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Over hot

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Over hot

  • Hot - A.T.R.
    "Dreaming about you every day and night Feeling bad, always sad, Hopeless its gonna change Dreaming about you every day and night Cant wait I think Im late To see what will happen tonight I wanna know everything"
  • Too Hot - Hot Boys
    "(B.G.) I took off, fuck the law Lookin for B.G. Sayin that I killed a nigga around the club last week Left the scene ridin in a big body So I flip and scrip now i'm in da EF three Playin by different bitches"
  • Hot Boys 226 - B.G. F/ Hot Boys
    "B.G. F/ Hot Boys Miscellaneous Hot Boys 226 Nigga you peepin, 'cause I'm peepin for niggas creepin I'm on my game ready to be releasin and rearrange Ya fuckin brain Carry and shoot that old 50 plus Out"
  • Too Hot - The Kinks
    "Everybody's working out at the gymnasium, Pumping iron, getting fit, ready to compete. Everybody working on their own body heat. Everybody hustling out on the street. Julian is out there looking at"
  • Hot Gossip - Gary Moore
    "Ssss Don't say anything Here he comes I don't mind you going out with your friends If it's to places where we've both been But I don't like you going with him Don't wanna have to say this again I don't"
  • Hot Pants - James Brown
    "One-two One-Two-Three uh! Hot pants- hey hot pants uh! smokin Hot pants- smokin that-hot pants Thats where its at a-thats where its at Take your fine self home It looks much better than time My fever"
  • Hot sand - Shocking Blue
    "Summer day over And darkness come with mighty wings The sea gull's head is tired And when he's tired then he sings Hot sand. I'm walkin' in the hot sand Makin' love on the hot sand Together with youYeah,"
  • So Hot - Ashanti
    "You drive me crazy So I wanna take it to the top Ohh can you make it so hot so hot [2x] Let the fire burn baby Cuz I wanna get close tonight Baby wen you come inside don't forget to turn off the light Come"
  • Hot Mess - Cam'ron
    "Baby (What up ma) It young 60 minutes A.k.a 1 hour (It's me) A.k.a s.k a.k. gunpowder (with the handguns) 50 bullets a.k.a one shower (one shower) I walk in nike town (nike town) I tell em wipe me down"
  • Hot Cherie - Hardline
    "Been too long since the last rain Still the stars sizzle hot in the sky And there, undressed in the shadows Stands my sweet Cherie hiding from July And all night you kept me up, up all night Hoping that"
  • Red Hot - Robert Gordon
    "My gal is red hot - your gal aint doodley squat! Yeah! My gal is red hot - your gal aint doodley squat Well she aint got money, but man she's really got a lot. Well I gotta gal, six feet four, sleeps"
  • Hot Gossip - Robots In Disguise
    "You're talking about me, cos I'm front page news Flicking the pages baby and feeling for clues You're talking about me, and it's all over the web The stories you're spinning baby, 've gone to my head I'm"
  • Hot Temptation - Bro'Sis
    "HOT TEMPTATION Its show time Makes us proud No matter how deep you are in a crowd Be shaking your thing like Mr. Brown Break ya neck lay back and say it loud Its BroSis once again baby Round 2 ding ding"
  • Too Hot - Big Shug
    "(Big Shug) Hey ma, I like how you wiggle I like how you giggle, I wanna dig your middle But right now, I got business to tend to Take some loot, and your friends to the bar too I'ma catch up with you much"
  • Hot Love - Michael Bolton
    "I never knew someone who made me Feel so good before But I never gave my heart to anyone Who could hurt me more And when you promise me that no one else Will ever take my place I get the feeling you're"
  • Hot River - Nick Mason
    "Do you long to cavort? Here's a new water sport That you ought to try It's a Fahrenheit dream Hot and covered with steam You won't be bored Do you want to get wet? Are you starting to sweat? Slip over"
  • Hot Commodity - Trina
    "(feat. Rick Ross) Yeah, that's that real shit, feel me (feel me) Lay back Maybach, ugh Up in this pussy feel better than the lottery Don't lie to me I'm a hot commodity Six figures from the nigga"
  • Hot Grits - Camoflauge
    "(hook:) (x2)Aint nobody gonna rip like meSpit like meFlip like meDrop them hot grits like me (its like me)Just like me naw (camoflauge)Aint nobody gonna do it like meDo it like meMake other rappers look"
  • Hot Stones - Tanita Tikaram
    "Beat up English In a beat up town And I'm beat up black and blue Oh, I do not have the energy And I'm beat up street And I'm beat up tight And we've been so drawn together, each other I do not have the"
  • Hot Spot - Foxy Brown
    "Guess who's back! Uhh Yeah, uhh, uhh Aiyyo! Rhyme or crime, let's get it on MC's wanna eat me but it's Ramadan Peep what's on the arm, when it's ice it's ice When I'm right, I'm right, when you're"

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