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Paris One Time Fo Ya Mind

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Paris One Time Fo Ya Mind

  • One Time Fo' Ya Mind - Paris
    "12:15 layin real low at night Creep in a jeep hit the corner tight Bout to go clip they wigs But gotta keep a niggy clean One time this is so they momma cry Yall shoulda eased up when I told you"
  • Paris - Dido
    "Coming back from paris on the train, I really didnt care if the journey took all day, Trying to turn the pages of my magazine, Ill try to keep a hold all your hand, And ordering a coffee that i wouldn't"
  • What Fo - Lil' O
    "(Big Moe) Why you got in her, why you cuffing her What you love in here (E.S.G.) Say Fat Rat, how you tell em (Chorus: Big Moe & (E.S.G.) - 2x) (what you got in her for) Why you got in her (what you"
  • Fo' Sho' - Infinite Mass
    "(feat. Helluva & T'Shun) Infinite Mass, Infinite Mass hear the infinite sound that's platinum bound Infinite Mass, Infinite Mass Fo' sho' baby with the sound that's platinum bound baby Alwayz lookin'"
  • Fo Sheezy - Lil Wayne
    "You know they saying since the bar back on the 'dro, he lackin the flow And if that ever happen whoa I ain't rapping no more I'm good with a pina, daq and an o Gagging and choke like ho put the dick back"
  • What You Came Fo - Soulja Slim
    "(feat. 12 O'Klock, Trenity) You gone get what the fuck you came fo I got that shit you wanna bust my brains fo It could be this nigga, that, niggat this, nigga that But you gone get what the fuck you"
  • Blow Ya Mind - T-Pain
    "Ooo... Its dark in here, its hot in here (Girl what are you doing to me?) Baby stop, not in here(I got a presidential suite) baby why don't we just get outta here (Where we can have the freedom to be) Secret"
  • Joke Ya Mind - Jumpsteady
    "Joke ya, joke ya, joke ya mind Joke your mind, joke your mind Joke ya, joke ya, joke ya mind(now i lay me down to sleep) Joke ya, joke ya, joke ya mind Joke your mind, joke your mind Joke ya, joke ya,"
  • Joke Ya Mind - Insane Clown Posse
    ""No man get the fuck away from my store man! You make it look bad...get the fuck outta here. What the fuck, get the fuck outta here you bum!" "Ain't nobody gonna tell me where I can sleep, shit. Fuck him,"
  • Blow ya mind - Eve
    "Uh, uh, uh, huh Yo, yo Drop your glasses, shake your asses Face screwed up like you having hot flashes Which one, pick one, this one, classic Red from blonde, yeah bitch I'm drastic Why this, why that,"
  • Everythang Happens Fo' A Reason - Bad Azz
    "(feat. Tray Deee) This is what you want (Dear God) My life, the race against time I beat Cause my time will reach the finishline before my life complete I can't complain so I'm livin' in this world"
  • Paris - Brooke Jonatha
    "L'Allemand used to visit me in Paris, in Paris I remember the men, I remember the houses in Paris His station nearby, I was his afternoons We didn't mind, we shared everything, everything, in Paris And"
  • Paris - Joshua Kadison
    "Ezra was an old man He lived by the sea. Watchin' himself gettin' older, With no Family. And Cassie was a pretty one, A bartender by trade. She had a daughter with big green eyes, She called her Jade. They"
  • Paris - Kadison Joshua
    "Ezra was an old man. He lived by the sea. Watching himself getting older, with no family. Cassie was a pretty one, a bar tender by trade. She had a daughter with big green eyes. She called her Jade. They"
  • Paris - Carina Round
    "Paris is beautiful during the summertime, I hearHere is so dull and grey after the April snow has clearedI keep New York in mind, rain on the streets this time of yearI saw you in my mind, I conquer your"
  • Paris - Patrick Wolf
    "It was seven in the morning when the spark began to give. the bath was spilling over, my self pity spilling with it, so i, i fled the country to start it all again and found myself in paris in the cemetery"
  • Paris - BT
    "Ya mon... another day another time... set another fire... {Less than behold when I and I come to take control and cause}... Come on BT... drop the {???} Let me come... {???} BT {?????} guarantee each and"
  • My 6 Fo' - Mike Jones
    "Cruisin down the street in my 6 4, jockin the bitches, slappin a hoe. Went to the park to get the scoop, knuckleheads out there, cold, shootin some hoops. Cruisin down the street in my 6 4, jockin a"
  • Paris - Kate Nash
    "You've come so far, well done darling We knew that you had it in you You can do anything that you want, world is an oyster, dont dissapoint us You can stand on your own two feet, you can lead me through"
  • Bo fo sho - Bo Burnham
    "Yo Walkin' my poodles, Man it never gets old With dogs on my leash, I got bitches on the hold. A first AID's kit? That's a rhesus monkey. I bust more nuts than a pistachio junkie. Alright? I get more ass"

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