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Papa Roach Tyranny Of Normality

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Papa Roach Tyranny Of Normality

  • Tyranny Of Normality - Papa Roach
    "The media is the seduction of human desire (set their money, set their money, on fire), if you try to sell me the truth then I know you're a liar, a liar It's the tyranny of normality, it's the tyranny"
  • Tyranny - Firewind
    "We was sent to this world Now we see all the action The men in hate's lair Commanding all His statement to share Nation free We're fighting for democracy Salvation, all we deserve We don't need tyranny Let's"
  • Tyranny - Psyclon Nine
    "Tyranny Sanctioning the era of death Force-fed deception Still I hold my doubt At the thought of human rule over earth Understand impending overthrow assaults Rebirth on the pawns within our society The"
  • Tyranny - Jag Panzer
    "(lyrics by Harry Conklin) We fear for our lands, fear for our lives Fear for the sake of the world A terrorist strike unforgiving and rude Rapes this shell of its pearl Terrible tyranny goes undetected"
  • Tyranny - Stabilizers
    "I can see you've got things well in hand You seem to think this is your promised land No parade without a tip of your hat If the people cry - you give them what they ask Both good and bad - and as the"
  • Tyranny - Kreator
    "Have been down for much too long bitter taste of this Time, getting sick and tired about the way things are So tell me where is all the peace of mind that i could Never find, never wanted what you offered"
  • Roach List - Face Of Anger
    "tear me open and look inside see the thing I've become watch my world now collide blistered mind, wasted time am I so blind been the one that they made and they left behind can you feel me can you feel"
  • Project Roach - Nas
    "(man talking) It is absolutely silly and unproductive to have a funeral for the word nigger when the actions continue we need to have a movement to resurrect brothers and sisters not a funeral for niggers"
  • Us Roach - Gay Dad
    "Strange days ahead Superstition dying in my head I've been planning my escape Long term complication Won't you take the time and listen to the story? You could feel the mellow way we feel the you Won't"
  • Wolfen Tyranny - Krisiun
    "Nomad killing legions of the tenebrous wide steppes Servants of the universal emperor Wielder of the samurai's steel Rides of destrcutive doctrines Reaping and burning the conquered No wall nor gates could"
  • Dethrone tyranny - Gamma Ray
    "Someone is out there he's watching what I doFrom far in the distance, his eyes everywhereI look around me, there's noone that I seeBut still I feel someone's controlling my mindSave your breath and runYou"
  • Papa - Prince
    "There was 1 September day that Papa worked 2 hard First he crucified every dandelion out in the yard Then he screamed at baby twice 4 throwin' rocks at passin' cars Baby didn't listen, so like a priceless"
  • Papa - Ann De Winne
    "Papa, kan je luisteren Papa, kan je kijken Papa, is het donker waar je bent Papa, ben je bij me Papa, k wil je naast me Papa, leer me toch niet bang te blijven Ik kijk naar omhoog Tussen de sterren daar"
  • Papa - Span
    "Papa You think you've become such a man, But you don't impress me. You tell me stories from the can, But you can't arrest me. You thought that I would be your fan But you're just like the rest and, I'm"
  • Papa - Bill Anderson
    "(Bill Anderson) Papa was a simple man Papa loved his farming land Guess I didn't understand Please forgive me papa. You can't paint a picture of a man like papa With something as empty as words 'Cause"
  • Papa - Paul Anka
    "Everyday my papa would work To try to make ends meet To see that we would eat Keep those shoes upon my feet Every night my papa would take me And tuck me in my bed Kiss me on my head After all my prayers"
  • Papa - The Waifs
    "well my papa was a fisher man and he fished the deep blue sea he home made some fine black berry nip and he'd always pass a nip onto me well he smelled like black-tarred fishing nets oh tiger belly growl he"
  • Papa - Danko Jones
    "Hello Miss world and all you beautiful girls From New York to Chicago, London to Toronto I think about you every night The time we had felt so right 'Cause it's time for you to now that it's time for me"
  • Tyranny Of Steel - Iron Savior
    "Far beyond our boundary a danger has emerged far out in the black it's getting ready to attack cold and tearless retinas are staring at the world raiders from an ancient land where life came to an end worlds"
  • Chains Of Tyranny - Vicious Crusade
    "Despotism of power, ideology's dictate, Triumph of the suffering, violence and hate, Freedoms are abolished, objection's an offence, The only way to stay alive's implict obedience. CHORUS: Hate, violence,"

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