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Owl City - Fireflies

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Owl City - Fireflies

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Owl City - Fireflies
  • Owl City Fireflies
    "You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies Lit up the world as I fell asleep 'Cause they'd fill the open air And leave teardrops everywhere You'd think me rude But I would just stand and"
  • Metronomy Night Owl
    "Don't need your number, babe But I'll take it anyway I spent my nights recalling a showers in the morning And what you said that day, I'll take it to the grave! But once I'm in the grave, You won't"
  • Ed Harcourt Fireflies Take Flight
    "Oh beware of bleeding lung and bugs that eat their young The demons in your head The wolves under your bead The bones of dinosaurs hidden below the floors They rattle and they shake and make the sound"
  • Leona Lewis Fireflies
    "If I could only see this night as another day I'd know you'd found your silence Instead of being wrapped up in me Wrapped up in this violence I'm back floating on the water Looking up at the night There's"
  • Hopesfall Owl
    "when the owl breaks the light beam in a nights dream ride. am i seeing in slow, am i driving too fast for the sound to finally break past time spent following straight lines to death. behind my eyes in"
  • Finch Fireflies
    "Communications down I float without A light to lead me back I'm lost again They say silence is golden Loneliness never shined like this Diseased the leper sits The leper is me Fireflies illuminate your"
  • Turin Brakes Asleep With The Fireflies
    "My girl she's asleep now Fleas leave her, jump to the ground Through a train window Flickering like a film frame Twenty four times a second Me and my girl gonna make it if we try Cos I've been hanging"
  • KISSIN' DYNAMITE Fireflies
    "As I wander the streets Empty faces I meet Turning up, going by, My, oh, my At the end of the day I cannot remember Lives are painted in blue Every day in the same view Like a rainy July My, oh, my Deep"
  • Lori McKenna Fireflies
    "Before you met me I was a fairy princess I caught frogs and called them prince And made myself a queen And before you knew me I'd traveled 'round the world And I slept in castles And fell in love Because"
  • Count The Stars Fireflies
    "Sometimes I could know about things that you'll never know Like where we descend, at the times that we end, like where we descend.... Where we gonna go if your delicate soul says the things you care, tell"
  • Roper Fireflies
    "Blushing skin is whispering slight of tongue, can kill so softly Velvet lips sing lullabies so satin sleek but still so costly Knees weaken crumble and fall Mere mortals she's had them all This gift of"
  • Still Corners Fireflies
    "Howl in the light lost summer night Everyone wants to dance in the firelight The night as long as we like All the innocents of youth in the firelight No moon rays catch em while you can Everyone wants"
  • Ron Pope Fireflies
    "When the streetlights come on and the fireflies flicker, I am walking her home making plans. With her shoes in her hands, I am watching her dance, As the hem of her dress gently kisses the grass. It suddenly"
  • Faith Hill Fireflies
    "Before you met me i was a fairy princess I caught frogs and called them prince And made myself a queen Before you knew me i traveled 'round the world I slept in castles and fell in love Because i was"
  • Chris Garneau Fireflies
    "It's not easy so Take it slow You're coming up, you're coming round the bend You're my good friend Best friend And you're coming up, you're coming round the bend You're making friends with the fireflies I"
  • Fleetwood Mac Fireflies
    "To be the last to leave, the last to be gone, stolen from the ones who hung on to it. To be the last in line, the ones that live on, silhouette of a dream, treasured by the ones .. who hung on to it. Almost"
  • Patti Smith Fireflies
    "I been walking wherefore am I walking I been walking If you see me walking a-walking a-walking if you see me walking Don't avert your eyes don't turn away don't turn away I'm coming to you oh-oh oh oh oh-oh"
  • Rhett Miller Fireflies
    "You looked like my mother did when she was nineteen not afraid to die I started planning our future but you were just nineteen still a firefly You got terrible vision shoulda seen I was leavin' when"
  • Owl City New York City
    "I’m digging through the glovebox I thought I had a map in here the driver’s dootr doesn’t lock I bought the car my junior year there’s candy in my backpack and you can pick our soundtrack we’re heading"
  • Alesana To Be Scared By An Owl
    "Look at the sky As the night descends The rain is crashing down, I've hit another dead end Just before I let hope slip away A shadow is revealed, the devil shows his face I'm scared to death and have"

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