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Pale duo

  • Duo - Zazie
    "Oui Je sens le vent Je sens la pluie Ressens la peine Le sang qui coule dans mes veines Poursuit sa route Je suis la mienne Et c'est si simple de vivre Et c'est si simple de vivre Et c'est plus simple"
  • Safri Duo - Agogo Mosse - Safri Duo
    "Guess what??? It's time to turn it on Get back what has been gone I wanna feel it's the deal or the real sensation! Wild eyed and cherry lipped White diamond fingertips Everywhere that you look, there's"
  • Pale - Agathocles
    "pale vile thoughts unreal? locked, blocked, away more, every day no single fact left empty, emptiness left, left behind thoughts, real vile visions, surreal visions, forever sealed pale vile thoughts unreal? locked,"
  • Pale - Deathbot
    "Hail your heart Hail these hands I'll run my love, luck Where I stand Now my city calls To just roll nowhere Aint no wanderlust left Behind these stares Just pale pale pictures On these wide wide windows"
  • Pale - Kristin Hersh
    "Before I go to you I never wash my neck... 'Cause when the music starts it goes straight to my head... And I break out in pale... You better bring your fork and knife... Till we see eye to eye... 'Cause"
  • Pale - Ednaswap
    "What to say There is nothing I can do I cannot manipulate the way I used to see them everywhere the decoys they sent up now they're all shot down as if it wasn't bad enough I put it down 'cause it makes"
  • Pale - Never Heard Of It
    "I never see you when you're smiling Look down on what you've down Feeling guilt from what they've taken From you and when you were young Holding back your tears from crying They been frozen now for years Let"
  • Pale - Within Temptation
    "The world seems not the same Though I know nothing has changed It's all my state of mind I can't leave it all behind I have to stand up to be stronger I have to try to break free From the thoughts in"
  • Pale - Aesthetic Perfection
    "Let's dispense the formalities, If it's all the same to you, If you can tell a lie without thinking, Save your breath for dirt. Why don't you stand by my side? "Why don't you get a life" Why don't you"
  • Tema A Duo - Karina
    "Amigo tengo el corazón herido, El hombre que yo quiero se me va. Lo estoy perdiendo, estoy sufriendo, llorando de impotencia no puedo retenerlo. Amiga mientras que haya un esperaza, tu tienes que luchar"
  • Duo occhi deserti - Raf
    "E' la storia di un amico che ha lasciato nei perch una donna un figlio e un fuoco ed scomparso dentro s ti ho lasciato nel computer e ora ti ritrovo qua nella tempia una ferita scritta sul DNA Due occhi"
  • Duo du d - Romeo et Juliette
    "La Nurse : Les choses ne sont jamais, ce qu'on voudrait qu'elles soient Juliette maintenant tu sait, ce que je savais dj Et tu pleures tu pleures ma fille ma sour Je porte ta douleur Dieu, que les hommes,"
  • Wild Wing Boys (Duo) - Mobilesuit Gundam Wing
    "Romanized: Mune ni kakushita tsubasa de Ouzora e mai agareba Wasure kaketeta kinou no Jibun ni aeru Omoide nante iranai Me no mae no ichibi yo dake Oretachi wa ima ikiteru Subete o kakete Atsuku nareru"
  • Es Diferente (Duo Con Yuri) - Ana Gabriel
    "No puedo dormir, siento que mi llanto va a escaparce pues me he dado cuenta ke yo, no soy del tipo ke a el le convence, no puedo creer, despues de ver su rostro frente al suyo, ya comprobe la realidad que"
  • Dame (A Duo Jennifer Lopz) - Chayanne
    "Chayanne- Baby , me atrapas,me enloqueces con tu cuerpo, me tienes justo en el punto que quieres donde el alma se pierde. Jennifer- Baby, dime lo que piensas, Me estoy dando cuenta eso que estas provocando,"
  • The Pale Suit Of Drunkenness - Pale Forest
    "Got that feeling of standing still the shudder of winters coming chill Got that distance in my eyes frozen paintings of all my alibies And I've got the urge to leave this room but it has become my"
  • Pale Blue - David Gray
    "Sometimes you make me happy Sometimes you make me sad Sometimes you make me happy Mostly you just make me mad Baby you just make me mad Linger on Your pale blue eyes Linger on Your pale blue eyes Thought"
  • Pale Shamen - Talis Kimberley
    "I stand by the window - The curtain is open I can see further - With my night time eyes Something woke me - I was sleeping naked There's a kind of sadness - When your garden cries I can hear you breathing"
  • Pale Yellow - The Ditty Bops
    "Pale yellow scratching at my ear, Pale yellow touching to my rear Forever tangled, forever mustard, Forever my first word's beer, Forever yellow, wonder if I'll muster Anything other than fear Pale"
  • Pale Blue - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "Azul palido As death it waits for me After storms And after pouring rain Vainest thunder Pale blue remains Azul palido As death it follows me Mocking weather An attempt in vain Weakest thunder Laughing"

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