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PUT-IN Romeo

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PUT-IN Romeo

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PUT-IN Romeo
  • Dolly Parton Romeo
    "(Dolly Parton) A cross between a movie star And a hero in a book Romeo comes struttin' in And everybody looks 'Cause he's just got that special thang That everybody needs And everybody wants him But not"
  • Nana Mouskouri Romeo
    "1 I studied Shakespeare when I was at school Thought Romeo was a pet Felt if I met him I'd act like a fool I'd be a poor Juliet Now that I know him I'm not really sure For you're as charming as he Saying"
  • Shebang Romeo
    "Uno, dos, tres, quatro! Oh Romeo, where do you have your Juliet now? Oh Romeo, where do you have your girlfriend now? You used to be the one everyone wanted to be (Everybody wanted to be) You used to"
  • Donna Summer Romeo
    "My baby wears his heart on his sleeves He wears a look on his face that says please please please, love it Everything he wants, love it, everything he wants I just can't hesitate when he wants what he"
  • Basement Jaxx Romeo
    "You keep on giving me the hold up You know I wish you'd make your mind up Cuz when we get it on, you're so-so You used to be my romeo (woa oh ay oh) Cuz you see my dear, I have, had enough Of keeping quiet"
  • Revolverheld Romeo
    "1. Strophe: Ich dreh langsam durch deinetwegen Doch was ist blo mit mir passiert - hrst du mich? - Auf einmal warst du in meinem Leben Ich wei, dass es dich nicht interessiert Romeo Jetzt fehlst du mir Und"
  • Sunrise Avenue Romeo
    "Cold is the night I see you go Into the night to find your Romeo It's a pity finding someone Won't bring it all to you right now Enter the slowly crying game Enter the fear it's all taken away It's a"
  • Sublime Romeo
    "I have a secret place inside my mind, where I keep hidden inspiration you will find. And when my petty anger goes to my head, you'll find I'm better off dead. Oh, and I don't hold the key, to find out"
  • Lindsay Pagano Romeo
    "Lost in emotion Deep in ur ocean of lies Foolish me, almost didn't see Ur honesty disguise Cuz ur words sputter out in ball of confusion That gives the illusion that u mite be sincere But ur not really"
  • Patti Scialfa Romeo
    "Standing at your doorstep darlin' what can I do you're a part of me forever like a troublesome tattoo I lay awake at night curse your name into the dark while the memory of you rings like a church"
  • Planet Smashers Romeo
    "My girlfriend is a lesbian Not even bi-sexual Am I just a thespian Acting out Romeo? We cruise chicks together We dress in real fake leather But sometimes the weather, It gets to hot. . . We can kiss like"
  • Saybia Romeo
    "I lie on my bed Covered in sweat With a woman above Blooming with love I'm on top of my world On top of my time On top of the trouble I'm leaving behind I'm lost for words Exploring her curves With curious"
  • Alison Hams Romeo
    "There's a spoonful of coffee in a cup on the counter Waiting for the water while she waits for him to call There's a song that she's singing in her head over and over And a picture of her wearing white"
  • Lucky Dube Romeo
    "I' ve been looking everywhere for you Since the day we met I' ve never been my old self oh hoo You don' t have to beleive in everything I say right now Cause to you I' m just another man Until I prove"
  • Romeo Romeo dunn
    "Romeo, Hes the type of guy that you wanna be with. Romeo, Hes the kind that you know you can creep with. Romeo, Hes the type of guy that you wanna get deep with.Take away 2 from 3, that leaves me, I'll"
  • Lil' Romeo Romeo land
    "Romeo romeo romeo romeoWelcome to romeolandWell is it trueWell is what trueThat romeo is really backWhere did you hear that nonsenseWell fantasia told me on this exact day that romeo will return and rule"
  • Lil' Romeo Romeo Show Theme
    "(Master P) Go romea, go romea, go romea go romey go, Go romea, go romea, go romea go romey go, Hey Ro, watch it flow it's time for the romeo show Holla Romeo's on now, Now Romeo's on now stop whatcha"
  • Mindy McCready Oh Romeo
    "(Matraca Berg/Gary Harrison) Juliet waits at the border Of a creek without a corner Gazes into the dark Was it the moon or only Her fear of being lonely That gave her leave of her heart? Oh- oh-oh Oh"
  • Kik Tracee Romeo Blues
    "(Lyrics: Stephen Shareaux, Rob Grad Music: Gregory Hex, Rob Grad) Slow motion reply of a 9 to 5 Visual infatuation, just caught my eye The last six shooters, shooters been running dry Desperation, telling"
  • Push Play Midnight Romeo
    "Meet me at my door by the end of the night youll be screaming for more more more of me Tonights a big night so lets make history My lips touch your lips my hands on your hips whats it gonna take for you"

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