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Panic in Babylon

  • Panic - Alice In Wideoland
    "I was head over feetfor a fact commitedyou said I would cheatand I cracked and I did itI didn't lookso I mistookthe fact, *your* actswere goodheartedIs this feelingan obsession of an evilnessIt's revealingit's"
  • Panic - Alice In Videoland
    "I was head over feet for a fact commited you said I would cheat and I cracked and I did it I didn't look so I mistook the fact, *your* acts were goodhearted Is this feeling an obsession of an evilness It's"
  • Panic - Suicidal Tendencies
    "Dammit, dammit Love addict, love addict Panic, Panic I'm ready to blow-ow-ow-ow! Dammit, dammit Love addict, love addict Panic, Panic I'm ready to blow-ow-ow-ow! Panic on the street, I'll be laughing"
  • Panic - Name Taken
    "so now you hear what took you years to listen for but still i can't make out the words its the message that makes you miserable but still... burning alive from the inside burning down sleep now you've"
  • Panic - No Doubt
    "Today is going to be easy Today 'cause you're not around I'll leave off my make up I'll sleep in my bed To pass all the time by Today 'cause you're not around Today you won't be around I concentrate"
  • Panic - Beatsteaks
    "Hi folks I'm fucked up again. Eat breakfast in the afternoon. I'm feeling like a loaded gun. MIdlife crisis' coming soon. Yeah! I have no time to waste. Yeah! I know I got no time to waste. This ain't"
  • Panic - Dilated Peoples
    "(Evidence) The difference between a hero and a coward? There is no difference. One time or another everyone's felt fear. It's what one person does that the other person doesn't do that makes him a hero."
  • Panic - Death SS
    "I'm about to enter Hell The razor's edge of human sense I'm not a fool, I'm not a saint I'm the shaman, the medicine man I can fall down like a dog Then I fly high like a hawk I'm the Devil and I'm God I'm"
  • Panic - Osker
    "i got this clot that says that i can't do a thing, and it kills me that what i love i can't do. my mind is torn, my life is smashed up. and i know it's right and i feel it's time to kill... i'm in panic"
  • Panic - Crystal Eyes
    "My life is a bloody mess To my body I have no access I know what is right, but I'm not in charge I can't let go of the knife That I just have raised to end your life One more awful crime to torture my"
  • Panic - Venke Knutson
    "Panic strikes your heart and once again I have gone too far, I don't know when It ever happened this time Everything is dark and full of hate How can you be jealous of my fate It's not my decision And"
  • Panic - Backstreet Boys
    "Go, stop and go, I just hear static I used to read you loud and clear Not like this, you're so erratic And I'm not rational when I See you around Your inconsistency, I know it's Draggin' me down You're"
  • Panic!!!!!!! - The Roots
    "I woke up in the darkness at shots and sirenes Look out the window, peep the high beams Now they searchin, the cops lookin for the person... That pulled the trigga Medical figures is nursin"
  • Panic - unloco
    "Center is where I see myself In the beginning I'm sitting in the middle Of a crowded room Nobody hears me Trying to reach out Just trying to scream out I'm so pathetic is how I see myself I'm just a joke I'm"
  • Panic - Coldplay
    "Bones sinking like stones, All that we've fought for, Homes, places we've grown, All of us are done for. And we live in a beautiful world, Yeah we do, yeah we do, We live in a beautiful world. Bones sinking"
  • Panic - Anathema
    "You know you ain't going nowhere you're stuck inside while the mind is flying you said you'd help me in the morning twisting on pins into my eyes and we driving on the ceiling below you facin' up the walls"
  • Panic - Anthrax
    "Move it to the front Reaching for the light Loosing all control Using all your might Wheels are gonna spin Asses gonna shake We are gonna kick Walls are gonna break The road is hard The fight is tough Gonna"
  • Panic - Twisted Method
    "I've got this locked in my head. You want to see me dead. You'd rather push me aside. Than deal with my sickness inside. You all hope that I'll fade away Fuck you cuz I'm never going away. There's"
  • Panic - Pistolita
    "Streetlight bend down Follow her home Please lead me out, sleepwalk in sound Barely there the sun in town Barely there hiding out for now The mystery that blinds us all has left me here willing"
  • Panic - Holy Moses
    "[1] Running past the gurning ears Everyone is crazy Crying of a new born child Whose mother has been crushed Suffocating clouds of smoke Over smoldering remains Blackening the blood red sky Looking like"

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