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Only T

  • T - Linda Ronstadt
    "written by Felipe Valdez Leal Miro como ando mujer Por tu querer Borracho y apasionado No ms por tu amor. Mira como ando mi bien Muy dado a la borrachera Y a la perdición. T sólo t Has llenado de luto"
  • T - Selena
    "----------------------------------------------------------- Please remember! This translation is my personal work. It is sometimes difficult to translate word for word from Spanish to English, so it may"
  • Bucket T - The Who
    "Bucket bucket T T, bucket T bucket T, Bucket bucket T T, bucket T bucket T, Bucket bucket T T, bucket T bucket T, Found her in a barn in Tennessee I paid five bucks for my Bucket T Took me three years"
  • T-Shirt - Shontelle
    "Trying to decide, trying to decide if I, really wanna go out tonight. I never use to go out without you, I'm not sure I remember how to. I'm gonna be late gonna be late but, all my girls gonna have to"
  • Nie t - Radio Free Roscoe
    "Don't tell me what to do, Don't tell me who to love. Don't tell me where to go, It's only you I'm thinking of. Don't give me all you lies, Don't give me all your doubt, Don't give me indecision,"
  • T-San - Audio Karate
    "so i say goodnight to you so i say goodnight to you when its all been said and you know its no longer left in me and theres nothin i can do but youre the only thing that i can see evolving into everything"
  • T-san - Sakis Rouvas
    "So I Say Goodnight to You So I Say Goodnight to You When Its All Been Said and You Know Its no Longer Left in Me And Theres Nothin I Can do But Youre the Only Thing That I Can See Evolving Into Everything"
  • T?refall - Midnattsol
    "When the ice sings her lullaby When seeds are spread Blue sky is inside Only once I sensed the spring Living memories Like yesterday In sunshine they belong Not in frozen minds (Not in frozen minds Should"
  • Music Is The One-T Odc - One-T
    "hasn't made it yet no one grooves to his sets a genius at thirteen vynil magic still unseen got no joker, got no glory free, free your story music is the one-t odyssey i've got asked by around rippin'"
  • Only One - Kat DeLuna
    "promises that weren’t met i don;t wanna regret I just wanna forget with you way that I’ve never felt so I think I could bet it’s not all in my head for you show me what it’s like to hold you it’s lile"
  • Only Time - Psychotic Waltz
    "well it's only time when the sun shines let your bullets fly like rain let 'em fly, let 'em fly like rain well it's only time i can?t taste the morning when the rays of the killing sun won't shine blue"
  • Only You - Gangsta Boo
    "1 - (Boo) For only you nigga, I would cherish all of these times (Rock) For only you, I'd live a fuckin' world of crime (Boo) For only you, give me feelings that I can't understand (Rock) For only"
  • T Quritesbest Friend - TQ
    "My best friend I remember the day I met ya You almost drove me crazy Something 'bout ya had me goin' But it weren't like my girlfriend As I commenced to get to know ya All the things that I told ya Times"
  • T V Dinner - Citizen Fish
    "Acclimatized slowly to image distortion/selling the wares and wearing so thin/ which is worse? to be in or out of proportion?/documentality always stays in/ squarely screened and sat to face the facts/the"
  • Can`t stop - LaLaine
    "Saw a movie it was kind of badWho kept talking behind my backGot a burger and I only ate halfIt was one of those days you just gotta laughI was walking out when you walked inWith your James Dean glasses"
  • Fifteenth And T - Swingin' Utters
    "drinkin beers in the pouring rain Dupont circle summer again jackin' wheels just for fun i was only 13 watch your step but it's always the same your always down and he's always goin' away learned a lot"
  • Explode (t. Dappy) - Cover Drive
    "It's not a science, now It's just a way it goes You spin me all around No gravity, no ground My world is your snow globe You turn me upside down You know I like the shake You make my heart quake You speak"
  • T & P Combo - 311
    "People sing about the coming of spring But what is comin' down around it's snow or it's rain It's insane and i'm still in the same gang The way the weather act's it's a shame ok Badder behavior in our"
  • Run W.T.T. - Channel Zero
    "Straight out, I'm heading for a miracle Pushing the edge makin' it subliminal To loose or win that's not the essence Teamwork makes for us all the difference Although you cannot tell me They're all jokers"
  • T.M.T. - Snow Patrol
    "Cover my in anything you'd have on me Curl my teeth with bitter smiles and cigarettes Torture me and let me watch you as you fuck him Bury me in love until i suffocate 'Cause it's easier to make love Than"

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