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POD Snuff The Punk

Wykonawcy (2031)

POD Snuff The Punk

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POD Snuff The Punk
  • P.O.D. Snuff The Punk
    "Snuff the punk I'm gettin' tired of you chump Bass in your face You'll get a taste fo the P.O.D. funk When I say punk or chump I don't mean you Talkin' 'bout the devil and his crew Check me out You came"
  • Dreadlock Pussy Snuff
    "as your face hits the floor you feel sorry for It's too late 'cause I ain't got no motherfucking fraction of remorse left and you best BELIEVE it's time for payback I push back a cap in your head another"
  • Slipknot Snuff
    "Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage Love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again So if you love me,"
  • Keri Hilson Snuff
    "Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins The air around me still feels like a cage And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again... So if you love"
  • Snuff Pop Inc. Snuff Box
    "It was just another day when I went out for prey And I came across Cindy in the street walking way She was busy as a rat but I told her to stay I said: DOODLE ON THIS PAPER IF YOU WANT REAL PAY! After"
  • Snuff Snuff-Too Late
    "Too late to find the reason Too late to wonder why Too soon to forget the question Too soon to have to decide Just why I'm still thinking about the times and places What could have been, could have been"
  • Agoraphobic Nosebleed Flamingo Snuff
    "Nose deep in Jamaican armpit pussy Tongue-fuckin' the spider hole Freeing the grenade pin with my teeth Who says in Miami it never snows? Blast fuck that slut into outer space A blizzard of cocaine and"
  • Heiden Pod
    "(lyrics: kverd) Kovov ed srz, nc nad chladnou eku, pod pory ke heje svtlo novch svt. Ve svitu vzdlench lun, lidmi nepoznanch, nebe dneka ji miz, miz zde v mch dllanch. Ohromen barvou era, skrytho v nch"
  • Tenacious D POD
    "Cause it's the Pick of Destiny child, you know we will be rockin' cause it's fuckin' insane. It's just the Pick of Destiny, child, More precious than a diamond on a platinum chain. In Venice Beach there"
  • Blaqk Audio Snuff On Digital
    "Cutting through just like champagne petals Sprinkled over the blackest sea Urban stars will shine, electric, they keep on calling. As they beckon I'm enamored of the sight. No, everything won't be alright"
  • Snuff Snuff- Vikings (Look Mum There's Vikings On The Tu
    "Down below the feet were marching on There was glory calling, flowers were thrown Although the sun was shining The cold blue light of morning Can't melt the layers of dreams Left from the night before The"
  • General Public Punk
    "But here comes the musical thing keep You rockin' an swing so all you gotta do is keep On coming down adn don't be no clown as I would Tell you 'bout the musical thing that we love to call Punk 'Cause"
  • Impellitteri Punk
    "Ladies and gentlemen Please welcome from Los Angeles California... PUNK RIGHT Come on come on What's your name P.U.N.K... PUNK Heavy metal punk Right Uh oh uh oh Hey Curtis check this out La la la la la Listen"
  • Jessica Folker Punk
    "If you're safe you're sorry You won't see the edge Roll the dice and watch it Hit the ground, one of six Slick and ordinary Is so predictable Rather be a little Up and down in and out There's a brand"
  • Blue Cheer Punk
    "(Dickie Peterson) I'm young and fast Baby, I'm so slick Better get down Don't fake a trick. Gotta get my baby, yeah Gotta see her move This street dog daddy I done enough tonight. (right baby, alright) I"
  • Gorillaz Punk
    "Ow! Oooohahh! Try to see myself what goes on. Make it up myself, I'll never. Always told my thoughts aloud, then another day I shut up. Back to the sand, doing what you can. Bound to be gone, damned a"
  • GWAR Death Pod
    "Death Pod comes from the sky - it does Where the Master grows his clones Through the space, through the stone We were born in this place Where the legions wage eternal war Slaughtering race after"
  • The Analogs Droga pod wiatr
    "Starą brudną piłką grałem na asfalcie Do dziś w moich uszach słyszę tamten dźwięk Na dachu wieżowca złożona przysięga Że będziemy razem aż po czasu kres Słodkie pocałunki w odrapanej windzie Byłaś"
  • The Bucks Punk Rockers
    "just gimme something out of your nothing I wanna touch some veiled facets superiority put up for somebody dont wanna watch talking puppets some know the way to come some know the way to go some just dont"
  • The Clash Dirty Punk
    "Gonna be a dirty punk Gonna rock your neighborhood Do the sound of rebel funk Turn it up loud like it should I could hear your momma scream She's gonna waste herself away When your daddy smashed that"

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