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Out off Christmas day

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Out off Christmas day

  • Day off - Kurt Nilsen
    "I see the morning sun from my window not a cloud for a mile or two wearing out my slippers when i walk but that's what i'm suppose to do What is the purpose, what am i doing here when i ought to be at"
  • Christmas Day - Shadow Gallery
    "Outside the twilight rides high And whispers of love sound deep in the night Hope and promise of peace in our land Is this Christmastime? Dark winter watches our fire And brings us promise of a new"
  • Snoopy's christmas - Christmas Carols
    "O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, Du kannst mir sehr gefallen! The news had come out in the First World War The bloody Red Baron was flying once more The Allied command ignored all of its men And called on Snoopy"
  • My Day Off - Brodiepunk
    "It's twelve o clock Hit snooze one more time on the alarm clock I'll get up soon But not right now cause it is only noon I swear I'll get a chance to clean my room today there's something in there scaring"
  • My Day Off - Brodie
    "It's 12 o'clock Hit snooze one more time on the alarm clock I'll get up soon But not right now cause it is only noon I swear I'll get the chance to, clean my room today There's something in there scaring"
  • Stalker's day off - Robbie Williams
    "Chorus:I've been hanging around just in case you fall in love with meI know you have doubts i hear when you shout'Cos I understand you seeI was concerned when you're sadYou'd rather wake up dead to spend"
  • Better Off Day - Satanic Surfers
    "It was on the tip of her tounge but she did not say a word why did she sometimes take shit that she did not deserve she wore a smile on her face as a disguise to hide the tears in her eyes And she"
  • On Christmas Day - Spiers And Boden
    "On Christmas Day it happened so, Down in the meadows forth to plough. As we were a ploughing on so fast, Up comes sweet Jesus, himself at last. "Oh man, oh man, what makes you plough So hard upon the"
  • Christmas - Cledus T. Judd
    "I don't want another fruitcake I don't need another ugly tie, no Heard they had a sale on go-karts Down at Walmart, ho ho, a good buy Got no money in my pocket Can't believe it's Christmastime It's the"
  • Christmas - Elemeno P
    "It was a friday night, and i was feeling right and then by wednesday-day, it felt like i was on my way. any way i chose. i wont be coming home for christmas Looking back you made me feel vulnerable"
  • Red Christmas - Insane Clown Posse
    "Jiggle my mutha fucken balls bitch. Insane Clown Posse back in this mutha fucka Hey yo Violent J, whats up? It's Christmas, time for a slaughter Maybe your wife, maybe your daughter It's midnight, I land"
  • Black Christmas - Army Of The Pharaohs
    "[''Verse 1-Planetary''] Put me in the booth and I'll brodie your wave files, You still getting booed at the open mic like 8-mile, You still actin like spoken word is serious, I laugh at you fag-niggas"
  • Christmas Bells - Original Broadway Cast
    "ROGER Who do you think you are? Barging in on me and my guitar Little girl - hey The door is that way You better go you know The fire's out anyway Take your powder - Take your candle Your sweet whisper I"
  • Rest Of The Day Off - Neil Finn
    "Totally wired, and the game is up I'm under the table You carry my heart in the palm of your hand As the clouds roll in The party was rained out Hoping not to find a man-made home And by four o'clock When"
  • First Day Out - Suzanne Vega
    "Here I am at last, I've just jumped off the train I'm about to start my life as a wanderer in the rain I know so many people would give anything to be in my shoes Well, that's all right for them to say,"
  • Day Off - Digger
    "All I wanted was a conversation, but you got into my car. Now you have no one but yourself to blame. 'Cause now you rule my imagination. But, while I'm so far away it does nothing but drive me insane."
  • Off Day - Second Class
    "waking up and i hear the tv blaring cause i guess i must have left it on again stumbling through the door and i am wearing the same thing i had on when i came in but it wont be too long til another day"
  • Day off - Adi Nowak
    "Nareszcie wybiła 16, jadę przez pół miasta z tyry na house Myślę: "Szybciej tramwaj, bity już czekają na nas" Zaczynam pracę, kiedy kończę pracę, twój idol na bank to kuma o co chodzi On też, kiedy Ty"
  • Give Love On Christmas Day - SWV
    "(Verse) People making lists Buying special gifts It's time to be kind to one and all It's that time of year When good friends are dear And you wish you could give more than just a present from a"
  • Give Love On Christmas Day - New Edition
    "People making lists, buying special gifts, It's a time to be kind to one and all It's that time of year when good friends are dear And you wish you could give more Than just presents from a store Why"

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