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Parachute Youth Count to Ten

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Parachute Youth Count to Ten

  • Count To Ten - Parachute Youth
    "I close my eyes again I count to ten again But there’s no sight of my friends My friends I can’t see anyone Because is grey and __ And I keep play the game I keep play the game Stop now Don’t turn around I"
  • Count To Ten - Tina Dickow
    "There are faces, there are smiles, so many teeth, too many arms and legs And eyes and flashing buttons all around me I'm a-watching, I'm a-breathing, I'm a-pushing, I'm a wishing That these walls would"
  • Count To Ten - Dala
    "On a bus and staring out, and all these people move without A clue I have the time to wonder if, it matters much and all of this Is beautiful We bring up children hoping they, will grow up to do good some"
  • Parachute - Timomatic
    "Uh Timomatic Yeah! There's something 'Bout you, There's something 'Bo-out you There's something in your eyes tells me we 'gon be alright I'm playing with fire Playing with fi-ire That nothing can put out"
  • Parachute - Otto Knows
    "One by one we see the sun Feel the day has just begun Tremble lights up in the clouds All we need to feel is now as we work Get me a parachute, take me to the sky Just take me to the blue before I start"
  • Parachute - Something Happens
    "Take your parachute and jump, you can't stay here forever When everyone else is gone, being all alone won't seem that clever Take your parachute and go, there's gonna have to be some danger Take your parachute"
  • Parachute - KT Tunstall
    "Introverted and convertedPerverted and prefer itIf I was a little closer to perfectionSo well treated and concietedDefeated I believe itIf I had an easier connectionYou could hold my handLet me fallCatch"
  • Parachute - Zendaya
    "Like a message in a bottle Put my heart out there Oh, yeah Tried to strum me like a guitar Couldn't play the part no No, yeah (yeah) So I locked my heart away build up my wall Nobody could figure me out"
  • Parachute - Cheryl Cole
    "I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned I won't tell anybody Won't tell anybody They want to push me down They want to see you"
  • Parachute - Pamela Stefanowicz i Mateusz Janusz
    "I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned I won't tell anybody Won't tell anybody They want to push me down They want to see you fall Won't"
  • Parachute - Guster
    "There we stand about to fly Peeking down over land Parachute behind What was that moment for which we live? Without a parachute about to dive I find myself convincing Blindly falling faster How"
  • Parachute - Sean Lennon
    "Love is like an aero plane You jump and then you pray The lucky ones remain In the clouds for days If life is just a stage Let's put on the best show And let everyone know Cause if I have to"
  • Parachute - Shwayze
    "I gotta couple problems But who dont? 123 All I ever needed was a pair of shoes A dollar in my pocket And a parachute Air-o-plane that I can take to the sky to find you All I ever needed was a pair"
  • Parachute - Matthew Koma
    "Think of me when your world seems to fall apart Under the weight of a heavy heart It’s so material, criminal, what we put up on a pedestal Need a spark to start a fire Don’t be afraid of a chance for a"
  • Parachute - Elysian Fields
    "Something's calling my sunshine to the store He thinks he'll get what he needs there Sirens hide under each crack and wicked scar They even made him a superstar Someday you will wear a noble crown And"
  • Parachute - Element Eighty
    "How far will you go for me till you break I know you will leave me alone again And now you want me to be everything to you but I need something more than this Inside of me All my life I've waited"
  • Close Eyes, Count To Ten - John Miles
    "Late summer in the city, Just as the night comes around to my door, She's somewhere sitting pretty, She knows we'll soon Be together once more It's a happy ending story, And it's good to know she's waitin'"
  • Body Count - Body Count
    "You know sometimes I sit at home, you know, and I watch T.V. and I wonder what it would be like to live someplace like, you know, the Cosby show, Ozzie and Harriet, you know, where cops come and got your"
  • Youth Without Youth - Metric
    "Hangman We played Rubber Soul with a razor blade Behind the church Hiding place It was a long joke till the punchline came Can you read my mind? Read my mind Hangman We played double dutch with a hand"
  • Body Count - Ice T
    "God damn, what a brother gotta do To get a message through To the red, white and blue What? I gotta die? Before you realize I was a brother with open eyes The world's insane While you drink champagne And"

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