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Owl city

  • Night Owl - Metronomy
    "Don't need your number, babe But I'll take it anyway I spent my nights recalling a showers in the morning And what you said that day, I'll take it to the grave! But once I'm in the grave, You won't"
  • Owl - Hopesfall
    "when the owl breaks the light beam in a nights dream ride. am i seeing in slow, am i driving too fast for the sound to finally break past time spent following straight lines to death. behind my eyes in"
  • New York City - Owl City
    "I’m digging through the glovebox I thought I had a map in here the driver’s dootr doesn’t lock I bought the car my junior year there’s candy in my backpack and you can pick our soundtrack we’re heading"
  • To Be Scared By An Owl - Alesana
    "Look at the sky As the night descends The rain is crashing down, I've hit another dead end Just before I let hope slip away A shadow is revealed, the devil shows his face I'm scared to death and have"
  • Nite Owl - Tony Allen
    "Nite Owl Nite Owl well, here come the Nite Owl walking through the front door Nite Owl though I told you baby Nite Owl I don’t love you anymore Nite Owl well, now you trying to tell me Nite Owl what"
  • Night Owl - Carly Simon
    "(James Taylor) Now a fish kinda likes the water And that's just where he wants to be And a monkey kinda digs bananas So he lives in the top of a tree But my eyes are made for darkness So the nightime"
  • Night Owl - James Taylor
    "A catfish, he tends to groove on the water, it's just where he's bound to be. And a monkey kinds of flashes on fruits and bananas, so he lives in the top of a tree. But my eyes are made for darkness and"
  • That Owl - Tech N9ne
    "He wild out his style bout a mile out ahead of You foul outs who owl out he's now bout freshetta So bow out his roud out ya gow house and bedda In ya gow mout he plowed out and now bout to shredda I"
  • Blind Owl - Badfinger
    "Lies, ties, Mr Cool disguise Hang it up, get up on your own Pill driven skills, weeping whippoorwills Too much going 'round that you can't hide Look out for the blind owl You can only find that you were"
  • Wicked Owl - Battle
    "I think i'm gonna be sad 'Cause all I show you Is a man thats only going bad Come on stay by my side See the wicked in me Tell me will it make you say Who is this at my door? I dont know what your looking"
  • Stork & Owl - TV On The Radio
    "Faceless fall from this life and ah If you can't see the stars You've probably gone too far Like the voice that cried On the lonesome tide Like the wave was The only love it ever saw "What's this dying"
  • Night Owl - Gerry Rafferty
    "Night comes down and finds you alone In a space and time of your own Lost in dreams in a world full of shadows. Down the street the neon light shines Offering refuge and hope to the blind You stumble"
  • Owl Waltz - Seabear
    "It's hard to wake up when you're not sleeping It's hard to make it mean something when it means nothing at all Hear her call in vain I slept for a year until I pulled your hair I fell down the stairs,"
  • Night owl cafe - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Well, the junkies still stumble past the door of the Night Owl Cafe And the club owners grumble The neighborhoods slippin away And its hard to remember the days when the music poured from the stage Now"
  • Owl And I - Hank Snow
    "Whoo-whoo-whoo (whoo-whoo-whoo) Whoo-whoo-whoo-who (whoo-whoo-who-who) A boy and girl were kissing beneath a linden tree A lonely owl was watching a little jealously It seemed that he was saying I want"
  • Spark Another Owl - Cypress Hill
    "Once again the powers of the herb open up the mind, Seek deep inside, tell me what you find, Come on... : Who be the ones steppin' in the room, Everybody welcome to the temple of boom, Back, let me see"
  • Owl Face Hoe - Shaggy 2 Dope
    "Hoo Hoo Hoo* Shaggy 2 Dope: After hours is jumpin' off Bras and panties is flyin' off Shit is getting mad hot up in the loft And the later it gets, the more these chickens squack But your homie Shaggy"
  • Stork And Owl - TV On The Radio
    "Faceless fall from this life and ah, if you can't See the star, you've probably gone too far Like the voice that cried on the lonesome tide Like the wave was the only love it ever saw ''"What's this dying"
  • Tornado; An Owl - Action Action
    "Take what you've got, take comfort, in that everything you know, or seen will soon be a non existent dot. Who'll save the world that claims there is no saving? An illusion or delusion of grandeur. Half"
  • Early Birdie - Owl City
    "Good evening shuttle bus Tell me where you're going to take us Someplace that I have never been It's chic transportation to new destination Where I leave my reflection on the glass I'd ask but we don't"

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