul with purifying love Your beauty is comparable to none many moons and many suns will pass, our love"
  • One - TQ
    "Ohh, yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah Gonna sing you a little song Yeah yeah, baby I've never been that kind of nigga To write a love song, oh no At least a real one (But this is the one) I can't believe it"
  • One - Amber Mark
    "Goddamn this pressure is having me feeling frustrated And all this bad weather following me like we're dating Trying to be what they dream, what they fantasize And still be me, me, myself at the same fucking"
  • One - Ed Sheeran
    "Tell me that you turned down the man Who asked for your hand Cause you're waiting for me And I know, you're gonna be away a while But I've got no plans at all to leave And would you take away my hopes"
  • One - Memphis Bleek
    "Uh, yeah. . .the boy Extra We right back at it like we left somethin' knaw'mean? It's the ROC, since 9-6, you know we get busy Got the young lady by the name of Rihanna with me Straight from Barbados,"
  • One Way - Al Jarreau
    "One way One thing will lead to another one touch and I'm closer to you Oh, how I yearn to discover All of the things I need to do to live, to live to live al life of luxury... Holding you in my arms your"
  • One Way - G. Dep
    "(feat. Black Rob) Come here man, You lookin for beef Get the fuck over, yea You thought I wasn't, yea hehehehe Yea look at me, look at me nigga Come here, know one thing nigga I think you need"
  • One Way - Vince Neil
    "Put my mind at rest Do what you want to do Wouldn't be the first time that you ever did Given it away Do what you want to do Ya ya All the words you shit Say what you want to say It could be the last"
  • One way - Motley Crue
    "Put my mind at rest Do what you want to do Wouldn't be the first time that you ever did Given it away Do what you want to do Ya Ya All the words you shit Say what you want to say It could be the last time"
  • One Way - Gospel Gangstaz
    "(Verse 1) I attack like the locust, I'm the loc-ist Hit the studio, no hocus-pocus, I'm the dopest Or the livest my game soread the widest We the riders underworld soul surviving Very dangerous if"
  • One & One - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by roddy frame Lead vocals roddy frame and caroll thompson. guitars roddy frame. drums & Keyboard programming rob mounsey. percussion carol steele. background Vocals robin clark, gordon"

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