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Oooo ooooo A wery son

  • When We Oooo - Janet
    "Hello my love Wish you were here So many things in my heart That I'd like to share A few warm thoughts A subtle smile Out conversation through silence Could last all night At ease my mind To see your"
  • Ooooo kończy się już noc - Bracia Figo Fagot
    "Ooooo kończy się już noc Ja mam w dupie to! Ooooo jutro będzie kac Ale jebać to! Jestem zwykłym chłopem lubię wypić piwo lubię też wódeczkę i kocham dziewczynki Wychodzę na parkiet i dęsem świruję łapię"
  • Son - The National
    "And if you follow me sonthe window wrap around youcarry from the groundyou will never be aloneYou wait one turn to sunlightthat's falling on a girlyou're still outside the worldShe's reading books from"
  • Son - Juana Molina
    "las cosas sólo son los rayos, los rboles son las praderas, los desastres son las sombras y el calor el mar, la tierra son las piedras, los pjaros son sólo son sin albedro son los brillos, el color agradezco"
  • Son - Scott Weiland
    "Coolness is staring at the sun Coolness is driving with my son Time and time again I'm not the man Time and time again I'm not the one Now go to sleep you little...child of mine I wish I had the beauty...you"
  • Son - Golden Smog
    "h ello mom, i'm f ine w here the sun is d ying how's the w eather 'ro und my o ld homet own you see no w orry about my l iving s ay that alls forg iven what's l ost is bo und to be fo und -the rest is"
  • Son Son - Macaco
    "Qu ms da quin lo dijo? Si fue un profeta o si fue la vendedora del delantal La voz corre de boca en boca, Pidiendo auxilio, muy silenciosa Hay quien dice \"pa qu quejarse?\" Ya que est dicho, olvdate Hay"
  • My Son - Jan Howard
    "My son my son I pray that you'll come home to me my son my son It seems only yesterday the most important thing on your mind Was whether you'd make the baseball team or get the new school jacket Like all"
  • Midnight Son - Barren Cross
    "I wasn't feelin' to well - a little hotter than hell And it was right about the midnight hour Saw a fisherman - he put his catch in my hand My soul was shaken just like lightning and thunder I saw a look"
  • Angel's Son - James Lynn Strait
    "Life is changing I can't go on without you Rearranging I will be strong I'll stand by you You were fighting everyday So hard to hide the pain I know you never said goodbye I have so much left to say One"
  • Daddy's Son - Broadways
    "Daddy played piano, Played it very well. Music from those hands could Catch you like a spell. He could make you love him 'Fore the tune was done. You have your daddy's hands. You are your daddy's son. Daddy"
  • Butcher's Son - Bertine Zetlitz
    "(Chorus) I'm the butcher's son Softly killing With my homemade gun Shocking, shocking As we passed the hardware store You said I was the one who wasn't sane Driving by the rookie camp you said You wouldn't"
  • Native Son - Bryan Adams
    "I've seen many moons through these wrinkled eyes The years have made me old but they've made me wise Now the white man lives where our rivers run For now better days have passed We walk the streets"
  • Redemption's Son - Joseph Arthur
    "I don't know where we've been Could you tell me where we are again? And Jesus is my only friend No one else knows who I am I know I'll never make it on the cross Spent my days looking for what my"
  • Superman's Son - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion L'olympia Superman's Son Tout comme son pre Le petit jean-pierre tait un fan Un fan de superman Just like his father The little jean-pierre Was a fan A superman fan Il collectionnait Toutes"
  • Angel's Son - Sevendust
    "Life is changing I can't go on without you Rearranging. I will be strong I'll stand by you (You were fighting everyday) (So hard to hide the pain) (I know you never said goodbye) (I had so much"
  • Irish Son - Westlife
    "Verse 1 I was born in the heart of Dublin To a holy book full of rules Made get on our knees every Sunday with the other fools We were warped by the Christian Brothers In the cell blocks at our schools Get"
  • Prodigal Son - Fred Hammond
    "The loneliest place in the world is without You Too many of my days Lord, I've tried to spend there Searching for what I know was only found in You I strayed so far away, I wasn't sure You were still there But"
  • Prodigal Son - Bruce Springsteen
    "In a place where outlaws abound from the range ???on a day mountains has fallen to falls??? In a land where boys are forbiden to grow And Mell is the only master Were the higway ends and the desert breakes and"
  • Irish son - Brian McFadden
    "I was born in the heart of Dublin Back when being gay wasn't cool Made get on our knees every Sunday with the other fools We were warped by the Christian Brothers In the cell blocks at our schools Get"

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