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Papa Roach Decompression Period

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Papa Roach Decompression Period

  • Decompression Period - Papa Roach
    "Here today gone today Hurry up and wait I'm never there for you or me Can't you read the story of our lives Death to me and life for you Something isn't right And I need some space to Clear my head"
  • Period - Juice
    "Chorus: You got a question mark? I'm the nigga here X 3 You got a question mark? I'm the nigga here period... Chorus X 2 Verse 1: I'm the nigga here... Who wanna battle? I got word chemistry, when"
  • Period - Kirito
    "* Se ni ukeru kaze ni kako wo tachikitte "Mou nemutte ii yo" to koe wo tada matte ita Kurikaesu kanashimi ni taeta yoake wa "Mou minakute ii" to sukoshi dake hohoemi nagara Karada yo kotae hitomi wo tojita Nani"
  • Mystery Roach - Frank Zappa
  • Roach Daddy - Slade
    "Whatever the roach daddy Whatever the roach daddy Let's take this time daddy Whatever the roach daddy Daddy's getting high, tied to the fly, daddy Der der-der der der der-der Der der-der der der der-der Der"
  • Roach List - Face Of Anger
    "tear me open and look inside see the thing I've become watch my world now collide blistered mind, wasted time am I so blind been the one that they made and they left behind can you feel me can you feel"
  • Project Roach - Nas
    "(man talking) It is absolutely silly and unproductive to have a funeral for the word nigger when the actions continue we need to have a movement to resurrect brothers and sisters not a funeral for niggers"
  • Us Roach - Gay Dad
    "Strange days ahead Superstition dying in my head I've been planning my escape Long term complication Won't you take the time and listen to the story? You could feel the mellow way we feel the you Won't"
  • Sixth Period - Even Stevens
    "6th period, 6th period, 6th p-er-iod 6th period is drawing near, to ruin my Junior High career, That test run by Tugnut its gonna kick my butt Oh, how you fill my heart with dread, 6th period 6th"
  • Blue Period - The Smithereens
    "Blue period, black comedy Such a joke I've played on me I let you go And now I know a world of uncertainty Now I think about the days When I let you down in so many ways That's the time I want to cry And"
  • Blue Period - River Phoenix
    "I never thought I could see Such blue As the ice I fell into I never thought I could feel Such blue As the chill now embracing you Most of us know where to go When we need someone I'm a fool Too out"
  • Holocaustal Period - Warcloud
    "(Holocaust) Let me touch this, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.. Thieves gather under red moonlight when doom strikes Leaving maroon sights in saloon fights and wound lives My harpoon's flight can't be recorded by"
  • Blue Period - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "Overly enthused.. easily confused, do you really even have to ask? Why you feel so.. why you feel so used.. Common obligations, common complications She said to me in the dark That it was just like suicide"
  • Fifth Period - Leathrmouth
    "Repent! repent! repent! repent! Going down. (Repent) Drowning in. (Repent) Our blood today. (Repent) It's always the same. (Repent) Drowning in my blood, Drowning in our blood, Nothing is the"
  • Papa - Prince
    "There was 1 September day that Papa worked 2 hard First he crucified every dandelion out in the yard Then he screamed at baby twice 4 throwin' rocks at passin' cars Baby didn't listen, so like a priceless"
  • Papa - Ann De Winne
    "Papa, kan je luisteren Papa, kan je kijken Papa, is het donker waar je bent Papa, ben je bij me Papa, k wil je naast me Papa, leer me toch niet bang te blijven Ik kijk naar omhoog Tussen de sterren daar"
  • Papa - Rainhard Fendrich
    "Wer macht den Himmel blau Papa Und manchmal dunkelgrau Papa Warum kommt aus der Sonne soviel Licht Und wer hat in der Nacht Papa Die Sterne angebracht Papa Warum mu ich jetzt schlafen und du nicht Und"
  • Papa - Orange Range
    "Tanjoubi ga kitara neko san biki ageru kara mareeshian jooku nau maji waraeru Tanjoubi ga kitara neko san biki ageru kara mareeshian jooku nau maji waraeru Yangoriyaazu kakatte koi hansamu booi no taranchura"
  • Papa - Stef Bos
    "Ik heb dezelfde ogen en ik krijg jouw trekken om mijn mond. Vroeger was ik driftig, vroeger was jij driftig, maar we hebben onze rust gevonden. En we zitten naast elkaar en we zeggen niet zoveel. Voor"
  • Papa - Span
    "Papa You think you've become such a man, But you don't impress me. You tell me stories from the can, But you can't arrest me. You thought that I would be your fan But you're just like the rest and, I'm"

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