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Paramore - Ignorance

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Paramore - Ignorance

  • Ignorance - Paramore
    "if i'm a bad person, you don't like me i guess i'll go, make my own way it's a circle a mean cycle i can't excite you anymore where's your gavel? your jury? what's my offense this time? you're not a judge"
  • Ignorance - Sacred Reich
    "Evil minds bend on destruction Ignoring the pleas of their race The final chapter in humanic abduction All signs of society erased People asking fewer questions Letting politicians do their thinking Not"
  • Ignorance - Odes Of Ecstasy
    "Tears of you in my hands diamonds on fire I feel your pain in my ignorance of love Time passes by as this night emptiness I feel I know, oh I know, I forget you. Sharing my pain with the night But the"
  • Ignorance - Suicide Commando
    "Go to Hell with me Lies of mortality We're all bound to die Lies of reality God's just a lie Ignore mortality Ignore reality Ignore humanity Ignore insanity Ignore me Condemn me Ignore me Possess me Ignorance Is"
  • Ignorance - McFly
    "Im too far goneIts all over nowAnd you cant bring me down.Love is won over by ignoranceDo not get won over by ignoranceThese pills were meant to hurt you For today and ever moreIf fools were meant to f.uck"
  • Ignorance - Kasey Chambers
    "Don't wanna read the paper I don't like bad news Last night a man got shot Outside the house of blues I'd like to ignore it I'd like to just pretend That the reason for it Is something I can comprehend"
  • Ignorance - Tea For Two
    "(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup) dark wheelings and dealings need more then repression also they need people who put up with it and You ignore the first signs, for what you hate for what you hate in"
  • Ignorance & Innocence - Overkill
    "I ain't lookin' for a reason, I ain't searchin' for my soul... I'm findin' all the answers, It's the questions I don't know... Seen it from the outside! Outside lookin' in. What's it like to be inside? Will"
  • Painful Ignorance - Am I Blood
    "Darkness ends where the shadows become my fate The place where I can drown to Fearless for the sanctuary of tears Trapped inside of weakness Where my sanity became part of me And the one part of sleepless"
  • Disguised Ignorance - Callenish Circle
    "Lifting my eyes I feel the hatred coming out Reality is scaring the hell out of me Cruelty of people who believe in their own destiny Compulsion of your soul into deceitful confidence Power abuse for"
  • Epidemic Ignorance - Randy
    "Another war, a thousand dead Passed from the screen into my head. Upset for a minute but in a while I change channel and my anger is replaced with a smile. Suffered destruction of my mind, The same as"
  • My Ignorance - Sara Evans
    "Last night as i slept i saw my life slip away. Then you were next to me. I couldn't see you face but i knew that it was you. Giving me a second chance. I"ll never really understand why i cannot comprehend"
  • My ignorance - Slick Shoes
    "Last night as I slept I saw my life slip away.Then you were next to me.I couldnt see your face but I knew that it was you.Giving me a second chance.Ill never really understand why I cannot comprehend your"
  • Human Ignorance - Leng Tch'e
    "How come that we are such ignorant and bigheaded fucks like we own the universe How can we hate each other so much, how can we hurt each other so much we think that we are so smart, but that is not true are"
  • Willfull Ignorance - Blood Has Been Shed
    "Tearing flesh searing wounds of despair open for a lifetime a scarred existence never truly finding a peace a lost world breeding predators who hunt out of insecurity the pain of countless souls goes unanswered"
  • Paralyzing ignorance - Meshuggah
    "Hear the mournersThe earth is gasping for airSneering at this thoughtless ravageIf we don't wake we'll massacre ourselvesSneaking skullduggerySlaughter the lungs of humanitySpreading devastation through"
  • Stay The Night (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore) - Zedd
    "I know that we are upside down. So hold your tongue and hear me out. I know that we were made to break so what, I don't mind. You killed the lights so draw the blinds. Dumped all the sparkle in your eyes. I"
  • Ignorance Is Bliss - Living Colour
    "Living with myself is hard enough So I get away when things get rough Fammon, strife, and thoughts of war Matter less than the dress she wore Ignorance is bliss Problem sloved with just one kiss Ignorance"
  • Ignorance Is Bliss - Ramones
    "Ignorance is bliss, ya know it's true Ignorance is bliss, just look at you Is it goin' anywhere? Ignorance is bliss, ya know it's true Ignorance is bliss, just look at you I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm"
  • Ignorance Is Bliss - The Ramones
    "Ignorance is bliss, you know it's true Ignorance is bliss, just look at you Ignorance is bliss, didn't have a shoe Ignorance is bliss, just look at you Is it goin' anywhere? Is it goin' anywhere? Ignorance"

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