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  • Primal - Slowdive
    "Today I lost a [...colours fray...] Watch the games you play And when it all force down you Don't forget the days When the sunshine fades away Remember what they say Remember what they say The right time She"
  • Primal - Paradise Lost
    "it's deep in the mind so slick by design i'll end up the same way maybe don't hold on to pride you'll lose if you try you'll end up the same way someday lord i'm on my way, don't let me down lord"
  • Primal Scream - Rusted Root
    "man-myo-ho-ren-g0-kyo Feel it turn See it burnin' Want to live See world turnin' Move on Up ahead Its burnin' Feel it burn Souls collide People yearnin' Want to live Under shelter Move on Up ahead Move"
  • Fear - Primal Fear
    "Centuries Of Blood And War The World Is On Its Knees Empty Heart, Fanatic Brain Incurable Disease Unfounded And Senseless Hate Is Poisoning Your Nation You Live In Sin, You're Spilling Blood Your Soiling"
  • The Lost & The Forgotten - Primal Fear
    "The lost and the forgotten I;ve been fighting my whole damen life Struggling with love nad greed One of us was Innocent There were lies and jealousy Look to the left Look to the right Take another hit I"
  • Fear - Black Label Society
    "The sun that's set on our soulsAll that's lost as the day is oldWhen the truth becomes one big lieSo low you never know when you're highAnd you thought that you knew it allThink again, in the end we all"
  • Fear - Visionatica
    "Violence and crimes Terror and accidents Lurk on you to make soon an end Do you really want to let them have Your fate in their hands? Never forget You have the rudder of your boat And when you go overboard Do"
  • Fear - Zakk Wylde
    "The sun that's set on our souls All that's lost as the day is old When the truth becomes one big lie So low you never know when you're high And you thought that you knew it all Think again, in the end"
  • Fear - Sarah McLachlan
    "Morning smiles like the face of a newborn child, innocent, unknowing. Winter's end promises of a long lost friend. Speaks to me of comfort but I fear I have nothing to give. I have so much to lose here"
  • Fear - Heaven & Hell
    "If you're never Heard before There was once a time When only God had fire The moon and stars and nothing more To lead you through the night If there's a Hell and Satan had a daughter He must have sent"
  • Fear - Eyes Of Fire
    "Feel all my suffering. Fear what it's doing to me now. You're gonna see a side of me you have never seen. Walk away from me or feel what is gonna be now. For all it's worth now all I can say is this: For"
  • Fear - Esham
    "Tell me your deepest fear Tell me your deepest fear Losin' my inhibitions Callin' my intuitions Somethin's goin' on if I'm feelin' I'm superstitious,I'm vicious I'm tryin' decide the paradox When my thoughts"
  • Fear - Saint Vitus
    "In the dark recesses of your little mind I begin to breathe It's getting near my time As the bloody rivers flow through your veins I am growing stronger You'll never be the same If you think I'm nothng You"
  • Fear - Sevendust
    "Seems as though you're here again Even so this day wont end Always a step behind me, been Creates a vision that blinds within If you could only see The thought the burns inside Gives you a feeling that"
  • Fear - Paradise Lost
    "quest for power to the born again and pray for silence for the hurt again eradication of the tortured man configuration of the lonely bleeding the gods are praying for our souls again the willing conquest"
  • Primal Breath - At The Gates
    "Look the herons in the greenbilled water Their wet-ash wings wear medallions of patience We drift on... We have stories as old as the great seas Break through the chest Flying out the mouth Noisy tongues"
  • Primal Aggression - Grimfist
    "A grim & primal mind Animal inside Words reduced to spit Violent sickening Bloody flesh left hanging To expose the bone Head so full of demons Fed on rage alone Pieces of glass cut's deep into the skin Moshed"
  • Primal Nature - Acid Drinkers
    "A jailer gave birth to me My mother was too frightened Jack the ripped (a stroke of luck) Stood godfather to me And I lived with gorillas My foul language didn't repel them And my mates were hyenas Because"
  • Primal Scream - Motley Crue
    "Broke dick dog My head slung low Tail knocked in the dirt Time and time of being told Trash is all I'm worth When I was just a young boy Had to take a little grief Now that I'm much older Don't put your"
  • Primal slide - Vanilla Ice
    "What, what, what you gonna do?Like leeches suckin on your money for bloodTo have power, buy all you people's loveDont give a damn how you get it, as long as you get itNever split it, I aint with it, whatever"

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