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Paradise No truble

  • Paradise - Paradise
    "LL COOL J "Paradise" (feat. Amerie) {Amerie harmonizes} {LL} 10.. {Am} Mm, MMM, mmm, mmm {Intro: Amerie} If you need me baby I'm, FOR, real The rest of your life, I'll take you to paradise.. If you"
  • No Paradise - Dawid Obserwator x Intruz
    "Lokalny szewc PO nitce do kłamstwa No Paradise No Paradise tu gdzie tysiące serc płynie bije na raz No Paradise No Paradise top zalew od łez tu nie Miami Vice"
  • No Paradise - Silke Bischoff
    "Can you tell me where's the light in your eyes I remember you laughing like a child Now you talk tome with a failing voice Looking so much older than you are Can you tell me babe Where are the stars"
  • Paradise - Diamond Head
    "Ah ah ah I'm screamin' now at the top of my head Can't keep my silence in place full of dread Just gotta hole in the ground for my bed I don't eat, 'cause I ain't fed Ain't there a new world for us in"
  • Paradise - Jack Russell
    "holding my head up high when i feel like the waters are rising searching for what who where and why and what's it about whatever road you take just try to enjoy the ride it's not the destination it's the"
  • No Paradise - Anti-Flag
    "Smoke stacks reach the sky As talk of revolution heats the air In every city street In every state The truth stands all too clear The kids are sick and tired of the news today Sick and tired of all the"
  • Paradise - America
    "Paradise Caught between the Fire and the ice No need to Think twice It's where I want To be Like a weather vane Following the wind, the sun and rain The ecstasy and pain and all that comes between Cause"
  • Paradise - Natalie Cole
    "(written by natalie cole and marvin yancy) Hm, hm Hm, hm, hm, hm Just like a welcome fire That comes in the cold You make my heart warm And a little more love is born And I'm caught up once again"
  • Paradise - Kaci
    "Could it be the little things you do to me Feelings that i'm feeling are so new to me I'm going through so many changes Life is meant for the touch of strangers How my heart goes crazy, when you look at"
  • Paradise - Within Temptation / Tarja
    "There’s no sense, the fire burns When wisdom fails it changes all The wheel embodies all that keeps on turning Blood red skies, I feel so cold No innocence, we play our role The wheel embodies all where"
  • Paradise - Rob Rock
    "Searching for someone so long To fill in this hole in my heart I've tried everything I could find Nothing could set me apart I've been searching for all my life I know there is no one like you Looking"
  • Paradise - Bee Gees
    "Lonely people gathering there to be one Gonna be the last time wasted Gonna be seen to be gone Run a mile for the minute Gonna mind another day without you in it And you You promised me paradise Don't"
  • Paradise - Impellitteri
    "Searching for someone so long To fill this hole in my heart I've tried everything I could find Nothing could set me apart I've been searching for all my life I know there is no one like you Looking"
  • Paradise - Darin
    "Let her know It's getting close To the time when your Heart's about to show Don't hold back It's OK To express yourself No matter what it takes There's something you wanna say This feeling won't go away She's"
  • Paradise - Fergie
    "Lately I don't know but somethings coming over me thoughts of stirring up 'bout stirring up a drink or three I'm down to go, where the wind blows so come and follow don't wanna leave ya babe leave ya babe so"
  • Paradise - Erasure
    "(A. Bell / V. Clarke) Hey, now did I tell you that I was going? Yes, I'm leaving, 'cause there's no room in this house. You're just too much in love with yourself. Tired of living in slow motion, gonna"
  • Paradise - Tesla
    "(Keith, Wheat, Hannon) Hold me close now, hold me tight, don't let go of me tonight You're all I want, you're all I need Hold me close now, hold me tight, and don't let go of me tonight Sweet paradise,"
  • Paradise - Mest
    "Shot memory and a fucked up mind. can't remember what i left behind. a dead end street nights with no sleep. have i left my paradise for good? what to do at highland street, this is where we used to meet."
  • Paradise - Craig Morgan
    "(Craig Morgan/Harley Allen) Cadence: I don't know why I left (I don't know why I left) But I know it won't be long (But I know it won't be long) No it won't be long (No it won't be long) Till I get back"
  • Paradise - E-Type
    "Away, Astray but on track to what I think Will be the best of times when I'm on my own. So if I may, I'll say yes, I am the player Always on the move, I'm strong when I'm all alone. Some things will"

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