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Palaye royal

  • Royal Police - D.O.A.
    "1-2-3-4 we're down at the station royal police they're bloody fools royal police with their stupid rules royal police kick'em out royal police beat'em about i don't know why i say it today, if i don't,"
  • Royal Correspondent - Manic Street Preachers
    "You've been this way since school Dysfunctional, translucent Royalty on your wall So desperately mundane They're inbred baby just like you But you'd love the chance to eat their food Even though"
  • Royal Infirmary - Eurythmics
    "I have a dream about a lazy river after a drink or two I see myself in the water like a mirror but I don't see you so I'll meet you at the royal infirmary we can be together have some fun at the royal"
  • Royal Oil - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Royal Oil, come on bubble and boil Stabs like dagger, make you stagger On a hot tin foil Mind your mind or it will surely spoil Then you sleep down in the soil Nothing comes from nothing, come on Royal"
  • Crown Royal - Jill Scott
    "Your hands on my hips Pull me right back to you I catch that thrust Give it right back to you You're in so deep I'm breathin' for you You grab my braids Arch my back high for you Your diesel engine I'm"
  • Royal Telephone - Charlie Landsborough
    "Telephone to glory oh what joy devine I can feel the current moving down the line Made by God the Father for his very own You can talk to Jesus on this Royal Telephone Central's never busy always on"
  • Royal Annie - Tom T. Hall
    "She wore a big yellow bow in her hair one morning we woke up she was there We were a little old out of way town and all us kids were glad to have her around You know her castle was an old mobile home she"
  • Royal Annie - Hall Tom T
    "She wore a big yellow bow in her hair one morning we woke up she was thereWe were a little old out of way town and all us kids were glad to have her aroundYou know her castle was an old mobile home she"
  • She's Royal - Tarrus Riley
    "Ooo Ooo, Natural Beauty, You know, She is No I never been someone shy Until I seen your eyes Still I had to try, yeah Oh yes, let me get my words right and then approach you Woman I'll treat you"
  • Port Royal - Running Wild
    "Hundred masts, thirty flags An island in the golf of Darien Sandglass, bloody heart Flying high above the scene Marooners with loaded guns Are still waiting at the quay A hungry fleet from underworld "Freedom""
  • Royal Galley - Falconer
    "By the rail he stands on black waves he rides The tomorrow belongs to him and the queen by his side Do not fear the storm master the oaken galley and be brave at heart for your king and country Turn the"
  • Royal Cafe - American Music Club
    "How do you live traveling like this You laugh too much Like things used to be funny And now it's all a big state of bliss We had a little party Somewhere outside Memphis We hid a six-pack under the seat It's"
  • Soleil Royal - Running Wild
    "1692, the 29th of May Sir "Tourville", the admiral, his fleet is on its way He commands his ships to fight, they attack the british line He must be caught in senseless pride, to him his honour's prime His"
  • Man Royal - Beenie Man
    "Intro: Yeh man, mi know she mek yu sick man Yu see how she a mek yu a vomit, laugh... Yu see it a das why mi tell yu nuh Brethren Yu see me Beenie Man mi a go tell yu something Hear mi Chorus: Mi"
  • Palais Royal - Alain Chamfort
    "ta place j'abandonnerais la pose le masque une minute tu sais le temps passe dis moi que tu m'aimes sur la place c'est pas tout fait Montral mais y a d'la neige au Palais Royal dis moi que si mme tu"
  • Royal flush - Stereophonics
    "Got a royal flush I gotta ten bob in my pocket for luck Just another crush I got my head read in the shed once again, my friend Inside, outside, upside, downside, See my face, wanna take me home I missed"
  • Royal Vibes - Ky-Mani Marley
    "Royal Vibes - Ky-Mani Marley She say And she say And she sayyea, yea, yea She say And she say And she say AND SHE SAY Shes never been loved like this before Shes never been touched like this before Shes"
  • Casino Royal - Janusz Radek
    "Jestem bramkarzem u raju bramnic już nie muszę bo wszystko już mam z góry spoglądam na głupców rójwiem kogo spuścić a kto będzie mójz góry przegrany jak każdy śmiećniech nawet nie śmie nadziei dziś miećbo"
  • Royal Oak - Cztery Refy
    "Słowa: Andrzej Mendygrał Muzyka: trad. Wolno w blokadzie przemijają dni, Za nami w morzu już miesiące trzy I gdzieś tam pod brzegiem, gdy dnia zakwitł brzask, Dziesięciu Turków otoczyło nas. "Na dół banderę,"
  • Royal Priesthood - Killah Priest
    "Ugh, Emperor's music Ugh, ugh, ugh, Priesthood, uh huh, Royal Emperor In my time, ya know, my time, went through a lot of things Yo, yo, yo I write the realest, only my true niggas will feel it Though"

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