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  • Overflow - Slipknot
    "I've got a story to tell And I am learning You've got a story as well Flowing through us making us who we are And just like a river that runs The story of Jesus comes Into our hearts so that we can know"
  • Overflow - Jon B
    "There's many tears and sad love songs For all of those who lost to love (yes) Nobody seems to know why we do what we do To each other when the times get rough (yes) I thought ove was plain and simple But"
  • Overflow - Lights Of Euphoria
    "The sound of screaming souls Penetrate my body with a thousand holes Every contact has a price in blood Misery and hatred and overflow Penetrate my body now,everywhere Penetrate my body here, everywhere Misery"
  • Overflow - Sanctus Real
    "feeling I've been robbed of something more than meets the eye. laughter fades and joy is faint when new songs have run dry. oh, but I have found a love that covers all things. You are the song that I"
  • Overflow - Chris Tomlin
    "(feat. Hakiem)They got this nigga named Rob, and Rob is my dogHis people doin' bad, sometimes I break him offI got love for the nigga - 'round my way, they doin' badEvery time we come outside, we say,"
  • Overflow - Dive
    "Just to get a grip of things I grew my hands bigger so they could satisfy Now they're so huge that all the things slipS to my hngers I'II never learn Will I? What do I love most Materia or the ghost? Once"
  • Overflow - 32 Leaves
    "Step by step decent from where I am would seem a better plan than falling in Emotion overflowing now Dont you waste it Im falling fartoo late This over flow is too much to take Im falling fartoo late So"
  • Better Place - Overflow
    "Let's add some light to this gloomy world Despite the views that we once held Sometimes you have a smile spread across your face for about a mile You're okay for a while I know you want a better way It's"
  • Whoa Is Me - Dredg
    "The only things surrounding you now Are the circular memories Infect your conscience They are the make up of your worries Regrets and doubts Elective betrayal of your person Radiates confidence Shine"
  • Half Full Of Happiness - Zoot Woman
    "In touch with myself Feel your touch like glass Standing in the way of something new Private confusion now plubic view Problems in the way of solving you Half full of happiness Record playing Lover's"
  • Afterburner - Boris
    "When you feel the chill -- 'flame, watered-down" It's always like this -- "too lazy" When you feel you're going insane -- "flame, watered-down" It's always like this -- "just pour it down" Overflow Take"
  • Scar - Eldritch
    "Passion days I cross, growing pains... I fall Masked faces, lonely shades... I'm guilty Haunting call I hear, traces of my fear Someone tries to conspire for a game Buried old scars deny my rendered"
  • It's getting late in the evening - Talk Talk
    "Everybody's laughing Crimson sky Set the sails our hearts are open Don't cry I believe release is in your smile The tide shall turn to shelter us from storm The seas of charity shall overflow And bathe"
  • Time of hate - Hunter
    "World, blood, overflow, full of madhate Now when we are young, we want to survive Day we've lost liberty - Independence And created hell for us. TO THE LAST! Brains fused together in silent crime Now we"
  • Preaching To The Converted - Lamb Of God
    "The Public wants what the public gets. Lazarus himself wouldn't rise into this world. Decry relativity damned petulant for seeing through a Trojan horse full of zyklon while Judas' coffers overflow. What?"
  • My Passion - Callenish Circle
    "Passion, desire keeping me living in sin Aiming for flesh, power and dominion The embodiment of mankind My mind overfed Fortitude overflow My mind overfed This convenant, our endless bond A parasitic"
  • Preaching To The Converted - Burn The Priest
    "The Public wants what the public gets. Lazarus himself wouldn't rise into this world. Decry relativity damned petulant for seeing through a Trojan horse full of zyklon while Judas' coffers overflow."
  • There's No Stopping Your Heart - Marie Osmond
    "Woke up this morning with you by my side. Thought I was dreamin' with my eyes wide open. I had to touch you and feel you near. Are you really here? I plan to be the one who sticks around. Ooh your love"
  • Open Wide The Flood Gates - Spock's Beard
    "SNOW: Red forest green As you stand at the waterfall And there's no in between You go back or you trust the fall And the man says that'll be forty-five And the best of your mind's crying 'take the dive' Open"
  • Farewell - Joerg Vogeltanz
    "i'll go by and i will never smell the nights they'll seem to me like lustreless pebbles hitting the ocean-floor in slow-motion with this sound vanishing in my head i'll go by and you will hold my hand"

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