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POPEK MONSTER ft.Maslo,Hijack - I am

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POPEK MONSTER ft.Maslo,Hijack - I am

    "Siedzę w paranoi W myślach gwałcę prostytutkę Sam gotuję cracka I nabijam nim lufkę Planuję jak wyjebac swoją matkę na 100 Zjadłbym własne dzieci Tylko pokaż gotówkę W świat potwornie ciężkich dragów Wprowadził"
  • I AM (feat. PaniKa) - POPEK MONSTER
    "Jestem jak książka, tylko z górnej półki Ty wszystkie te półki z książkami chciałbyś rozkurwić Gra w drużynie Mistrzów A nie w drużynie durni Nie rozumiesz moich rymów i dostajesz ślepej furii Nazywajcie"
  • Monster - Paloma Faith
    "You told me i was Eveything you need Made me feel i could Do no wrong Do no wrong You used to watch me hurt Used to watch me belld Ber yu’ll miss me when i am gone When i am gone When i am gone When"
  • Monster - Venus
    "Spiders are jumping into the light Spiders on my skin, white night Some ice-cold whisky flows in my brain Deeper and deeper, cold are in my veins This is my cell where I used to walk This is my hell,"
  • Monster - Arshenic
    "every step of the way you know I be there if I could make u see the wortld through my eyes you would understand that they all wanna see us hurt they all wanna see us on our knees I know you're not"
  • Monster - Panzer AG
    "I am the monster under your bed A creature with meat, a blood sucking creep I feed on little children, I molest you when you sleep I'm the monster in the water when you're swimming out too deep I know"
  • Monster - Drown
    "I never wanted to hurt you I don't like what I am Father, I blame you She lies bruised and bleeding on the floor A victim of what's inside of me A casualty in this war Well your fist taught me nothing Your"
  • Monster - Easy Listening Stu
    "Oh, c'est la vie thats the way it is my friend nothing is for free the day that high school ends Life is a monster is this all in vain? Life is a monster please spare me from the pain Why am I so clumbsy? she"
  • Monster - Abandoned Pools
    "Everyone's a genius Brushing up on irony But no, no ones free Everyone's a salesman Gushing with sincerity Or so, so it seems I wanna go another round I wanna throw the monster down I wanna go another"
  • Monster - Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI
    "My move is unique Not ordinary 1 2 3 to 7 I am a Dancer in the darkness I’ll crack every joint in my body Adnd come closer to your bed I;ll horrible steal your heart And dominate you Under a single"
  • Monster - My Ruin
    "DESTROY ME As WANT turns to NEED You MURDER ME Just to WATCH me BLEED I live inside... my own MAKE BELIEVE I SACRIFICE... what you can't see I'm HISSING MAD And I'm DRIPPING WET I have no FATHER I have"
  • Monster - Meg & Dia
    "His little whispers "Love me. Love me." That's all I ask for "Love me. Love me." He battered his tiny fists to feel something Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something Monster. How should I"
  • Monster - Charlotte Martin
    "I'm so uncertain of what's growing in my head That's how it goes when there are ghosts to put to bed What does it want from me, certificates of certainty? There must be help around the bend Ooh, what"
  • Monster - One True Thing
    "I'm not so sure how I feel, Inside these days. Its seems I'm slipping further Into the black and gray. My only way to escape, The only way to breathe, Is to.. retreat.. Into my dream. I'm not"
  • Hijack - Mc Chris
    "Okay Mister Chris before I give you your ticket I just got a couple of questions for you. Mhm. Have your bags and luggage been in your possesion since you packed them? Yes. And did anyone give you any"
  • Pain Be My Guest (ft. Hijack, Porchy, Chronic) - POPEK MONSTER
    "Bring me that pain I __ brain Yes, i'm a tiger, tiger Pain and stress is minor, minor Me and pain We get along I’m not crazy I'm mentally strong For those who don't really know me You should know nada"
  • Go Popek - Popek & Matheo
    "nie od dziś jest wiadomo o tym że Popka nie da upić się on jest jak superman i wódki, nie, nie boi się mija noc, potem dzień a on dalej tutaj jest kiedy ty poddajesz się zawołaj mnie GO POPEK! nie od"
  • Monster - Monster
    "In the beginning everything was silence You could hardly hear a sound But suddenly you hear a noise that's coming You decide to check it out You can't believe in what your eyes are seeing You can't believe"
  • Monsters - Before The Dawn
    "4am I'm still awake Before the dawn the Sandman will come with nightmares I won't let him in There's nothing in head Empty walls, empty bed I am just waiting Restless beats of heart and breathing break"
  • Monsters - Band Of Horses
    "A tree for all these problems they can find you for the moment then for all past efforts there buried deep beneath your heart and somewhere in your stomach and hey, transform all others when aweful people"

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