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Paper crown

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Paper crown

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Paper crown
  • Black Paper Crown
    "Well now, you wouldn't stay and there's not much more that I can say but your lips that I kissed will never go away from my memory they will remain with me. You were tied, now you're gone, there was time,"
  • Royal Hunt Paper Blood
    "In our shop, as you can see You’d be a man, you wanna be Unhappy with the way it goes? You’d buy another life And our prices… who can beat? Here’s royal flesh and common meat You name it, my associate"
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer Paper Blood
    "(Keith Emerson/Greg Lake/Carl Palmer) Livin' on a razor's edge Sharper than a knife Surrender to the power of wedge Keep running for your life You don't need no periscope You won't need second sight It'll"
  • Camila Cabello & Grey Crown
    "Been sitting on your tongue for ages Words dripping off your mouth, contagious, uh-oh, uh-oh No skin off your back to blame us Now waiting on the world to save us, uh-oh, uh-oh Baby on fire I see you"
  • The Waterboys Crown
    "I've had money, and I've lost it seen an ocean, nearly crossed it I have been to another world and I have returned and for every high joy a hard lesson learnt But when love comes tumbling down I will"
  • Mike Scott Crown
    "I've had money, and I've lost it seen an ocean, nearly crossed it I have been to another world and I have returned and for every high joy a hard lesson learnt But when love comes tumbling down I will"
  • Samael Crown
    "If eyes are the mirror of the soul You will find in mine the scorn and apathy You will read my hatred as in a curs'd book You will see yourself as I see you It is a mirror sombre and opaque Which protects"
  • The Connells Crown
    "The crown is off the one ahead of you you down and out and side step through been pounding out the crowded streets ten o'clock in the morning the streets rising up your head is ringing and everything..."
  • Irish Celebration Crown
    "The crown is off the one ahead of youYou down and out and side step throughBeen pounding out the crowded streetsTen oclock in the morningThe streets rising upYour head is ringingAnd everything...Gonna"
  • Collective Soul Crown
    "Who's gonna be my saviornow that I've learned to believeWho's gonna be the answerTo all of my questioningWell I hope I'm not lostBut I think that hope is now distractingAnd the words that secure a thoughtAre"
  • Mason Jennings Crown
    "I took the train up from illinoisI was following through on a letter you sentI always feared that you'd be trueTrue to yourself to the bitter endIt just kinda happened, or so she saysShe was drinking and"
  • Hell Is For Heroes Folded Paper Figures
    "Did you pledge allegience, did you question the code? Did you find out too late that you can't escape the flow? I need a will to live, something worth dying for, A force to fuel the fight, a force to"
  • Michal Tissue Paper Wings
    "My white knight rode away With his sword in his side And a crown of thorns on his head My guardian angel has forgotten how to fly Says his wings feel like lead In hindsight, I know everything was"
  • From Autumn To Ashes Royal Crown Vs. Blue Duchess
    "Stare into my eyes Rake your nails across my skin I know the reason embers of you scatter as you breathe (embers of you scatter when) The life you knew disappears In its wake with one skin (in its wake"
  • Chamber - L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir The Paper-Hearted Ghost
    "The Paper-Hearted Ghost Your skin was as white as the fresh fallen snow your eyes were so bright with a promising glow your lips red as roses and your hair black as coal I would have given my life but"
  • Talking Heads Paper
    "Hold the paper up to the light (some rays pass right through) Expose yourself out there for a minute (some rays pass right through) Take a little rest when the rays pass through Take a little time off"
  • Gorilla Zoe ft. Durty Boyz Paper
    "Pay pay pay pay paper I can get your cush if you got the right paper I can get your pacs or the pills for the paper I can get your bricks of that white for the paper shawty I can change your whole life"
  • Trees Paper
    "Little pieces of colored paper Feel its grip and its will to shape ya Kneel before the greed that's gonna rape ya Call collect to the undertaker little pieces of colored paper valued more than its"
  • Queen Latifah Paper
    "(feat. Jaz-a-Belle, Pras Michel (Prazwell)) [1:] ReFugees, go 'head and do it Paper Go 'head and do it [1: x5] Ooh, I betca' wondering how I knew That you been tryin' to infultrate my crew It ain't"
  • Saint Etienne Paper
    "Here she comes, she's running over the hill with her friend in tow. I know that it feels that there's no-one else on earth. Oh, heavenly days, you and me. Ooh... Only love can mend a broken heart. There's"

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