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PJ Harvey A Place Called Home

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PJ Harvey A Place Called Home

  • A Place Called Home - PJ Harvey
    "One day I know We'll find A place of hope Just hold on to me Just hold on to me Walk tight One line You're wanted This time There's no-one to blame Just hold on to me And I'm right on time And"
  • A Place Called Home - PJ Harvey
    "One day I know We'll find a place of hope Just hold on to me Just hold on to me Walk tight, one line You're wanted this time There's no one to blame Just hold on to me (Come on my love) And I'm right on"
  • A Place Called Home - Kim Richey
    "Well, it's not hard to see Anyone who looks at me Knows I am just a rolling stone Never landing anyplace to call my own To call my own Well, it seems like so long ago But it really ain't you know I started"
  • A place called home - Ignite
    "Standing outside looking over A place called home, I couldn't stay Leaves have fallen, wind keeps blowing colder Winter's on its way My bags are packed the car is waiting My greatest fear, you left alone"
  • PJ and Rooster - Outkast
    ""Percy Junior, Percy Junior...what's that...what's that you playin'?" "Workin' on something new." "Sounds like some bullshit. Man, you really think the audience is gonna -- " "Well, Rooster said I could"
  • A Place Called Grace - Phillips Craig And Dean
    "So many years I heard it told The story of compassion A prodigal son who left the fold And found no satisfaction On my knees, Lord, I cried out to You 'I'm so alone But if there's room in Your house for"
  • Harvey - Ambrosia
    "(Puerta) All This time All This worry All This way to go For nothin' What's the sense Of the hurry You tell me If you Sense somethin' I dreamed a lot when I was younger I'm older now and still I hunger For"
  • Harvey - Młody Jimm x Fabijański
    "Młody Jimm x Fabijański 2020 W polskim rapie do stracenia nie mam nic z tamtych marzeń został tylko pył, wiesz trzymam go w łapie żeby rzucić ci go w pysk nie chodzi o satysfakcje teraz to już żadne zysk nikt"
  • Place Called Houston - Waxwing
    "Its a long way back from nothing But that's just where we're coming from A place called Houston on the map I can remember when He picked us up just like water You have to keep on drinking to go on living To"
  • A Place Called Love - Fleming And John
    "No bombs, no guns, no more war, no genocide, no torture No disease, no affliction, no crippled, no addictions No prisons, no more poverty, fresh air everyone is free A place called love No sun no moon"
  • Old Home Place - Dave Dudley
    "(They're selling the homeplace today) Yeah they're sellin' me out today just lost too much money too many years in a row And since pa died I ain't got no help Ma was waitin' for quite some time before"
  • A Place Called Everyday - Adelleda
    "Exhaustion takes the wheel and separates Situations into delusions, rip apart the clouds and point fingers in my face Shouting, "everything will stay the same until you change" Dosed up and motivationless"
  • This Mess We're In (featuring PJ Harvey) - Radiohead
    "Can u hear them, the hellicoptors? Im in New York No need for words now, we sit in silence You look me in the eye directly You met me, I think it's Wednesday, the evening The mess we're in and ohhh... (The"
  • Land Called Home - Jim White
    "Though the world is sleeping, my eyes are open. Yet it's me that's dreaming that I'm flying over mountaintops. I am crossing an ocean where at the end I see, I see a beautiful far away land called home."
  • Place Vendome - Place Vendome
    "Take a look deep in my eyes More than a feeling - I call it pride when I know There's a chance and I've got to take it And I don't mind a bruise, yeah yeah Baby I've got nothing to lose It's only a crazy"
  • Crawl home - PJ Harvey
    "No moreIt's doneCrawl homeGet goneYour loveIs evilLonesomeMy bonesTook me such a long time to figure it outNow isn't too late I cant do withoutTook me such a long time to figure it outDon't take it away,"
  • A Place Called Won't Be There - Julie Ruin
    "fake feminist police force is really bumming me out pray, witness, contradiction kill what you can't live without you use your cop-like tactics say it is for our own good you want to plant your feet where only"
  • Live From The P.J.'s - X-ecutioners
    "(feat. Black Thought, Ghostface Killah, Trife Da God) One two, one two, one two, one two So you wanna start up, what we gonna tear shit up? I said let the turntables talk for me at first And then I"
  • Kick It To The Ground - PJ Harvey
    "( A place called home 7" Single ) Look at what I've found A flower on his grave Kick it to the ground I've got no soul to save Nature dealt me raw Planted me with hate Took my only love To"
  • Harvey And Sheila - Sherman Allan
    "Harvey and Sheila Harvey and Sheila Harvey and Sheila Oh the day they met. Harvey and Sheila Harvey and Sheila Harvey and Sheila No one will forget. Harvey's a CPA He works for IBM He went to MIT And"

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