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  • Where Are You - Paffendorf
    "Yeah!!! Where are you? Where are you? The next track is for everyone here in the house. Listen. Do it with me. UUHUU (repeat some time) Stop! Hey. Hey. Where are you? Where are you? All"
  • On And On - Paffendorf
    "Back to Basics where we started power to the people keep it on keep it happen add somebody reach somebody power to the people Refrain: on and on an on together don't change your mind on and on an"
  • Self Control - Paffendorf
    "It's all about self control For you Creature of the night Go and try to fight All night I ain't take your self control With your body, your heart and your soul It's all about self control I ain't take"
  • Cool vogue - Paffendorf
    "(Club Mix)Ladies with an attitudeFellows that were in the moodDon't just stand there, let's get to itStrike a pose, there's nothing to it (6X)Ladies with an attitude (8X)Ladies with an attitudeFellows"
  • Crazy sexy marvellous - Paffendorf
    "This is something special about music trust your DJ let the bass kick. make it rough the harder we come the rougher you go join us . we are crazy sexy marvellous...marvellous because we are crazy sexy"
  • La La La Girl - Paffendorf
    "This is the story of the lalala girl from lalala land Keep on your lalala Smack ya up Keep on singing Lalala girl She's the hottest piece of dance chocolate So good you wouldn't even find it on the meny"

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