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  • Arashi Palette
    "I'll go anywhere I'll do anything I'll be there cause you are the part of my life I'll go anywhere I'll do anything I'll be there for you Atarimae ni natta boku no tonari migi gawa ni narande Maru de nido"
  • Sarah Brightman Voici Le Printemps (English - Here Is The Spring Passing By)
    "Here is the Spring passing by; "Good day, weaver, good day! My friend, lend me your chair, I need it for a day. I am he who cleanses The woods, the meadows and the flowers. Quickly, lend me your shuttle; I"
  • Sarah Brightman Voici le printemps (eng)
    "Here is the Spring passing by; "Good day, weaver, good day! My friend, lend me your chair, I need it for a day. I am he who cleanses The woods, the meadows and the flowers. Quickly, lend me your shuttle;"
  • Mr. Walker And The Pimps $rp9a
    "Hi there As the topographic sea Flows into the phone Goodbye And the colors change New palettes in my eyes Is it my mind I fried the omelet. Welcome You got mail As the purple car goes down the Mushroom"
  • Dorothee Valise Valise
    "Il fallait bien quun jour a marrive Je sens que tout part la drive Hier en rentrant chez moi je me suis aperue Quelle horreur que ma valise avait disparu Jai cherch partout dans ma cuisine Jai mme demand"
  • The Black Dahlia Murder Apex
    "bury them all beneath heaping shovel fulls of lime in shallow graves the shreds of flesh dissolve with time the stench of burning human flesh, a makeshift cremation a shriveling fragment of death's grand"
  • Lord Gore Nekro-Erotic Art
    "Midnight, through the graveyard sky Searching for fresh corpses I'll add to my collection. Upon you I stumble Wandering the night Heels, bones and blood Let me show you my collection. Let's go!"
  • In Flames Dead god in me
    "To slit the grinning wounds from childhood's Seven Moons the palette stained with the ejaculated passions (of forbidden, hedonistic colours...) Strike from omnipotence, all-seer, all-deemer, and haunt"
  • Nana Mouskouri Portrait en couleurs
    "Prenez une feuille de papier blanc Une palette de couleurs Amusez-vous maintenant A faire mon portrait Pour que mes yeux ressemblent Aux larmes d'adieu Prenez du bleu Et pour mon cur Qui n'a plus le got"
  • Post Break Tragedy I'm Too Sexy For The Scene
    "I'm too fucking sexy, I'm too fucking sexy for this, I'm too fucking sexy I'm too fucking sexy for the scene, Too cool for school and even more for the scene Lip locked with pretence while she's pissing"
  • Over The Rhine Murder
    "Murder words: Detweiler and Bergquist music: Detweiler, Bergquist and Hordinski recording: Besides Murders just a word for lack of something else to say. Murders just a game for lack of something else"
  • Clay Aiken Vincent
    "Starry, starry night Paint your palette blue and gray Look out on a summer day With eyes that know the darkness in my soul Shadows on the hills Sketch the trees and daffodils Catch the breeze, and winter"
  • Tarmac Je Cherche
    "Je cherche un titre un nom Une palette et son moyen d'expression Je cherche un doute un ton Une bote et son adquate dimension Lo busque por todas partes si yo soy cuerdo soy tambien loco yo no soy"
  • Slime Karlsquell
    "Irgendwann mute es raus, ich mu es dir sagen Ich hab mich hllisch in dich verknallt Mit dir werde ich mich immer vertragen Und auch mit dir werde ich nicht alt ''Refrain:'' Ich brauch' dich, am liebsten"
  • Ange La Route Aux Cyprs
    "Nuages de faence relevs de nacre Mon pinceau courbe l'chine comme un cheval de fiacre J'ai esquiss la lune sur une toile de nuit En laissant ma fortune aux cls du paradis. Vent d'aquarelle Buissons huils"
  • Ellie Goulding Anything Could Happen
    "Stripped to the waist We fall into the river Cover your eyes So you don't know the secret I've been trying to hide We held our breath To see our names are written On the wreck of '86 That was the year I"
  • Tom Waits Intro To 'eggs And Sausage'
    "I was always eh, kinda want to like consider myself kind of a pioneer of the palette, a restaurateur if you will. I've wined, dined, sipped and supped in some of the most demonstrably beamer epitomable"
  • Pich Paul La Bote Aux Lettres
    "Y'a quelqu'un qui nous guette il ne nous laissera pas sortir on est pris dans bote aux lettres le facteur repasse sa chemise c'est quelqu'un qui m'inquite c'est quelqu'un qui n'est pas poli je n'entends"
  • Jeni Varnadeau Colors Of Truth
    "The canvas of hope hanging still in the night Was destined to be a work of art Waiting for just the right moment in time For the Artist to pour out His heart So He reached for the palette of colors to"
  • Circle Takes The Square Our Need To Bleed
    "Flesh was to sever, a palette to harness the pain. With stainless steel, we took back control of our fate. His skin so fair, a newly stretched canvas. (here was born a filthy blood red mark)Redemption"

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