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P!nk todays the day

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P!nk todays the day

  • Todays Rebellion, Tomorrows Freedom - Virus
    "Intro Each day you live in rebellion, there by guarantee Yourself another day of freedom, another to live and Another day to choose who your gonna be the only Thing they can't take away from you is your"
  • Todays Sermon - Chumbawamba
    "Stop now What's that sound Everybody look what's going down I am a timebomb A ticking ticking ticking timebomb Unattended on the railway station In the litter at the dancehall Sitting pretty near the fastfood-counter In"
  • Todays Ways - Bodyjar
    "Just like I said You're so easily read Keeping the score When you know that you're so far behind Remember what I said to you Only speak when you are spoken to Open your eyes in the dark you can't see Lie"
  • Todays Lonely Fool - Tracy Lawrence
    "What would you say if I told you I was sorry, And that Ive come to realize, life means nothing without you would you take my hand, would you forgive this man for ever doubting your love was true, and could"
  • Today's the day - America
    "Hold me closeYou turn nighttime into dayAnd youre the mostBrightest star that lights my waySo come home to me nowcause it wont matter anyhowIve got this feeling that todays the dayIve got this feeling"
  • Valentine's Day - Monika Ferens
    "Todays the valentines day Im not waiting for your signs No kisses, no smiles I really love my company Todays the valentines day Im not staring at my door No footsteps on the floor Guess, all I thought"
  • Day - Moist
    "On the saddest day On the saddest day On the saddest day Envy rides her bitter bullet down Glad to see your bloods gone dry Sip the luxury keep the offering Only wanted to hide Chorus: On the saddest"
  • Dying Day - Saves The Day
    "I'm living in a dark and dying day And everything is lost along the way the feeling in my heart is not the same so what's to say? The pictures of the past are on the wall they'll hang there in the dark"
  • Any day - Day 26
    "And it's a cold, cold night.Rain is falling.It's been that way quite a few days now.Fresh off the road.And I'm feeling this might be the day.Man, who knows?I might finally see your face baby, yeah.Pre-Chorus:And"
  • Day - Kari Bremnes
    "Day is the veil that you can't pull aside like a curtain Sewn from a black cloth - a cloth that no-one can see. No-one can take it away and you know this for certain. No-one can help you, you might as"
  • Day - Galaxie 500
    "I was your light To the ... Why do you cry today Just because the sky is grey? Cause it's okay if everyday Is not the same way It's just another way That everyday is not the same How can you see the sky When"
  • Day - Katatonia
    "Grey park look the same And the days are pale I never thought it would rain this way I should be knowing that it used to be me Let's stay here for a while Is something gonna happen today Your smile has"
  • Green Day - Green Day
    "A small cloud has fallen The white mist hits the ground My lungs comfort me with joy Vegging on one detail The rest just crowds around My eyes itch of burning red Picture sounds Of moving insects so surreal Lay"
  • Day Day - DC Talk
    ""I live a simple life, I take a day at a time I spend my mornings with God before I hit the grind The subtleties of darkness never cease to amaze As a physical world creates a spiritual haze Blinded"
  • The Day - Face The Fact
    "Another day begins And there you are The mother sways her shins Here comes the footstep of the man who'll make your dreams The tube is fitted in And there you are The tepid seditive Then a scream Hold"
  • The Day - Pray For The Soul Of Betty
    "Why...don't you...pick today...to be the day That you...decide...for the first time not to lie Do you talk to death Overfed and programmed What's the pain on your head Of the world's eye You can't"
  • Jimmy's day - One Fine Day
    "have you seen old jimmy in his old car driving by how he smiles cause today is jimmy's day he quit his job in the old factory Jimmy waves goodbye Jimmy waves goodbye Refren: don't fake don't blame"
  • Clear Day - Modern Day Zero
    "A faded picture Empty cigarette case It's on the night stand That reveals my place Empty bottle Relays my thoughts It's for the cheap seats And your life's the cost Does it really get hard from here"
  • Til the day i die - Third Day
    "I wanna tell you I wanna tell you just how I feel I will show you I will show you my love is real Nobody's ever gonna love you like I am You never can deny that Nobody's ever gonna hold you like I am I'll"
  • Day By Day - The Hooters
    "Give me what you can tonight Time is all we have to play Tell me you can't live without me Tell me every day by day by day Nothing lasts forever, only fades away Day by day Give me what you can tonight I'm"

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