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Pandemonium peja

  • Pandemonium - Venom
    "Stretching their arms out Towards you clenching fists Inhaling atmospheres From hot fiery pits Laughter announces The musical war Crowley pronounces A mystical law Pandemonium Pandemonium Screaming &"
  • Pandemonium - The Time
    "Now ain't that more like it? Oh, that is so nice. I think I'm about at the peak of my erotic. Drawers shakin', bodies flowin'. I know that's right. All of the women, it's a pandemonium. Lots of burnin'"
  • Pandemonium - Sunny Ledfurd
    "Pandemonium Sunny Ledfurd (The White Disc) CHORUS Bad habits become the worst habits Take it in you cant stand it Get away don't hang around here Pandemonium you gonna have it So what you know"
  • Pandemonium - Kreator
    "Pandemonium all around Can't you fell it coming down Pandemonium in my brain Over and over and over again Over and over and over again Over and over and over again Over and over and over again And now"
  • Pandemonium - The Sins Of Thy Beloved
    "Pandemonium Weak, o yes so weak the angels have lost their grace Darkness embraces the earth so gracious deserving deep admiration the ray of light slowly ceases as the darkness brawny increases Darkness"
  • Pandemonium - Evemaster
    "He, over the stars doth reign that unto wisdom can attain The soul of a man is nobler than the spheres The hunger thou has awakened culminates in fulfilment Reached the highest level of a mortal man that"
  • Pandemonium - Pandaemonium
    "(Music and lyrics: Daniel Reda) An ancient man was riding with death in his heart, his beautiful black horse was trying to understand why the ancient rider was crying while looking from his hand to the"
  • Pandemonium - Te Tris
    "Większość z nich pamiętam jeszcze z korytarzy ogólniaka Jednych widzę co dzień, innych spotkam czasem po dwóch latach jedni już w krawatach drudzy w ciuchach kupowanych na kilogramy prosto z Beneluxu przemycany"
  • Pandemonium - Killing Joke
    "She talks of supernatural aeons that we'll makeShe says "look behind the wave of changes" feel the future taking shapeI can see tomorrowI can see the world to comeI can see tomorrowHear the pandemoniumI"
  • Pandemonium - Psycore
    "inside-twister-sedate me-sister sick of life and giving inner annihilation me and my existence need a vacation turn me off, i'm spinning, turn me off brain rotating world vibrating mind in chaos mental-floss breakdown-expected-already-infected suffer"
  • Pandemonium - Mental Crypt
    "Army trained freak going berserk Killer without cause, dead bodies on the street Massive mental breakdown, there's no place to hide Awakening of the sleeping dragon deep inside Just another slayer, random"
  • Sweet Pandemonium - H.I.M.
    "Today Tomorrow seems so far away And the wait in vain So safe In the blinding light of love unchained In yesterday's grave The truth that could set souls free Is buried within sweet pandemonium Concealed"
  • Sweet Pandemonium - HIM
    "Today tomorrow seems so far away And the wait in vain, yeah So safe, in the blinding light of love unchained In yesterday's grave, yeah The truth that could set souls free Is buried within sweet pandemonium Concealed"
  • Sibirian Pandemonium - Love Like Blood
  • Total Pandemonium - Curl Up And Die
    "We set our heads to rest and fall out of form and grow numb enough to never move again. we lose our sights and these roses no longer blossom. i fail to hear these sounds now. tightly our hands felt for"
  • Theriomorphic Pandemonium - Kaamos
    "Down there In the shadows Abominations, Divine in Darkness Pandaemonium, Abode of Demons Creations Shunned, Apostate Ones Theriomorphic Pandaemonium Down There In the Abyss Beyond the Light, In the Dark Sparks"
  • Pandemonium Avenue - Elysium
    "Welcome To The Real Life Nobody Told You It'd Be Fair Still Heading Fast & Backwards Down The Nihilist Boulevardc The Decadence Entertainment And Dirty Habits Soundtrack Not Even Close To Breakpoint Dog"
  • PRL ( Peja Rap i Ludzie) - Peja
    "Peja na początku lat osiemdziesiątych Peja Rap i Ludzie, Przeżyli w nich wszyscy ludzie Peja na początku lat osiemdziesiątych Peja Rap i Ludzie, Peja, peja rap i ludzie Peja Rap i Ludzie Przeżyli w nim"
  • Force Of Pandemonium - Naglfar
    "See, disaster is spreading from nation to nation Now the great yellow tempest bears witness of annihilation... of death Worthless replicas made to adore Your scattered herd are a sign of times forlorn As"
  • Passage to Pandemonium - Old Man's Child
    "Turn your light in opposite ways Shine your grace on the following day Be spelled by the thoughts that you fear Be mine, be blessed as my slave Offerings for Satan we kill Death, his lust and desire Come,"

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