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Our summer kill sun

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Our summer kill sun

  • Our Summer - Media Lab
    "Can you now feel the cold Can you feel my heart freezing You left me here to die alone In winters ice Memories of the sun and you smiling Winters set, you're gone, someone save me Remember Our Summer Frozen"
  • Kill The Sun - Colorfinger
    "It's good to have a window on the world, Live deep in the heart of the beast in the sun Night after night, do the same damn thing Do the weirdness dance for those who can't Getting to the point where"
  • Kill The Sun - Everclear
    "It's good to have a window on the world And to live deep in the heart of the beast in the sun Night after night, I do the same damn thing Do the weirdness dance, for those who can't It's getting to the"
  • Summer - Great Big Sea
    "She doesn't see the coming fall She doesn't show no fear at all Bring on autumn moon or the driving rain I only hope I see her face again Chorus Everything is gonna be alright when summer comes The darkest"
  • Summer - Church
    "At the sea, in the sandYou were free to my handAs we touched behind the windLeft so much outside our skinYou never stay in all four dimensionsYou never ever return when you're goneOne more summer in surf"
  • Summer - The Church
    "At the sea, in the sand You were free to my hand As we touched behind the wind Left so much outside our skin You never stay in all four dimensions You never ever return when you're gone One more summer"
  • Summer - Make It Pop
    "School's out, you know what I mean 104 days to do anything Canon balls into the pool All our friends are looking cool I've been countin' down the months, countin' down the days Countin' down the minutes,"
  • Summer Eclipse - Gala
    "The moon will never touch the sun The journey I am on, he's not begun Summer eclipse, I can't forget The day when night and day had met I didn't listen to your voice I could just hear your thoughts inside We'd"
  • Our Summer - All About Eve
    "How cruel am I to pass you by now? And it's, a cold December, In the heat of next July now, Will you or won't you remember? Chorus: Our summer, will come again, Our summer, melts the ice again, Our summer,"
  • Sun In Our Eyes - MØ, Diplo
    "I feel the sunlight on my head the scent of summer in my bed when we were footprints in the sand stealing liquor making plans"
  • Our summer - IGI
    "How Cruel Am I to Pass You By NowAnd It's a Cold DecemberIn the Heat of Next July NowWill You Or Won't You RememberOur SummerWill Come AgainOur SummerMelts the Ice AgainGypsy Whispers With Her Wild EyesSo"
  • Summer sun - 4 Strings
    "Far away from home,the place where i belong,when I close my eyes,I start to realize.Hold my breath,trying to forget,feeling so strong,a new day has come.Summer sun,summer sun...... Summer sun, keep me"
  • Summer Sun - Excuse Me Moses
    "I still see you, feel you but i'm numb i can hear you, taste you but you're gone footprints have faded like a wave upon a shore and i am craving coz you left me wanting more this love was never meant"
  • Summer Sun - Jamestown Massacre
    "When darkness filled my life she brought the summer sun to me She brightened up my world and helped me see Every-time I was lonesome and once she came and took me from I'm not the same since she has come"
  • Summer Sun - Koop
    "Hey, Summer Sun You always smile Clouds in the sky You never mind Happy or sad You always shine Never before I've met your kind Love had never got a hold on me Until you stepped out of a dream My life"
  • Kill Tomorrow - Mushroomhead
    "Want to We can if we want to Lead you from behind you Time will takes it's toll re-evaluate The leeches and the lepers start to salivate Truth is impaired cannot moderate Tension escalates you cannot"
  • In The Summer Sun Of Greece - A La Carte
    "In the summer sun of greece dreaming under orange trees That's the way to live in harmony. In the summer sun of greece dancing in the cooling breeze There's no time for sorrow and for tears. I say"
  • Kill The Sun - Xandria
    "I am down at the water My bare feet are numb And for aeons now nothing seems real Now it's hard to hold sight Through your soft eiderdown But I still got my hands on the wheel You can rain down on me But"
  • Our Summer (incomplete) - All About Eve
    "All About Eve Miscellaneous Our Summer (incomplete) (..) might have passed you by now And it's a cold december In the heat of next july (now) Will you or won't you remember Our summer Will come again Our"
  • Our Last Summer - Aqua Teens
    "The summer air was soft and warm The feeling right, the Paris night Did it's best to please us And strolling down the Elysee We had a drink in each cafe And you You talked of politics, philosophy"

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