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Panzer Flower feat Hubert Tubbs');

  • We Are Beautiful (feat. Hubert Tubbs) - Panzer Flower
    "We are beautiful wanna get some, get some We are beautiful wanna get some, get some I finished the day ... ... A face, a gate a great hole A tweak, a move to let go Where to stay It can be real Hush"
  • Wdech (feat. Hubert Tas) - Tubas Składowski
    "ludzi mówią na mnie domek skądinąd znany jako człowiek który ma zrośnięte brwi i głęboko wierzy, ze dzięki nim uniknie bakterii co wdzierają się kanałem bezpośrednim wprost do oczu i szybko umykają w"
  • Panzer - Mediengruppe Telekommander
    "Krieg Panzer fr den Egotrip Panzer und Computerchip Panzer fr das tglich Brot Panzer jetzt im Angebot Was der Panzer was was der Panzer Panzer fr die Wertewelt Panzer schon im Netz bestellt Panzer dass"
  • Panzer - Amplifier
    "slip coma deep inside an industrialists mind pour yourself into the creased appeal of a financeman's suit you keep on exchanging handshakes and smiles with chatshow hosts like butterflies fly down and"
  • Dreamin' Together feat. Little Mix - Flower
    "Little Mix and Flower: Dreamin’ together, dreamin’ together, dreamin’ together ashita wa Dreamin’ together, dreamin’ together, dreamin’ together soko ni aru Flower (and Little Mix): (Girl) kono goro sukoshi (Girl)"
  • Lotus Flower - Blackalicious
    "(feat. George Clinton) Be alive now Let me open the door Let the music captivate and make the voices still And See the light See the lotus flower Spinnin' around within Openin' up all new worlds to"
  • Panzer March - Centurion
    "Hulking pincer movement roaring epilogue of mistakes Shout! Fire! Panzer chime omnipotent solemnity of hate do you believe in the apocalypse day? killer machines opened wide their steel jaws Turbulent"
  • Panzer Attack - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "short sleeved shitkicking animals lining me up it's all over their face here's a new chicken shit angel eyed boy with a face to rip open all night step up to the line boys cover your eyes as they"
  • Panzer Battalion - Sabaton
    "Under this sun no shadows will fall Piercing our eyes as we charge An armoured battalion on course to the east Closing the end of it's march This time we're here to finish a job Started a decade ago Driving"
  • Panzer Division Destroyed - Budgie
    "Hear me call, panzer division destroyed Power gun pounding and well deployed Everyman seems to burn, die in hell Twisted steel, twisted ness sealed the deal Hear me call, panzer division destroyed Absolute;"
  • Panzer Division Marduk - Marduk
    "Black, fearsome and grim and mighty Panzer division Marduk rolls over enemy land Striking hard and fast against your lines We blow your fortress into sand The victory is Satan's but the battle is ours We"
  • Whatever Became Of Hubert? - Tom Lehrer
    "I wonder how many people here tonight remember Hubert Humphrey. He used to be a senator. From time to time you read something about him pinning a medal on somebody or making a speech, or every now and"
  • Flower - Deerhoof
    "Flower, flower, flower Power, power, power I come over I take over Kudzu, kudzu, kudzu Moods, moods, moods"
  • Electric Wire Hustler Flower - Common
    "(feat. Sonny (P.O.D.)) Yo! Electric! Wire! Hustle! Flower! Blood and magic dripping from me True thugs and addicts I grip an entry Enter this game with tricks and envy I forget game to remain"
  • Flower - Aicha & Asteya
    "(Na swoim facebooku Aicha & Asteya zapowiedziały nowy utwór, a wraz z nim klip. Produkcja będzie zatytułowana "Flower".)"
  • Flower - Podunk
    "Yeah, say goodbye, say goodbye That's all she wanted to do She tried to fight, tried to fight But they wouldn't let her move They took the only thing that she could offer To somebody that she wanted to"
  • Flower - Toadies
    "My love you're so beautiful, like a flower. I want to kiss you, to touch you, to feel your power Sweet thing you fill my heart with hope, love and desire You're my flower. Sweet thing talk to me now. Are"
  • Flower - Sonic Youth
    "Support the power of women Use the power of man Support the flower of women Use the word: Fuck The word is love Support the power of women Use the power of man Support the flower of women Use the word: Fuck The"
  • Flower - Marquess
    "Lady! So many nights he was Hoping If you're feeling just the Same thing that he's Feeling for you Now he knows that you do 'Cause you told him yesterday ... He's depending on the words you say And Flower!"
  • Flower - Koda Kumi
    "Hitoga koiwo suruto otozurerukoto Sorewa yorokobi to kanashimi Daredemo tsurai omoi shitakunai Sari yuku senaka mitakuwa nai Dochiraka dake nante arienai Tomo ni ukeireru yuukiga hoshii Open your love"

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