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Operation htagon forve

  • Operation - Circle Jerks
    "I went to see a rabbi but despite his advise I want an operation I will not father life operation, operation snip & tie, snip & tie they send me to a preacher a really toughtful guy he said my idea's"
  • Operation - Slightly Stoopid
    "operation send the rescue team operation shoot 'em on the scene operation comin after me oh' operation say what we will say (go!) breakin' rules is what we do a shame to go to waste the potency of"
  • Operation - Headnoise
    "Does it hurt to pick a scab root up all the rot Infection Fester under skin and bone, rise up to the top Infection Operation in my heart Operation in my mind Operation Jesus heal me Operation change my"
  • Forve of Gravity - BT
    "Remember the words we use to speak The promises made have turned to all apologies The weight of the storm of memories Still you're flying to fight the force of gravity (Force of gravity...) Remember the"
  • Operation - Jamie T
    "Sitting heavy in the operation and the people said they can't walk out I remember you walking in that's why you've got this door Looking lock stock on the older days my time Seems to be running away singing"
  • Operation - Relient K
    "I need an... Take me to a hospital Cuz there's too much blood lost to tell If I'll make it out alive My body's got a war inside The bossy nurse I talked to her Into getting a new doctor Someone who cares"
  • Auntie's Operation - The Coral
    "Auntie's operation Auntie's operation Auntie's operation She's coming around Auntie's operation Auntie's operation Auntie's operation And you're going down She'll want your sympathy She'll never let"
  • Operation Uppsala - Alborosie
    "Operation Uppsala! Operation Uppsala! Enemies of Jah them come to I and I, Try to take away my pride. His Majesty was there, and di angels of Jah, We were all standing there in Uppsala. Informer and police"
  • Operation Rescue - Bad Religion
    "It's an SOS, sent out telepathically Signs of our distress, don't allow complacency We need restoration now, of our integrity And a drastic bold reminder, of our morality The rectifyin' troop is here The"
  • Operation X - Dave Dudley
    "(Well as long as there's a truck I won't forget Korea and Operation X) I won't forget the year of '54 I drove a truck in that Korean war Haulin' GI's to the front and back in a truck they called Duce and"
  • Operation: Mindcrime - Queensryche
    "It just takes a minute And you'll feel no pain Gotta make something of your life boy Give me one more vein You've come to see the doctor Cause I'll show you the cure I'm gonna take away the questions Yeah"
  • Operation Sail - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Halina Stefanowska Muzyka: Zbigniew Nowak Wiatr wyciąga ramiona, Świat - o trzy kroki stąd... Jak dobrze ten wiatr pokochać I słońce - nieba port! Wychodzimy dziś na morze... Pełny wiatr, dobry"
  • Operation Annihilation - Annihilator
    "You tried so hard to break me To make me bend But I have stood the test of time Well, I've had a taste of glory And I've seen the hell below It's time for me to take what's mine Target acquired We open"
  • Operation - Monopoly - Dane Cook
    "I had that game Operation, remember that game Operation? Big naked white guy. He had no pee pee at all. He had no.. Bigok, no scrumdidly-umptious.. no cash and prizes. He was like that guy from Silence"
  • Shorthand Operation - Ninety Pound Wuss
    "short hand operation. my body lays exposed on the operating table. one blind eye pulled from the stems. the other frantically recalls memories like news broadcasts from an a.m. radio station. realizing"
  • Operation Compass - Carach Angren
    "Operation Compass was well underway Scorching sun Coarse sand A horned desert viper slithers through dust Howling winds Burning eyes World War II under British Command In Egyptian no-man’s land A silence"
  • Operation lockdown - M.O.P.
    "OKAYYY! (YEAHHH!) AIYAHH! Hahahahah.. yeah! "Groups came and went as fast as day and night." Word up, word up, word up, word up, c'mon "Among them.." Heheheh.. WHAT? UHH! "While their career was short"
  • Operation Lockdown - Heltah Skeltah
    "Ruck and Rock, taking you up a notch higher I mean, it was cool aht first yunno Jus yunno, rapping about nuhthing Buht then like whut happened wuz The people they started, yunno to talk about tings"
  • Operation Extortion - Kool Keith
    "I'ma cancel all the studios, I'ma find you in New York You fucked it up for everybody When I see you I'ma punch you in your fuckin face You and that other faggot ass nigga that rap witchu I'ma catch you"
  • Operation Liquidation - Gospel Gangstaz
    "(Verse 1) Trying to make a some millas what can I say to make you feel us Chasin fazos with my relllas before we bow we make the killas watch the games played and the mistakes other fools made How you"

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