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PUT-IN. Kwadrat

    "Ene due rike fake dawaj browar, chłódź już flachę bo domówka się zaczyna są dupeczki, krata wina nic nam kur* nie potrzeba oprócz błękitnego nieba już pu-tinek napierd* w klubach tańczy cała wiara ej"
  • Na twoim kwadracie - Dudek P56
    "REF: 2x Prorok prorok bit mistrzostwo świata ręce w górę tylko dobrzy ludzie atak piec sześć i tak se to lata,prorok 56 od dziś na kwadratach Elo DDK na bicie tak to idzie ze mną miejski sorcik przytaguj"
  • PUT Kreska IN - PUT-IN
    "To nowa fala To z pierd bit DJ nakur* To jets największy hit Sasiad wyjebał okno Bo usłyszeć chciał Potem pierd* w tango Zniknął o nim ślad Taka kur* sytuacja Jest impreza jest libacja Takie czasy teraz"
  • Put It In - Channel Zero
    "Monday to Sunday gotta play if you could win. Someday anyway gotta pay for a new begin I got the cash and the class I got the power to maximise A little prayer for my saviour you never know when you could"
  • Put In Me - Waterdeep
    "PUT IN ME (PSALM 51) By 100 Portraits and Waterdeep "Enter the Worship Circle" Words by Ben and Robin Pasley Oh, Mercy, fall on me like a warm blanket...on my cold, cold heart Clean me with Your blood"
  • Put It In - Kelly Rowland
    "This aint gon' be easy... Uh! You got it? You got it? Put it in Tables turnin' to a situation Now you standin' in my face like you've been patiently waitin' I'm rollin over words forget the conversation Thinkin'"
  • Put In In My Mouth - Akineyel
    "(featuring crystal johnson) intro: my baby left me, left me sad and blue i didnt know what to do without my baby and then i met his best friend and he took me to his house and i said...i said... (what"
  • Put it in neutral - Beck
    "Gun in mouth and headin' south I got a good deal on a pickup truck Kill the lights and throw the dice Roll 13 and I'm out of luck Put it in neutral Put it in neutral I'm gonna let it roll away Put it in"
  • Put The Bone In - Soul Asylum
    "Put the bone in She yelled at the store 'Cause my doggie's been hit by a car And I do want to bring him home something Put the bone in She yelled out once more Because the meat from the pork is so sweet And"
  • Put in there pal - Richard Thompson
    "Old friend, it's been so long, and it's been so real And if I helped you once it was no big deal Too bad I can't be there when they call your name They're going to write you down in the hall of fame You"
  • Put it in perspective - Duffy
    "Put it in perspectivePut it in perspectivePut it in perspectiveIt's been a longAnd uphill journeyGettingTo where I am todayIt's been real toughAnd I'm still learningThat workin' hard'sThe only wayFor happinessIn"
  • Put your trust in me - Richard Thompson
    "Oh my hand shakes steady and my words are sweet And the whole world's lying here at my feet Put your trust in me, put your trust in me I rub my eyes and I catch my breath I'm almost choking on the smell"
  • Put Your Love In Me - Plasmatics
    "Come On Baby Put Your Love In Me Put Your Love In Me Come On Give It To Me Come On Baby Put Your Love In Me Put Your Love In Me Come On Give It To Me Come On Baby Put Your Love In Me Way Inside Of Me Come"
  • Put Yourself In My Hands - The Adicts
    "There is nothing to be scared of In my trap Frightened of Love Don't try to fight me You might even like me Sends a shiver down your spine Told you that you would be mine Hush baby now don't you cry Oh"
  • Put Your Faith In Me - Amy Studt
    "Friend of mine, Weve been apart too long And its been a while Since I could call you Petty arguments that I Could not let go But now Im trying to show Humility Now if you need me Im not far away Put"
  • Put Me In My Place - Joe Purdy
    "He was just a child, when she left him there alone He was just too wild, she was just too young Too much to handle he was always asking why She didn't know the answers, she'd just hang her head and cry He"
  • Put You In My Pocket - Dean Friedman
    "by Dean Friedman Did you know I like, You know, I like the way I really like the way you look. And even though it's hard, You know, it's difficult to say. Without being mistook. I want to Put you in"
  • Put Yourself In My Place - The Supremes
    "(B. Holland/L. Dozier/E. Holland, Jr./F.Thorton) Put yourself in my place If only for a day See if you can stand The awful hurt I feel inside Put yourself in my place For just a little while Live through"
  • Put yourself in my place - Diana Ross
    "Put yourself in my place If only for a day See if you can stand The awful hurt I feel inside Put yourself in my place For just a little while Live through the loneliness The endless emptiness I go through"
  • Put Yourself In My Place - Kylie Minogue
    "I can't take this situation It's making me feel so blue One moment you walked into my life And now You're saying that we're through I hear that you're in love now Baby, don't know what to say I can't"

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