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Ov Fire And The Void

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Ov Fire And The Void

  • Ov Fire And The Void - Behemoth
    "I the Sun ov man the offspring ov the stellar race my halo fallen and crushed upon the earth that I may bring balance to this world I son ov perdition from sheer nothingness transgressed unto the"
  • Ov Fire & The Void - Behemoth
    "I the son of man The offspring of the stellar race My halo fallen and crushed upon the earth That I may bring balance to this world I son of perdition From sheer nothingness transgressed Unto the highest"
  • Void - Extol
    "Sometimes Just like when The seasons linger I slowly find myself Undercurrent Within the vortex Of our time Come closer Whisper your name Lean over I wish you would stay a little longer Sink into my ear Your"
  • The Harlot Ov The Saints - Behemoth
    "Ho Ophios ho archaios Ho Drakon ho megas Ho en kai ho on kai Ho zon tous aionas Meta tou pneumatos sou Ho Ophios ho archaios Ho Drakon ho megas Whore ov abominations I invoke theel The harlot ov the saints The"
  • Horns Ov Baphomet - Behemoth
    "Rise thy horns For I'm at one with the dark Divine presence ascends Touching the forehead ov god Hark! I was not, I have become In rapture, in vengeance, in blood From word into flesh From man into god "Strive"
  • Void - Covenant
    "Incomplete and in search for emotionsFor ever alone in his empty heartHe's always looking for a light in the darkTrapped in the endless void of timeHis soul is screaming for a meaningBut the only answer"
  • Void - Darren Hayes
    "I've seen so many faces These hands have lied before I've kissed so many lips it's blocked my mind I've whispered bullshit, nothings I've cried alone in night I thought I'd found the one a million times But"
  • Void - Red House Painters
    "Find another corner of the house When you need to get away Her guitar leans against the couch Sometimes I pick it up and play Loosen and stretch it's ancient strings Until it sounds the way I feel"
  • Void - Red Delicious
    "All for nothing, and what do I get to keep? A name, a face, a memory that burns in my sleep Tis better to have loved and lost, well that's not true I'd cancel the whole thing and skip the pain, wouldn't"
  • The Seed ov I - Behemoth
    "from the top ov the highest mountain prior to descent, my fall for Thee my weapon is silence I, bringer ov light to burn this goddamn Eden down! behold! I rise from primal silence as a storm crushing"
  • Void - Pulse Ultra
    "You're sad cause you found yourself And the boredom is killing you You know all the cracks in your wall They're staring right back at you In time you will see You're not alone in this tonight I know your"
  • Void - Epidemic
    "Numb body blank emotion Senses dulled feelings frayed Life chord severed torn betrayed Now born avoid I've never known Blank stiff stare Focus on nothing The blur between my severed mind Can you feel"
  • Void - Skold
    "It's dark and I'm lonely So cold, so alone So much that I know now I should have known then But what does it matter I won't try again All I remember I wish I'd forget Never say never And that's what you"
  • Ov Power - Psychic TV
    "Ov power, Ov power. Ov power, Ov power. Dog power. Dog power. Be relased. Seeds released. The secret in a cell. The freedom of its spell. Dog trainer. Ov rainer. Can you see the dog? Can you feed the fog? My"
  • Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth - Behemoth
    "come forth! from the void beyond the stars from the blackened shores Thee arrive Thou art ov gods yet supreme above them all Thou art mocked and blessed speak ov me not as one speak ov me not as none speak"
  • Codex Void - Canaan
    "Show me the end of the journey Teach me how to wipe this soiling blood off my eyes hands and lips. I now seek my revenge Over a dramatic pathway. Codex: untouched. Void: unattained. The paths of desire"
  • Spiritual Void - Overkill
    "Bless me with that special pain, That makes a man feel right as rain. My soul-a-fire, feelin' so alive in your own way. If you need a reason, To get some healin'. If your spirit's bleedin' Then get some"
  • Beyond the Void - Iron Fire
    "Are you ready to open up And face your deepest fear Do you care to mend your wounds In your dreams they will reappear Are you ready to dig the grave And put it all to rest You wanna dwell eternally Cocooned"
  • Dusk And Void Became Alive - Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
    "And nothing more that keeps its sense fire looses its warmth and its light The truth is lost behind a fence cannot show what is wrong and what's right Just silence stays forevermore To be an only friendly"
  • The Void - A Canorous Quintet
    "Horrified by the magic of night I'm enchanted under the spell In pain i scream once again The pain i thought that i would feel It came upon me early this time (*) i try to escape into the void Into my"

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