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P!nk - Today's The Day

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P!nk - Today's The Day

  • Today's The Day - Electrosy
    "I never did drugs and I never got high I never got laid and I never want to die I never did sin and I never did lie I never did dream and I never kissed the sky I never did drugs and I never got"
  • Today's the day - Alimee Mann
    "Pack your bags and runOr stay until the job is doneMaybe you could sit at homeBut ... And sink like a stoneOr go it aloneisn't it enough for youisn't it enoughisn't it enough for youisn't it enoughSo ..."
  • Today's The Day - Aimee Mann
    "Better pack your bags and run or stay until the job is done or maybe you can sit and hope that providence will fray the rope and sink like a stone or go it alone And isn't it enough - for you? isn't it"
  • Today's the day - America
    "Hold me closeYou turn nighttime into dayAnd youre the mostBrightest star that lights my waySo come home to me nowcause it wont matter anyhowIve got this feeling that todays the dayIve got this feeling"
  • Today's Your Day - Fatlip
    "oh nooo, no uunh nahhh (fatlip, charlie tuna) ah ha ha ha yeahhhhhh (fatlip) i paid my dues refuse to lose so fuck the blues dang ya bad news you contribute the juice while i sip booze on a seven day"
  • Today's Goodbye - Camel
    "Latimer/Hoover Closing my eyes reliving a time when love was strong - Feelin' your change of heart a sign when love went wrong - I'm tired of analysing everything you say, Trying to hold on to what went"
  • Today's The First Day - Bread
    "Empty nights - endless days Sometimes love turns out that way Yes I know - it went too fast But you can't keep livin' your life in the past Today's the first day of the rest of your life It's up to you"
  • Today’s The Day - Pink
    "Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for Tomorrow won’t come after all Yesterday’s so far away This today’s the only day Somebody please stop the clock I’ll never let this day stop I never wanna go home I’mma"
  • In Today's Room - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) Time is a corridor that winds through my life Out of each door comes a day And when that door closes and I've said good night Another door opens again Down in the corridor"
  • Today's Generation - Attak
    "Today's generation standing in a crowd Today's generation can you be proud Of the way you are living in a dying nation And the life you live with no destination Today's generation don't turn your backs Today's"
  • Today's Bargain - Radish
    "I was robbing a store. I fell in love with a whore. We fell onto the floor in the store I was robbing. So I put that gun to her head She said "baby, let's go to bed Son, you're gonna go blind if you keep"
  • Today's sleepwalkers - Republika
    "Today's sleepwalkers - more and more of us live in this moonlit parktoday's sleepwalkers - dreamers groping our way in the silver darkthe sleeping pill has now become the holy eucharistic for ustoday's"
  • Today's Lesson - Nick Cave
    "Little Janie, she wakes up from a dream A gun like a jawbone down the waistband of her jeans Mr Sandman can recite today's lesson in his sleep He says There oughta be some kind of a law against me going"
  • Today's Supernatural - Animal Collective
    "Come on let-let-let-let-let-let-let-let-let-let go! A rabid sea-saw But this exploding your brain it’s gonna blow me out me out again And now i don’t feel the same Come on let-let-let-let-let-let-let-let-let-let"
  • Today's a happy day - Xuxa
  • Today's Gonna Suck - Blame the City!
    "Wake up in the morning Know right away Hit your snooze button And you say TODAY'S GONNA SUCK! You're running late Taking to long Mom's rushing you No time for food Lose a contact down the drain Gotta"
  • Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes - Propaghandi
    "The tangled webs they weave span from Pine to Ruby Ridge, way back from Shay's defeat on up to Gustafsen (now cue the ass parade of ditto-heads and commissars and pricks to drown out this faintest threat"
  • Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes - Propagandhi
    "This tangled web we weave spans from Pine to Ruby Ridge Back to Shay's defeat On up to Gufstafsen Now cue the ass parade of dittoheads and commisars and pricks Drown out the faintest hint of commie faggot"
  • Macy's Day Parade - Green Day
    "Today's the Macy's Day Parade The night of the living dead is on its way With a credit report for duty call It's a lifetime guarantee Stuffed in a coffin 10% more free Red light special at the mausoleum Give"
  • Day To Day - River City Rebels
    "there it goes another day gone by they're slipping through my hands like falling sinners to the valley of the faithfully departed it all started as a boy i knew there was nothin here for me until i realized"

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