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  • Lost In Forever (Scream) - P.O.D.
    "Am I just floating around in this moment of time and space? It makes me wonder A state of mind cause I'm just fading away And my head is lost up in the satellites I'm so far and gone to ever get it right Through"
  • Lost Forever - Men Without Hats
    "unheard of love was dreaming inside her hair the facts of life and me were screaming i wasn't there so we took upon myself to swallow what i should see and if the world should beg to follow i'd disagree we"
  • Lost Forever - Black Sabbath
    "All your life you've been slipping and sliding Trying to find a way Sun won't shine but now it's your time to pay There's no turning back as you look The hangman in the eye Now hell's just your death"
  • Forever Lost - Conjure One
    "So many times. So many promises. Heard all the lies. Heard all the things you've said. Truth is like a fear, Fear of heaven. Truth's your only fear, Fear of heaven. And I wanna know, The highs and lows, Give"
  • Forever Lost - Summer Dying
    "Verse 1: The life I knew has ceased to exist The will to live is slipping through my fist Left me with an emptiness inside Everything that I once was has now died You were everything I wish I could be A"
  • Forever Lost - Sentenced
    ""EVERYMAN, I will go with thee and be thy guide in thy most need to go by thy side" (grave - home of the brave?) fire...dance with me for there's time for me and there's time for thee desire ...rise,"
  • You're Lost (Forever) - Eurythmics
    "You can laugh You can cry But you can't look me Look me in the eye You're lost forever You can walk Yes you can run But you'll never be number one You're lost forever There's a church bell ringing On a"
  • Lost Forever In Your Kiss - Dolly Parton
    "This is not at all like me I never thought that I could be So overcome by anyone like this But you caught me by surprise caught me before I realized Now I am lost forever in your kiss So take me if you"
  • Falling Forever - Paradise Lost
    "Sickened by the feelings within Laughing at my pain Forget the lies, live the reality Eager Waiting for a chance to indulge In this "sinful perversion" I have grown weak now God may forgive and save Our"
  • Lost - Faith Hill
    "Is it obvious to you When you walk into a room Your face is all I see And my heart races so fast I never knew a rush to feel like that Every time you're touching me I never did believe in anything I couldn't"
  • Lost - Nevermore
    "Learning ways to fly just never too high to die pushing limits into the ground Until I never come down Burning through lifetimes without form pure energy I am the shattered norm I'm the lost one chasing"
  • Lost - Aching Beauty
    "Turning around, head in a mess, Wanderer feeling alone Wrong way to fight back my distress, I sit and wait, abandoned I don't even know whom I should tell, The turn my life has taken I've come to a sad"
  • Forever in our hearts - P.O.D.
    "Pain and sufferingFar beyond what all could comprehendHas come to pass, and theres no turning backWe cry for all we knewAnd we try to make it throughThe anguish seems impossible to bearShall we live forever"
  • Lost - The Church
    "Sometimes I'm wondering under prehistoric skies. I feel it's all beginning right before my eyes. I must go back, reexamine my love. Here she comes with the penetrated stare. I don't know when, but I wish"
  • Forever - Rob Rock
    "Now; now that you have gone away Where will you run, where will you stay? You know you've been hiding for so long See; see all the love you left behind Leaving you stranded all alone What will you"
  • Lost - Asrai
    "Shelter for a frightened girl Who lost so many years Lost track of all the tears Shelter in a bitter world Protect her from her fears She needs shelter now Give her shelter Never was she scared before Death"
  • Forever - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Infinity stretches unlimitlessly Countless days pass by immeasurably Anniversaries gutter in the maelstrom Whirling a snowstorm of lustrous millennium We couldn't stay together This couldn't last forever Senses"
  • Forever - Jennifer Lopez
    "Forever, forever Forever, forever Forever You could stop the clock That wouldn't be time enough You could let the night turn to morning I still would be wanting more of your love There just ain't enough"
  • Lost - Flesh Field
    "They're protected by their titles And safe behind their names. Look to the flames reaching out for you. Insanity's coming back for you. And I'm lost in the shadow's lack of peace The unrelentless, unbound"
  • Lost - Church
    "Sometimes I'm wond'ring under prehistoric skiesI feel it's all beginning right before my eyesI must go back, re-examine my loveAnd here she comes with the penetrated stareI don't know when, but I wish"

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