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Optimist - Sexy Toy

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Optimist - Sexy Toy

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Optimist - Sexy Toy
  • Christina St Optimist
    "Da sind Schatten an den WndenEiner davon gehrt zu mirEr erscheint mir manchmal so riesigDass ich den Bezug zu ihm verlierEgal wohin ich mich bewegeIst die bewegung noch so kleinSelbst wenn ich die Schallmauer"
  • Those Darlins Optimist
    "Used to be an optimist It got too dangerous Used to share the things i saw They all say la ti da They all say la ti da Used to have a seat to sit Aint got no where to spit Used to wanna have a ball My"
  • Bracket Optimist
    "My inside's turning outside My upside has no downside My bright side has no dark side Trace my silver lining Erase my silver lining My black cloud turns to sunshine My disease makes me feel fine I don't"
  • World Wrestling Entertainment Sexy Boy
    "H....B....K I think im cute i Know im sexy Ive got the looks that drives the girls wild ive got the moves they really move em I send chills Up and down their spines Im just a sexy boy sexy boy im not"
  • Shawn Michaels Sexy Boy
    "I think I'm cute I know I'm sexy I've got the looks, that drives the girls wild Ive got the moves, that really move 'em I send chills up and down their spines Chorus: I'm just a sexy boy (sexy boy) I'm"
  • Black Buddafly Sexy Back
    "sexy back (verse 1) we bringing sexy back (yeah) them other bitches dont know how to act (yeah)we make em buddas sound so fly not wack (yeah)dont have to say it twice cause its a fact (yeah) take em"
  • Wisin Y Yandel Sexy Movimiento
    "Tienes un cuerpo brutal..(Woooooo...!) Que todo hombre, desaria tocar... (woooooo...!) Sexy movimiento.. (Oh, Oh, Oh...!) Y tu perfume combinao con el viento... (Que rico, huele...!) Tienes un cuerpo brutal..(Woooooo...!) Que"
  • The Awarians Toy
    "Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. If you look off to the left you will see the distant lights of a place you may never have the pleasure or privilege or of visiting in person How much"
  • Murmurs Toy
    "Stranger licks, but this hurts better Slimy tickles on my bones I'm having a thrill with my jet setter I just don't want to be alone I just don't want to be alone If you decide what makes up my mind Then"
  • 4 Backwoods Sexy sex-phone
    "At work Im thinking of nothing else but you Time goes by so slowly and I wait till noon Faster and faster Im driving home to catch my sexy phone Just when Im talking I do not feel alone I call her up as"
  • 4 Backwoods Sexy sex phone
    "At work Im thinking of nothing else but you Time goes by so slowly and I wait till noon Faster and faster Im driving home to catch my sexy phone Just when Im talking I do not feel alone I call her"
  • Skinless The Optimist
    "Life sucks, and then you die Here lies our fate, a bleakly stained disgrace A cross between two worlds of liberty and hate Nothing is forgone, we'll never see the dawn Accept the consequence and kill"
  • Emma Pollock The Optimist
    "Given the light, give it some truth Given the maybe, give it some proof This body is cleaner, I'm one to behold My truth is uncovered, untainted, untold Hello to the people I considered old Oh, the optimist Teach"
  • Sandy Denny The Optimist
    "The steps he took were nice and easy. He never knew he could stumble and go down. As he saw the buildings and the mountains crumble, Over the road he would take to the town. He said, ``Next year I'm coming"
  • Turin Brakes The Optimist
    "Sitting here staring out the window Traffic always makes me feel like Im coming home. Cold blood bleeding still at least Im breathing. Patiently waiting clinging to my mobile phone. Cracked skulls with"
  • Die Arzte Der Optimist
    "endlich kommt der sommer wieder, wir freuen uns, wir knien nieder die voegel singen auf den baeumen maedchen tragen kurze roecke, das ist schoen fuer alte saecke die koennen dann ein bisschen traeumen doch"
  • Chayanne Sexy
    "Hoy tengo que estar, sexy No puedo fallar, sexy Tu me gustas no lo dudes Y por eso yo me pongo Sexy, completamente sexy Sexy, para lograr tu amor Mis ojos estn, sexy Mis labios estn, sexy Tengo el corazón"
  • French Affair Sexy
    "You're so sexy, sexy sexy I need your love, I need no esitation You're so sexy sex sex sexy Feel me now and stop the conversation Nonono don't stop and desire nonononono Nonono higher baby higher nonononono"
  • Belanova - Sexy
    "Sexy, oh you look so sexy, oh You look so sexy, oh you blow my mind Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Sexy, oh I think you're sexy, oh 'Cause you're so sexy, baby you blow my mind You're mine and I'm yours 'Cause"
  • Belanova Sexy
    "Sexy oh, You look so sexy, oh You look so sexy, Baby you blow my mind, Sexy oh, I think youre sexy oh Cause youre so sexy Baby you blow my mind Cause if somebody ask me Who do I love I will always say"

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