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Open youre eyes

  • Open eyes - The Early November
    "Here we are today.You look so beautiful I wonder what you dream.So graceful in what you sayIts all I need to hear your voice everyday.I wish never to wake up from this dream Im in right now.Here I am watching"
  • Open My Eyes - Jeff Anderson
    "The closer that I come to you The more I know that Ive been living in a lie. How could I have been so blind To think that there is something I can hide behind? The more I know you the more you Open my"
  • Open your eyes - DJ Encore
    "You cant keep me holding on Ive giving you some time I cant make you come along if you dont share your mind Every time you close your eyes I know you feel the same Everything you try to fight is drowning"
  • Open your eyes - 98 Mute
    "When I was younger I used to wait anticipate Mark my calendar on the release date So Id be the first to hear the brilliant things youd say Id skip luch for a week Save up all my money To be the first kid"
  • Open Up Your Eyes - Agnes Carlsson
    "Your heart feels like gets me run over You call and ask if you can come over I say yes even though I know better But I guess I m hoping that you finally that her You run back here to my door Every time"
  • Youre Obsolete - Nasum
    "Stare me in my eyes and tell me that you don't care Try to convince me that you will not try to change You are nothing - you're obsolete You are really nothing - you're disposable All the work and no play"
  • Open Eyes - Miranda Sex Garden
    "In a pasture, by an ocean maiden lies with open eyes frozen in the light of day she sees him with her open eyes In a pasture, by an ocean maiden lies with open eyes holding him in lonely arms she sees"
  • Open Eyes - Oingo Boingo
    "May the memories not be forgot May we never lose our mind may no one tamper with our thoughts for the sake of open eyes For open eyes my dear for open eyes we will not drink to blindness dear We'll"
  • Eyes Open - Taylor Swift
    "Everybody's waiting Everybody's watching Even when you're sleeping Keep your ey-eyes open The tricky thing Is yesterday we were just children Playing soldiers Just pretending Dreaming dreams with happy"
  • Open Eyes - Enchant
    "Take a look outside your window And tell me what you see Does everything look fine to you? It seems the air is a litle hazy And the grass is much too green What's this world coming to? I see you haven't"
  • Eyes open - Snow Patrol
    "All this feels strange and untrueAnd I won't waste a minute without youMy bones ache, my skin feels coldAnd I'm getting so tired and so oldThe anger swells in my gutsAnd I won't feel these slices and cutsI"
  • Open Eyes - Authority Zero
    "Yeah you judge me For god knows what now Always bitching, always moaning And trying to bring me down But, I can't be bothered By all the things you say So shut your fucking mouth And pass that 40 my"
  • Eyes Open - Trip Lee
    "Verse 1: Good evening brethren, let's go a special direction Look back, let's meet a young'n that was born in 87 His parents was so happy, rejoicing at they new blessing He breathes life, at the same time"
  • Open Eyes - Saliva
    "Miles and miles of cold and lonely road And now I'm standin' here alone And all the truth that I've been told Begins to perfectly unfold And was it a wasted time and was it all for nothing And can I face"
  • Open Eyes - Berman
    "there's nothing more to you, than earthly flesh and empty bones, still searchin' for nothing, I'm face down and all alone show Me everything, give Me all you've got, reveal mysteries, and mountains will"
  • Open window - Owen Temple
    "Through the open window I can hear a passing train In the gentle wind I can smell the coming rain I can tell its dusk by the shadow on the wall But I dont know if youre in love with me at all I can watch"
  • Open the eyes of my heart - Delirious
    "Open the eyes of my heart lord,Open the eyes of my heart I want to see you,I want to see youOpen the eyes of my heart lord,Open the eyes of my heartI want to see you,I want to see you(Open my eyes, lord)Open"
  • A-Youre Adorable - Jo Stafford
    "When Johnny Jones was serenading Mary He sure could quote a lot of poetry But he'd much rather tell 'er what he learned in his speller When they both attended PS 33 (A) you're adorable (B) you're"
  • Youre Not Alone - ATB
    "You're not alone Open your mind In a way it's all A matter of time I will not worry for you You'll be just fine Take my thoughts with you And when you look behind You will surely see A face that you recognize You're"
  • Youre The Greatest - Squirtgun
    "You're my inspiration You're my infatuation Help me find the way Help me, help me find the way You're my sweet salvation You're my soul obsession Help me find the way Help me, Help me find the way You're"

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